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Vehicles Sales Executive

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Write here only if you have personal experience of working as a vehicles sales executive. Why did you decide to become one? What are your qualifications? What are the ups and downs of the profession?

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2005 17:49
      Very helpful



      To achieve a lifestyle some people dream of, you need to start with you!

      People Always Told Me Be Careful Of What You Do
      And Don't Go Around selling Young Girls' Cars
      And Mother Always Told Me Never Be A Car Salesman,
      And Be Careful Of What You Do 'Cause The Lie Becomes The Truth

      Thank you Mr Jackson, and some wise words there mate, or are they?

      To clarify the reasoning for the intro.

      Virtually all the self-help books I read have an intro similar to this one so that you can gain credibility for those seeking the information they need. It's there to show I do know what I am on about and that it's not just one of those made up spoof reviews that sometimes seep their way into review sites similar to this one.

      So my story.

      Way, way back in early 97 I had a whim. This whim was brought about by a Self-development book I read called TNT, the power within you. I was reading this boom whilst sitting on a taxi desk at 3am in the morning for £5 an hour. This book told me I could be anything I wanted to be if I only unleashed the power that I had inside me. Well, being that I had not long finished a Vindaloo, there was a different power inside me I needed to release, but in all seriousness, this book made me see sense. I was working two jobs to sustain my cost of living at the time and I really needed to get out of the rut I was in. so I made a choice that very morning and handed my notice in on both jobs. When asked what I was leaving for, I proudly said “I am going to be a car salesman!”

      That week, I left home not with a packed lunch of Hovis sandwiches, but with a desire to become a car salesman. It was one of the jobs the book said required an inner strength which really translates into self belief. I walked to the Renault garage first and was rejected, also the Fiat garage I stopped of at next. My third stop was a car supermarket style place and the Sales manager looked at me in my M&S Shirt and Black Trousers, both from the local charity shop at a cost of about £3 and laughed. “Come in Saturday morning at 9!” He said, “We will give you a weekends trial.”

      That Saturday, I sold 3 cars without really knowing how I did it and that evening the manager stopped me on the way out and called me into his office. “Forget the weekend trial, I am starting you full time as of now.” He gave me a 10K basic, company car and gave me a sub of £200 to go and buy some more shirts and trousers.

      Well, I lasted with that company for 7 months and they moved me from Portsmouth to Bournemouth, paid my rent for 3 months, all my moving expenses and gave me £1000 to move. Needless to say, something I did impressed them.

      I moved from there to a franchised car site, English Ford after having a bit of a dispute over the ethics of the way they sold their cars. I was a salesman at English Ford for 3 months before the Director called me into her office and offered me the position of finance manager. Needless to say I was chuffed to bits. 2 years later I was awarded Sales Manager of the Year at the Hilton in London, beating Porsche and BMW in the final, I had never been happier. Since then I had a brief spell with Nissan before becoming Business Manager at a Mercedes-Benz Franchise and I remember those days when I worked for £5 an hour to last months pay cheque which was just short of 10K.

      Okay, that’s the background you need to understand that what I am about tot ell you is not rocket science, it’s not unachievable and it is so simple that anyone who can say good morning to someone they do not know can achieve so much more out of life if they do so wish.

      Car sales are only about one thing, a process.

      To become a successful car salesman you must firstly believe in yourself.

      So step 1. Read Self-Help books about building and keeping your confidence and listen to a motivational tape on your way to work.

      People will scoff and laugh at you for doing this, but none of them will be successful business people. They all find ways to improve their self confidence.

      Step 2. Learn and stick to a tried and tested sales method.

      When you go for an interview, don’t lie about being able to sell anything etc, just say you would love to learn a sales process and ensure that you stuck to its every step regardless. This will not only make the managers job easier, but make you sell more cars.

      My first day when I sold 3 cars was done by going into the managers office and asking what I did next. He told me and I followed his exact instructions. It worked.

      It is not about catching your customer out or tricking them, it is about demonstrating the car properly and following simple steps to ensure the customer has all the information they need to make that buying decision.

      Step 3. Listen to the customer

      Best tip I could give anyone is listen to the customer. When a customer says no, it normally means they have not been looked after properly. If you stop for ten minutes, sit down with the customer and let them tell you what they want, it saves you wasting the time of you both. Usually someone knows what they want before they come out and if three cars are all priced the same, I bet they know which one they would prefer just by looking at it. Trying to tell a customer only works in exceptional circumstances, such as the customer has no idea about taxation, fuel consumption etc, then they need you to tell them what is suitable and let them decide on the facts. The days of Arthur Daley are getting further behind, thank god.

      Step 4. Always ask for the business.

      Why not?

      Someone has come into your dealership and taken up an hour or so of your time, why not ask them for the business?

      Don’t be afraid to ask someone if you can sell them the car, they are expecting the question and if you don’t ask it the next garage will and might get the business.

      Step 5. Appearance.

      I am often laughed at by the sales guys here for coming in with a £90 watch and an Asdas suit for £40. I don’t believe in Expensive suits and Rolex watches, not my scene. Customers take you at face value not materialistic values, so don’t think you need to spend a lot on looking flash when a cheap, clean suit from Asdas or Matalan will do the job. Lets face it, you will only get them dirty at work and I used to get tears quite often when I was a salesman due to lifting bonnets, moving cars and general site work. I have a couple of good suits and a Tuxedo, but they are all kept for managers meetings and corporate days out, not for the workplace. Be clean shaven and brushed/combed hair if you are male and look smart and not too much makeup if you are female or that way inclined.

      Step 6. Attitude.

      Never think you are there. It takes a moments lapse of concentration to lose a customers respect. If someone thinks you are genuinely insincere, no matter how nice the car is, they will not buy it off you. Always update your mental attitude box with books and tapes, you can never get too comfortable with yourself and rejection becomes second nature and stops being personal when you learn to cope with your emotion.

      There is so much more I could write here and if anyone ever wants a help in becoming a salesman of any product, I am all ears. Drop me an email or visit my GB at Tooyoo or opinionaters and I will gladly assist.

      To become a car salesman, become a better person and start believing in yourself.

      It is not that difficult to achieve.


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