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Kodak Premium Inkjet Paper

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2010 15:52
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      A nice quality printer paper

      Kodak Premium Inkjet Paper comes in two different weights to suit a variety of printing needs and whilst they can be used in any brand of ink jet printer that takes A4 paper, we have used them in conjunction with a Kodak 5300 series ink jet printer.

      We have found the paper to be of good quality and especially like the heavier weight 'Premium' paper. We use that most often for those times when we want to get the best results, as it has proved very reliable in use and gives a good finished document.

      As stated above, the Kodak range of printer papers can be used with lots of other printers. I feel unable to comment too much on the results you may have with other printers, but I see no reason why the results will be anything less than good, if you use a good printer and good quality printing inks.

      The Kodak 5300 ink jet printer series is very versatile and can be used with various media which include Kodak Premium Inkjet Papers and Kodak Premium and Value Photo Papers. The use of these Kodak products has suited almost every printer/ copier, scanner and photo printing requirement that we have had so far. Although we have at times sought out cheaper printer papers with mixed results, we do more often than not come back to Kodaks 'Premium' sheets as we like the results they give.

      Kodak Premium Inkjet Paper comes in a well packed, paper made outer casing, that is in the signature yellow shade that Kodak frequently use. It shows a printed copy on the front, which I think is meant to give an idea of the standard of printing you can achieve when using the paper.

      So far we haven't printed anything to that standard, but results have been good. The paper and inks when used together have given us nice clear prints on decent quality light white paper. We have found that as long as ink levels are high and the brightness setting on the printer is properly adjusted that good quality results are the norm.

      Premium Paper Stats:

      The paper size is the standard A4 variety or 210 × 297 mm.
      The paper weight is 90 gsm.
      The brightness level measure for the paper is 96.
      You get 250 sheets per pack.

      Its best to be aware that the total weight of the pack is a hefty 1.4kg, so if you are off to buy a few packs from your local office supplies store, then take a burly chap with you to carry the paper home or load it into your car.

      The paper incorporates the Kodak ' Colour Lok' technology which is reputed to give faster drying times and whilst I cannot make too many claims about what the so called technology involves, I can say that our prints and papers do not normally seem wet or smudged when they come out of the printer.

      Freshly printed pages are never tacky or damp to the touch and don't need to be left to dry before handling. Kodak say the paper is an 'instant dry product' and I can say thats a fair statement to make in this case.


      You can also buy Kodak Multi Use Printer Paper which comes in a 500 sheet pack. Again the outer pack is made from paper that is printed in the signature yellow shade Kodak favour and has turquoise blue highlights. The print example shown currently is a cruise liner, which again is just an example of what you may hope to get result wise from the product.

      Kodak Multi Use Printer Paper Stats:

      The size of the paper is the standard A4 size or 210 × 297 mm per sheet.
      The number of sheets in this pack doubles to 500 sheets.
      The weight of the paper used is just 80gsm.

      As this is a lesser weight paper its best suited to draft copies and multiple copies that do not require presentation style results. It can also be used for fax machine prints and in most laser and ink jet printers and copiers for basic print needs.

      The paper still uses the 'Colour Lok' technology and so dries quickly and never feels wet or damp to the touch when its straight out of the printer. Both colour and black and white prints do come out well. Again this does depend on the inks used with the paper and on what setting you are using.

      Very often we have used this paper for draft copies, so the setting on the printer is also set to draft, rather than on higher quality settings which waste ink. We don't expect to get an exceptional result when the printer is set to work in this way with any of the printer papers.

      Kodak also offer a dedicated product for use with a copier which is best suited for office environments and this Kodak Copier Paper comes in 500 sheet packs. As we haven't used them, I feel I cannot comment on how well they fair when in use, but did want to mention they are part of the range you can buy.

      Having bought the first two types of papers reviewed here, I feel able to say that we have achieved good results when using them. They do cost a pound or two more than some of the cheaper papers you can buy in supermarkets and office supplies stores.

      In the case of using printer paper for draft quality prints there is no reason not to look around for cheap printer paper as and when you can. However if you want excellent results on good quality paper that are suitable for presentations and/ or homework/ office work etc, then the Kodak Premium Inkjet Paper is the product to go for.

      Rating the product with 5 stars as the Kodak papers do what they should without fuss and offer consistent results.


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