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Network+ is a vendor neutral certification that measures the technical knowledge of networking professionals with at least 9 months experience in network support or adminstration. The test is administered by NCS/VUE and Prometric. This certification is offered by CompTIA.

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      19.04.2002 09:12
      Very helpful



      The Network + Course is a great place to start out getting to know all the Network concepts without actually being tied to one particular Network. It is a certificate that measures the technical knowledge of networking professionals with alledgedly 9 months of experience in either a support or administration role. Attaining the certification should show potential employers that the candidate has the knowledge to configure and operate a variety of cross-network platforms however what I have found is that since you could pass the certificate with merely studying the "braindump" questions on the net, this is not the case so the holder could pass by studying the "braindumps" and not know the networking concepts fully. The "Braindumps" have numerous questions which contain questions which are very similar to that of the exam, which is administered by VUE and Prometric?. The certificate does prove a valuable grounding for the more advanced vendor specific certifications, for example Cisco. The exam is broken down into the following subjects which are tested within the exam randomly: "Basic Knowledge" which includes Network Topologies and characteristics, major network operationg systems and clients and resources, Fault tolerance, networking media to be recognised including connectors/cabling systems, network elements and by now means least important, certainly the most vital and no networking book deals without the old favourite THE OSI MODEL including descibe the function/operation etc of all the 7 layers... "TCP/IP" - The fundamentals including addressing, gateways and configuration concepts. "TCP/IP Suite" - what all the utilities do and what switches you use with each. "Remote Connectivity" - concepts and elements of SLIP/PPP/PPTP/POTS or PSTN/ISDN and Dial-up networking. "Security" - From accou
      nt management to virus protection and firewalls to security policy and auditing. "Implementing and Installing the Network" - essential what an administrator does, identifying ports/componentry and knowledge of analog/digital cabling. "Maintaining and Supporting the Network" - Upgrading and backup storage to Virus software updating. Troubleshooting the Network" - basically given scenarios define fault and rectify on the system, very much a hands on task. You need to know the systems to do it, tests all previous knowledge as well as knowing the standard log for troubleshooting network problems. Whilst the list is not extensive it does give a brief insight, the Comptia website has a numerous page .pdf file with all the Objectives broken down. I've got to be honest the Course/exam is very Americanised and I'm not sure of the acceptance in the UK as yet, not a lot of people have heard of it from who I've spoke to. I would recommend the Sybex book on it and give it a week of intense study to pass it yourself, "braindumps" are useful although some answers they give you are wrong so it's worth checking the answers out yourself. I would recommend doing the course as a taster to fuller and more beefy exams like Cisco as the OSI model for example is everywhere in networking. Some people have problems with it so it's worth the extra study... The exam does cost about £140 at last check so it's around £50 higher than the CCNA. Even if you buy the book and do the tests on it you will get a greater knowwledge and understanding of if you want to go further. A new version released in February has now reduced the number of question from 65 to a number which is determined by the user answering correctly early on, more performace based, the pass mark is still 75 % though this is not important as your certificate does not give the score
      you achieved. Any questions send me an email..


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