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Print Head Cleaner Kit

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    1 Review
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      21.12.2011 10:27
      Very helpful



      Worth giving a go

      Print Head Cleaner Kit 50ml:

      I bought this because my Epson Stylus CX3200 printer stopped printing. It would miss parts of the page when printing or the colours would be blurred.
      I read on the internet that the print heads could be blocked as the ink can get clogged in them especially if you don't print for a while. The print head(s) in Epson printers are located in the printer instead of the ink cartridges like a lot of other printer manufacturers.

      I tried running the head and nozzle cleaning functions built into the printer several times, but it made no change.

      I then looked on Amazon / EBay for something that would allow me to manually clean the print heads. I was looking for something that would have everything included and that would explain what and how to go about cleaning the print heads. There were some cleaning solutions on Amazon for doing this job, but they didn't come with instructions or a syringe etc.

      I chose this particular kit for two reasons. The first was that it came with all the things I would need and it came with step-by-step instructions on what I would have to do.

      The things it came with were as follows:
      Printed instructions - You can also view video tutorials on YouTube and on their website, http://www.printheadhospital.co.uk/.
      I do think these tutorials could be made better by showing close up what the person is doing.
      A 50ml bottle of print head cleaning solution
      Two latex gloves
      A syringe
      A tube which you attach to the syringe and then place on the print head.
      There was supposed to be some blotting paper as well which is supposed to soak up any cleaning solution that may go into your printer. I'm not sure if this was included or not. There was a piece of what felt like normal cardboard included.

      The second reason I chose this was because it had a refund promise on the site I bought it from. They promised to refund me within 30 days of receipt of this, if the cleaning solution didn't help to unclog my printer.

      == What I did ==
      I first had to boil some water. I then unscrewed the top of the cleaning solution bottle to let out any expanding fumes and then placed the bottle in the water, so it was about half covered. I let it stay there for about 5 minutes.
      A syringe along with a plastic tube was included and I pushed the tube onto the syringe. I think I stuck it the wrong way round when I did it. One side of the tube has a thicker end. I think that is the side you push onto the syringe. It is quite tricky to attach this to the tube. IN the tutorial video I watched, it recommends you soak the plastic tube in the hot water for a bit as well to loosen it up a bit.
      I then drew and then expelled about 2.5ml of hot water in and out of the syringe to warm it up. I then drew up 2ml of the cleaning solution into the syringe.
      I chose the option on my printer for changing a ink cartridge so they moved to the centre of the printer. I withdrew the colour cartridge and put it into a plate just in case any ink leaked.
      I wasn't too sure what a print head is supposed to look like. I found 3 needle like or pin like things when I removed the colour cartridge. When I removed the black ink cartridge, there was only 1 of these pins. I am thinking these must be the print heads. The tutorial videos and the instructions don't make it very clear. There was nothing else that seemed like a print head.
      Anyway, I placed the tube over one of the print heads and then gently pushed in 1ml of cleaning solution into it. I left it for 5 minutes and then pushed in the remaining 1ml.
      I did this for the other 3 print heads and then did a test print out. It didn't print out too well. There were blobs of colour ink on the page I printed.

      However, when I tried again the next morning, it printed normal.
      The black printed fine and some of the colours worked but it wasn't printing certain colours like orange but instead was printing yellow.

      I repeated the above procedure but left the solution to soak overnight.

      This time the printer messed up completely and wouldn't print anything whenever it came out of the printer.

      I decided to chuck the printer and buy a new one.

      The seller refunded me the cost for this straight away which I thought was a good touch. It is not everyday you get such good customer service.

      I am not sure what ingredients are in the cleaning solution. It had a slight medical smell to it but I managed to get some on my fingers and nothing bad happened. It is best to use the latex gloves just to be safe.

      == Price and availability ==
      On Amazon this is selling for £12 + £4.08 for delivery. However, this is selling for £12 on the
      website and also on EBay. I would recommend you purchase this from EBay if possible.
      The kit itself like the syringe, latex gloves etc should cost no more than £3 altogether I would have thought. It is good though, for someone who doesn't know what they may need or just wants everything in one go. The main benefit is the refund guarantee as the seller 'PrintheadHospital' will refund you if the kit doesn't help to unclog your printer.

      == Summary and recommendation ==
      Even though this didn't work as well as I would have hoped, I am still giving this four stars. Primarily due to the fact that I was refunded my money, so I didn't end up losing anything in trying it.
      If you have a clogged printer, say you have left it unused for a while then there is no harm in giving this a go.


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