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Kodak Ultima Photo Paper

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2010 08:37
      Very helpful



      A good quality A4 photo paper

      ~Tell me all about Kodak Ultima Photo Paper~

      If you like to take lots of photos either with your digital camera or a mobile phone with a decent camera then you won't go far wrong getting yourself a photo quality ink jet printer. We have a Kodak Easy Share 5000 series printer, scanner, photo printer combined and we always try to use Kodak photo papers with the machine we have.

      We have used the large A4/ 210cm x 297cm sized Kodak Ultima photo papers , which I am reviewing here, with great success. They are good quality and we have been pleased with the resulting prints. Colours on the page have proved to be clear and print quality has been good too. Though this can be effected by the quality of your photography, the equipment/ camera used and the steadiness of your hand when taking the photo in the first place.

      Before we discovered the Kodak value and premium multipacks for use when you need inks and the smaller photo papers, we used to buy a few photo papers to use with the printer and have also tried both the 13 cm x 18 cm Kodak Ultima papers which have to be fitted into the main paper tray of the printer like the A4 sheets do and the smaller 10cm x 15cm sized Ultima papers which fits into the special photo paper tray provided.

      In terms of photo paper quality the Ultima A4 sized photo papers are a full sized photo sheet that comes in packs of 20 to 60 (depending on which pack you buy) 270 g/m2 weight/ thickness papers. These don't feel too thin and flimsy to the touch and are weighty enough to give decent results. You cannot buy this A4 size as part of a multipack so if you want them you do have do part with some cash to get them.

      ~ Does the Kodak Colour Last?~

      The Ultima papers incorporate the 'Kodak Colour Last' technology and make the grand claim that anything printed on their papers with a Kodak printer and Kodak inks will stay as fresh as a daisy for a massive 100 years!

      Obviously I cannot comment on the truth of this as yet, as we have only had our printer for a couple of years, but so far any prints we have made are still looking nice and fresh. So... I will update you on this in....98 years time then!

      A bit of a safe claim from Kodak here really, after all how many people will be still be around to think of suing them when 100 years later their photos have faded? The claim has already been disputed by a research company who said that 10 years would be a more accurate time scale and when I look at the multi packs I have, they do only claim a 10 year sustainability.

      ~Packing and prices~

      The Ultima papers come in a distinctive yellow thin ish, cross between paper and board type wrapper with a sample type photo printed on the front for you to see. The wrapper seems to be made from coloured/ coated materials on the outside and the inside is made so that the photo paper inside will not be damaged before it reaches your printer.

      In terms of price for the Kodak Ultima A4 sheets I am reviewing you could pay anything from £7.99 on some online stores for a pack of 20 sheets, to £19.99 for a larger pack of 60. You can purchase cheaper lighter weight Kodak paper for much less and often if you buy direct from Kodak they offer online buying discounts such as 3 4 2 or a percentage off. Although the cheaper papers will not be in the same paper weights as these are they are worth your consideration. Kodak do seem to have updated their range and offer a good variety of papers to suit most needs.

      ~How do you rate the product~

      Overall we have been pleased with the Ultima A4 photo papers. We do tend to stick with Kodak when we can as we already use the Kodak printer and Kodak printing inks, so we feel its best to stick with the papers that are made to be compatible with those.

      I think that the Kodak Ultima papers do deserve a 4 star rating. This is mainly due to the fact that as they come in a large A4 size, you do seem to be paying a premium for that. So they are not as cheap as I would like them to be to buy. If they did cost a little less they would have gotten a full 5 star rating.


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