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Optoma HD600X-LV

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A reliable, lightweight and affordable projector. Picture sharpness is good even at large sizes.

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2013 09:29
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great value - well worth buying.

      This Optoma HD600X-LV is a nice, and cheap, black projector of light weight which means you can carry this around with you! Now how many inexpensive home projectors can you do that with?

      Technological details: (note I don't understand everything but I've put in brackets what I've learnt)


      Weighs 2.3kg

      HD720p resolution (makes it powerful)

      250 ANSI (makes it bright)

      Viewing only 12m from screen (ideal for small spaces)

      2D (but with extra purchases can be made 3D)

      It can be used for big and small screens as little as 100 inches up to 359 inches

      Pixel resolution 1280 x 800

      Fan noise 28/30

      In-build speakers

      My main purpose for projection:

      I've only watched a film on this once as I prefer to watch via the television screen. It required a little adjustment by my handy technological geek too and I'd rather not have to adjust the setting for film viewing. I can tell you that for photographic sequences set to music it gets ten out of ten. We enjoyed the film but I just don't need the projector for this purpose - geek was impressed though wanted a sound system wired up around the walls - no thanks! One techno geek tried it for gaming and said to stick to the desktop PC. So this review is about viewing stills.

      Special Memories:

      Using a projector is a fantastic way to share those magical memories with families and friends. I have fun with digital AV projects which involves setting a series of photos, usually to a specific theme and using music to fit the scenes. For my Welsh friends I did a series of landscapes from around North Wales. The music used was Canon Lan sung by a Male Voice choir. The result was a room full of people reduced to tears and hiraeth for me. Using the projector made it a beautiful shared experience, one that will never be forgotten.

      At the Back:

      Let's take a look at the backs of the projector as that's where all the holes you need are neatly contained. There's an S-Video, one HDMI (the men in my life tell me I should have a high quality surround sound wired up instead but I'm fine with the sound for my demands). You'll find the place to insert the power cable here too. I can't pretend to know what these names are but there's a part for plugging in a computer and this is fundamental to me as the main joy of my projector is for viewing my photographs.

      Image Quality:

      The projector allows me to zoom in which is fantastic. There's a function which expands the photo to fill the whole projection screen. This is a great function for making a photography presentation. I've never used this for work presentations but there is no reason why this wonderful little projector of mine would fail me if I needed it for work purposes. I'm not going to get technical and complicated so the worse the jargon gets is with the words, provided by a geeky friend, 'keystone correction' (I like the sound of the words - don't you?) which means instead of trying to raise or lower the projector you can beam the image to find the projector. It's much better than piling up books! The best detail for photographic images is definitely on the zero setting. The image does not distort when using this and works really well for zoom and expanding the picture to fill the frame. Play too much with the correction setting it can distort the image quality. I leave everything as my technological friends have set this.


      Don't expect instant art on your screen. Switch it on and the images are someone hazy. It's not your eyesight it's that this projector needs warming up. If I'm making a presentation I switch this on a good ten minutes before. You'll notice the image will become sharper, and perfectly focussed, but you must have patience. The big relief to me is that I don't have to play around with the settings as it's all been done once by techno geek friends.

      Fumbling in the dark:

      This Optoma HD600X-LV projector comes with a remote control. One little negative, which could be annoying, actually it is, is the control doesn't light up in the darkened room, which means a bit of fumbling when the phone rings and you need to pause the projection. This once created an embarrassing moment when searching for the control and putting my hand on someone's nether regions! I cringe every time I remember this.

      Actually, you don't need to fully darken the room. I've been lazy, and left the curtains open ,and blimey, you can still see the images very well!

      Also I'm not fantastic with technology. I try to get by with basic functions only but with friends like mine some fiddling with settings has gone on. They have upped the brightness and contrast to make sure that the projection is as good as on my laptop screen, with the bonus that the projection is bigger, so there is no squinting required! So I'm sorry, but I can't explain how to do this, and I did see a lot of fiddling by fussy photographers, and the good news is the projector did not overheat. I can see that if this had been left to factory settings the images would have been of poorer quality. My advice is to buy even, if you are a novice, so long as you know a technology geek to get the best quality image for your money. I find this easy to use for a basic projection but others, in my case, must initially do the fiddling for the perfection.


      The Optoma HD600X-LV is ideal for photographers who want to study their images or show them off on a bigger screen!

      This is amazing value for money as it cost me below forty pounds, which is really cheap for a quality projector, as you could pay hundreds. Well, don't waste your dosh on more expensive projectors as this is top quality but be warned, it is not energy efficient, so best not to use every day. Four stars because of environmental concerns, the non-back-lit remote, the slow to reach sharpness switch on, and that it needs tweaking a lot on initial set-up to get the perfect image. These really are minor problems compared to the results. I even lend mine out to other photographers, with the condition the settings are returned to me as found, and the machine shows no sign of problems after use over a few months.

      This is what it must have felt like in the old days when families sat together in front of the big screen and watched their memories thanks to Kodak. Well things move on and this is a digitally enhanced experience which brings people back together sharing special moments.


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    • Product Details

      Prepare yourself for life-size 3D games and movies! Designed for use with the latest HD Consoles and 3D Gaming PCs the Optoma HD600X-LV home entertainment projector delivers this spectacular 3D experience right into your own home / All this in such a compact size combined with a stylish carry bag means the HD600X-LV is also your perfect partner for sharing this mind-blowing experience with everyone anywhere anytime!

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