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HP Digital Projector Mp3130

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    1 Review
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      03.10.2005 09:15
      Very helpful


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      Although Not cheap, this DLP projector is capable of bright displays, even in well-lit rooms

      The HP MP3130 digital light processing (DLP) projector differs from most others in the market as it sits vertically rather than horizontally. HP's reasoning behind this is that, if placed on a table, it will be able to rise above the coffee cups and notebooks.

      Weighing less than 2kg, it's also extremely portable. Buttons and sockets are clearly labelled on the unit and it comes complete with a remote control. The remote feels a little delicate, especially when extended to it's full length, but it does include a handy laser pointer.

      The DLP chip housed within the MP3130 consists of more than one million mirrors that reflect that reflect individual pixels onto the screen. This provides more control over the image when compared with LCD projectors, as well as being producing a brighter image. Indeed, with an impressive 1,800 Ansi lumens and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, the MP3130 performed extremely well during our tests. Even in a well-lit room, it managed to project an acceptable display.

      In terms of noise, however, the device is not the quietest.

      It also benefits from a variety of automatic fuctions. Based on the input you provide, it will decide what settings will give the best results. For example, if connected to a notebook it will switch to business presentation setting and output at its maximum brightness. However, plug in a DVD player and it will reduce the brightness so projection is easier on the eye. It's also capable of automatically adjusting the vertical keystone correction.

      Cheaper projectors are available but few will be able to match the clarity and the brightness of the MP3130. If you're prepared to shell out the cash, this HP DLP projector gets the job done.


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  • Product Details

    Experience unlimited opportunities with a high quality digital projector that goes wherever you do. The HP Digital Projector mp3130 and optional smart module (part number L1619A) combine to give you freedom, flexibility and superior quality. Envision crystal clear projection is coming from a microportable projector that you don't even have to plug in. It's mobile and wireless with network capabilities, so you're free to concentrate on your audience. They'll be amazed by the razor-sharp 2000: 1 contrast, 1800 peak ANSI lumens, and superior color fidelity. This unique combination also lightens your load by utilizing CompactFlash or SD card memory - so you can leave the notebook computer back at the office. After all, wouldn't you rather focus on your ideas?

    The HP Digital Projector mp3130 provides scaling resolution. You get XGA native resolution and VGA to SXGA+ scalability. You'll always see crisp, sharp detail, whether you're projecting for a small, impromptu meeting or a large conference.

    You'll enjoy a seamless presentation when using the mp3130. No stopping to make awkward keystone corrections when you're in the middle of an important point. Before you begin, set the horizontal picture and you're done! The ultra-light mp3130 automatically adjusts the vertical for you, avoiding keystone correction.

    This is the only projector package you'll need. The mp3130 and optional smart module won't weigh you down. You'll even have room left in your briefcase for a newspaper and bagel.

    Whether you're giving a PowerPoint presentation with charts and graphs, or running video, you need a clear, bright, crisp picture. The mp3130 digital projector puts the choice at your fingertips. The image optimization selector lets you select the best quality, regardless of the type of your presentation.