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Epson Multipack T0487

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2012 11:26
      Very helpful



      Rip off!

      As we all know printer ink is the biggest rip off on the planet right now. The big electronics companies that make inkjets use the refill cartridge for a cash cow to subsidize their other products, like Gillette did by inventing the disposable razor and then making sure it didn't last as long as the perfectly fine fixed normal blades did so you keep buying new ones. Mobile phone companies went one step further and perfected the ruse by giving away their new technology cheaply on the condition you were hooked into expensive call and text contracts so to claw back the phone cost and then big profits from the contracts.

      80% off printer company's revenue comes from those expensive cartridges and consumables and so they give away their printers at a cut price to get you hooked, often 25% below retail, but then make it back through those inkjet refills, often extravagantly priced. In America the Staples store were allegedly paid off by Hewlett- Packard to the tune of $100 million dollars to stop selling generic cheap refill brands that worked on other brands of printers. If you are paying that much money to protect your monopoly then clearly the brand name refill cartridges are inflating the prices. It's believed that it cost just $4 to make and fill an inkjet refill cartridge yet they can retail as high as $40 pounds per cartridge in the U.S! On some occasions the new printer can cost more than the refill cartridge!! At current prices 20ml of good quality ink in a standard cartridge is more expensive per ml than the same weight of caviar and truffle put together?? ? The fact you can't refill those molded cartridges is all you need to know just how cynical the exercise is. The companies say they spend a billion dollars a year between them to develop ink ad chip technology in them so the cost justified yet standard foodstuffs like sauces and soft drinks have far more chemicals and preservatives in the mix process yet cost just 20 cents for a liter of fluid to get to the shelf? Something's very wrong here.

      HP, the printer brand I use, make three times as much money from printer consumables as they do everything else they make, including PCs, so clearly this printer racket is a big earner and they want to keep that so. Kodak bravely tried to break the refill monopoly with their mid priced printers that used high quality ink but at half the cartridge price of everyone else but, rather ironically, a company that once had the monopoly of the now dated camera film were soon stamped on by the big printer boys lawyers the way Kodak stamped on Fuji and Trueprint. Kodak had not leant the lesson they dished out on others and are now no more. Monopolies always win out.

      So when buying a printer a rule-of-thumb is the cheaper the printer the more expensive the ink, Lexmark the master of this. They actually chipped their cartridges to stop people using non brand refills in their computers and then had the cheek to say their cartridges had to be expensive because of the particular chip technology in it, the technology stopping you using cheaper generics.

      When you buy a brand new printer with ink and it seems a good deal it's almost certain that the cartridges inside are only one third full units, meaning they run out rather quickly and so off you go to get the expensive refills. This is a standard trick and written into the printer small print, why small print is small print, of course. HP are no different with printer ink refills and their branded ones are very expensive and don't last that long even with full refill units. If you're going to be printing off lots of text only over the unit's lifetime then laze printers is way better value than HP inkjets

      I have two printers, a new Epson SX range for photos and more intricate color prints and the older HP for the hard miles. I refuse to pay HP prices for refills and so buy them from Amazon. Amazon marketplace offer great deals. The marketplace independents know they will shift volume if they offer much cheaper prices and so get my attention. This packet has six color cartridges for the HP for just £20 and that should do me for a year. It's too big a saving to avoid. Amazon.co.uk, on the other hand, seems to be in on the monopoly as prices on their listed site are still expensive.

      They are easy to fit, if you follow the instructions, although its not recommended to try and syringe black ink into the single black ink one on the cheap as its likely to ejaculate all over the place like a demented porn star on acid if you get it wrong. Melting the pierced hole shut with a lighted match is also not advisable. Yes I'm a cheapskate when it comes to avoiding paying over the odds 

      So once you have loaded it in then it should run easy if it is the HP version. If it is a generic then the printer software will constantly try to trick you into buying more HP ink by saying the cartridge is low or empty when its clearly not. Just ignore the pop ups. I've have used both generic and this particular HP brand ink cartridge and the print quality is not that different from that generic. Well they are probably made in the same factory in Taiwan on the same production line by the same workers. The products certainly look the same and act the same.

      The ink comes out clean and the inkjet head does push it deep into the paper so no real smudging and there doesn't seem to be much leakage from the cartridge itself in the printer. Printer ink doesn't come off your fingers very easily. The printing speed is not great on the old HP and I do feel the Lexmark does it much faster. As far as the amount of print I can get out of a black cartridge compared to the color one is hard to quantify. It certainly doest feel very long and maybe 50 A4 pages at a push from the color ad 100 from the black ink. On the whole it does the job and but way too bloody expensive and the government needs to act to drive down prices now!


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