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Z is for Zombie: What Lies Beneath - Catt Dahman

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Print Length: 177 pages / Publisher: J. Ellington Ashton / Published: September 8, 2012

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    1 Review
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      19.12.2012 11:50
      Very helpful



      A great chance to relive some of the finest moments of this series with addition of new characters

      When Catt Dahman attempted to tie everything together in her Z is for Zombie series with Rage, she realized one fundamental problem. She still had several stories to tell and yet more mysteries to reveal. And so the series continues with this, the sixth book in the series, that also acts as a kind of reboot/prequel for the ongoing post-apocalyptic drama.

      New fans to the series can use this book as a jumping off point for the other novels as events here run simultaneous to events in the other books.....BUT BE WARNED! Reading this before the others in the series will reveal certain secrets and unravel certain mysteries that are not fully explained until book 5, thus potentially spoiling some of your enjoyment of books 1-5 if you have not read them already!

      What Lies Beneath is the tale of some characters we have already met before we previously met them as well as characters we may have heard mention of but never been introduced to or others we might have met merely in passing. It attempts to give an overview of events in the whole series so far whilst circumventing the main group of characters we have already come to know and love and introducing us to some new ones, not all of whom have happy endings!

      One character in particular, that fans will recognize, plays a very important role that will lead on into the final three novels and their own story-arc that is intended to bring the series to its true close. As it stands, I have no idea what that is but, with the climax of this book, I for one am certainly looking forward to it!

      What Lies Beneath is by far the best novel yet in this impressive series and fully makes up for anything that might have been lacking in the last book! There are some truly great, disgusting and original moments in this latest story (the Zombie virus as STD anyone?) and anyone who thought this series might have been in danger of becoming formulaic and stale should think again with this sixth installment as it fully sets the scene for what is left to come and will leave you literally gasping for more!

      Great work Miss Dahman - may the last three novels be as clever and as nasty as this book!


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