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    1 Review
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      20.07.2009 14:27
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      Can be a great job

      When you are a member of the office staff reporting to management, you often fail to appreciate the reasons behind the manager's actions or reactions. It is only when you become that manager that it all suddenly becomes crystal clear.

      For example, as a member of staff do you fail to see why arriving ten minutes late is a big deal- well let me tell you:- the office manager knows all the work that has to be completed that day, and who is going to be doing it. In that ten minutes that you are a no-show- all the plans have to be juggled and re-prioritised. The office manager's brain has to go into overdrive- and then you walk in as if nothing has happened. The manager has mixed feelings- delight that you have turned up- added to annoyance that all that stress has proved worthless and if you don't seem to care-aaah!!

      If you cannot see what your office manager does, then he/she is probably doing a good job.

      If you always get paid your overtime promptly, if there is always sufficient stationery. If they can always answer your queries and give you a prompt response if you ask to book leave. If you have training schedules and appraisals about your work, as well as a feeling that they are aware of your life outside work and care about you.

      A good office manager should always be fair and whilst you can be sure you will be told if you are doing something wrong, you can be equally confident that you will be praised for a job well done.

      You should feel part of their team and if the powers that be are critical of you, the office manager should always take the heat- it is their job after all to ensure the office is running smoothly.

      The office manager should know how to do all of your jobs and whilst they may not be able to step in and do them all as well as you- they should appreciate what is involved.

      Now on the next point I know managers have differing opinions- when I was an office manager, if there was urgent work to done, or work to be covered whilst someone was on leave- unless there were extenuating circumstances e.g. a special assignment I had been tasked with, I would always go and help. I didn't care how menial or boring the job was- I just dived in to help get it done. Now I have heard from other managers that
      helping is a no-no, - that no good manager would ever "roll up their sleeves" and become one of the "workforce". Well if that is true, I was never a good manager, because I could never sit by and consider work to be a spectator sport.

      Like any job, if you enjoy it and can do it well, then you can actually find yourself reasonably happy at the necessity of going into work.......

      Except on Mondays, no never on Mondays..............


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