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Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 / 2.2 GHz

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    2 Reviews
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      26.03.2009 17:33
      Very helpful


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      Very good Core2 Duo processor with helpful feature, much suitable for general users.


      Processor can be considered as the most important part of a computer. It is an electronic circuit that allows the computer to execute various computer programs. It is also known as central processing unit (CPU).Though in modern days, the size of processors has been reduced significantly, but it used to be a larger and bulky unit consists of electrical circuits and wires stored inside a big hall/room to operate an old day's PC. But as the technology has been improved and modernized the size also gets smaller over the period.

      The processor has the most significant role to play while we computing. Basically, the task of a processor can be divided in four stages such as fetch, decode, execute and write back. In simple words, it takes order from the user, and then decides how to perform the order after that gives the desired output and keeps a log of the performed task in memory.

      In modern days, Intel is one of the main resource and provider of different types of processors to the consumers. Intel is an USA based semiconductor company widely renowned for manufacturing different types of computer peripherals such as processors, motherboards, network cards etc.


      The core 2 duo is one of the latest technologies in the field of computer processors. It consists of two cores, allows the user to enjoy the high speed data execution and faster performance in their PC. This concept has been introduced to the consumers at July, 2006. It was an instant hit and a major choice to the consumers for PC processors. E4500 also belongs to the core2 duo series. With some unique features and the revolutionary 64 architecture, it is definitely one of the better choices to the consumers.


      1. Manufactured in 65nm size, results faster response and quicker execution of Data and programs.
      2. Consists of multi core, enables twice speed for data processing.
      3. Massive operating frequency of 2.2 GHz.
      4. 2MB of L2cache memory allows the user to perform different programs at the same time. Larger cache memory virtually allows the user more freedom to execute several programs at the same time without decreasing the processing speed.
      5. Front side bus (FSB) speed up to 800 MHz. This is really a useful feature, as FSB is working as the connector between the processor and different hardware of the system using the chipset. So the higher the FSB, the speedy and faster response.
      6. Supports Intel 64 architecture, though it also required a 64-bit enabled BIOS.
      7. Comes with handy execute disable bit feature, which protects the system from malicious virus and software running in the system. But, to enjoy this feature, user must have a compatible operating system.
      8. Also comes with Intel speedstep technology. This means, user can control the clock speed by using related software. As a result, system benefits from minimum power consumption and also less heat dissipation.
      9. Have a unique ability to operate in very low voltage such as 1.362V.


      I bought my desktop in December,2008. I sold my old dell laptop and bought a desktop from Dell. It comes with this e4500 processor. It works far better with Vista operating system. It is also supported by 2 GB ram (DDR2), helps my system to have a swift performance. Later, I found out, the 64 bit technology is only enabled if and only if I have 64 bit supported BIOS. But, I have 32 bit bios in my system. Anyway, still it is pretty good and supports multi tasking to a certain level. The high FSB allows steady good performance from all the hardwares . I can surf internet, listen to music and also play some decent entry level games at the same time. This is fair enough for me. It also operates in a very low power. This is definitely a plus point, since it also consumes less power and doesn't get heated easily. It also comes with the cooler and heat-sink on top to keep them cool. All in all a decent core 2 duo processor with some handy and helpful features and it is recommended for standard pc users.


      To be honest with you, there is no significant drawback. But, E4500 is a very decent processor with handy features. But, if you are looking for more boastful performance and multi-tasking capability in your system, then it is definitely not suitable for you. Since, it does not support the hyper-threading technology, will most certainly not helpful for rigorous multitasking and powerful 3D programming/gaming in your PC.

      We can buy this processor from Amazon or some other electronics shops. It will cost us around £90 to £110.


      This product comes with 3years manufacturing warranty from Intel. Regarding any software related problem, one can easily go to Intel website and download the latest software's for troubleshooting and maximum performance from this processor.

      Thank you very much for reading.

      *** This review also been posted at CIAO..under same username.***


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        04.08.2008 16:25
        Very helpful
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        As I am sure many of you know, Intel's Core 2 processors are some of, if not, the best CPU's on the market and the Core 2 Duo E4500 is no exception. Even though it is clearly not the most powerful availible, 2.2 GHz is perfectly good enough for most people's needs. Also, with 2MB of level 2 cache, it packs a punch high above that of AMD's current line up. If that were not enough, it uses Intel's latest CPU socket technology, LGA 775. It's easy to install and fits securely into the socket with no hiccups. In the package you will find the CPU itself and Intel's stock cooler. This will allow at least a 0.5 GHz overclock and it will stay relatively stable. It packaged securely and is realtively easy to open. In terms of performance, this CPU fares pretty well. In games such as Counter Strike: Source there are no problems and any experienced would certainly not be down to the CPU. All in all, a fantastic buy, definitely a bargain under £100 and will work with 99% of Intel LGA775 motherboards.


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