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Avery Textile Transfers For Dark Fabrics

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Brand: Avery / Consumable Type: Textile Transfer

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2013 17:19
      Very helpful



      A great creative product to customise t-shirts and other fabrics.

      I first tried these t-shirt transfers years ago as I wanted to put my own design on a black t-shirt. Avery were doing free samples at the time so I ordered some to try out.

      The Product
      These fabric transfers from Avery are suitable for dark fabrics and show the printed image clearly even on black. This is due to a special white layer that is printed on so that the colours are vibrant, as if they have been printed onto the fabric.

      Each pack contains 4 x A4 (8.5" x 11") transfers that are a matte finish and can be used with most inkjet printers. Anything can be printed on them from digital photos to personal creations, Avery.co.uk provides free software, templates and images for you to customise your own designs if you wish.

      To Use:
      Choose your images to print and place a single transfer sheet in your inkjet printer. Depending on your printer you may need to change a few settings to get the best quality results, this is all outlined in the included instructions and easy to follow.

      Once the printer is ready, print out the design(s) and wait for them to completely dry before handling.

      Any white on the image will show up as white on the t-shirt including the background paper so remember to trim anything you don't want with scissors. The instructions recommend you don't cut right to the edge of the coloured print and leave a thin white border. However I found a way to get around this so see the 'Quick Tip' below if you want a borderless design.

      Follow the packaging instructions to set your iron to the right temperature for the transfer and fabric. Peel the backing off the transfer and place it on clean, pre-ironed and cooled fabric and cover with the included protective sheet. Place the iron on the centre of the transfer and press down firmly, moving in small, circular motions.

      Keep ironing in this fashion for the amount of time stated on the pack, paying attention to the edges of the design.

      Once the transfer has cooled, gently peel the protective sheet away to reveal your finished design. If the transfer is not completely adhered then repeat the ironing procedure.

      When ironing the fabric in the future ALWAYS iron on the reverse! If heat is applied directly to the image it will crinkle and shrink.

      The price for a pack of these transfers varies wildly online and instore from £2.20 to £20 so shop around for the best deal!

      My Experience
      I'd come up with some designs that I thought would look good on t-shirts but didn't really want them on white fabric. It's a magnet for stains and I WILL get food/tea/wine all over it! I saw these transfers for dark fabric on the Avery website whilst checking out a free sample offer and ordered some.

      I followed the instructions for printing and ironing and succeeded in applying my design the first time. Overall I was very pleased with it and the result looked professional and vibrant. The effect isn't the same as a dye printed t-shirt as you have a very thin stiffer layer where the print is which means that it takes a few washes before it really settles into the fabric without looking 'starched'.

      When making one for my boyfriend I did accidentally place the iron on the edge of the bare design for a second and it shrivelled up alarmingly quickly. Luckily it was only the tiniest area and it pulled away easily.

      I still have the t-shirts several years on and have made more since. As long as you follow the washing guidelines supplied with the transfers they will keep their colour and finish well. I'll be making some cushion covers with these soon as they can be used on most fabrics that can be ironed!

      Quick Tip

      When cutting out your design the instructions recommend that you don't cut right the way to the edge of the colour and leave a small white border to prevent colour bleeding. I didn't want this on all of my designs so I came up with a way around it.

      Using a photo editing program either on your computer or the internet add a very thin border to the image in the same colour as the fabric it will be applied to. Once printed it won't be exactly the same colour as the fabric but very close. Cut out the design so that only 1mm of this border is visible, once ironed on you won't be able to see it and no white outline!

      Something else to try is drawing a design with water based markers. It sounds like a good activity for kids but I love it myself!

      I can happily recommend these dark fabric transfers to anyone wanting a high quality end product without paying for expensive pro/artist image transfers.


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