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Abigails Party (London)

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25-27 Brewer Street, W1. Tel: +44 (0)20 7434 2911.

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2001 21:45
      Very helpful



      This is a private members late-bar. At £70 membership a year its not exclusively for high earners, but I dont know what the membership policy is. I am not a member (and have no desire to become one), but I went along one Friday evening for the birthday party of a friend of a friend. Abigails Party is on Brewer Street in Soho. From the outside it all looks very nice; velvet ropes and big curtains protecting the identies of those inside. Well in fact it was almost empty inside when we arrived in the early evening, me my flatmate and her boyfriend - the 3 Smiths, due to the fact that the person whose party it was didn't know all our surnames. The doorman didn't bat an eyelid - well, we do all look like we could be related - ish. Inside, the private party was downstairs, and the bar upstairs was open. Downstairs is small and red, with a couple of cosy seating alcoves, some interesting shattered mirror designs on the walls, a miniscule dancing space and a....whats another word for small, erm, a tiny bar. Still, the ambience was okay to start with - the environment made it easy to get to know people, though the bright lights blaring over you as you sit in the alcoves did make you a little paranoid that the person sat next to you would be noticing cellulite in places you didn't know you had any. Still after a few drinks this becomes less important. I'm not sure how much drinks were as there was a tab behind the bar, and I managed not to dig too deep into my own pocket - no I'm not a skinflint - I'm very generous when I actually have money to be generous with. On second thoughts, maybes that's why I'm always skint. Where was I...oh yeah, beer about £3 a bottle methinks. Anyhow, the main problem with Abigails party is....Abigail herself. Rumour had it that the icy blond bird flitting around the tables and trying to spoil everyones night was in fact the proprietor, who happened to be called Abigail. Now if she was trying to mo
      del the atmosphere of her establishment on the atmosphere of the party in the 70's film of the same name, she's certainly succeeded. In other words, she made the 'guests' feel like they would rather be somewhere else. In fact the guy who's party it was sneaked off with 2 girls in tow before 11 o clock - I think when the dj started playing 'The Pink Panter' theme tune. Er, what?? I thought this place was supposed to be cool. Back to 'Abigail'. Apart from giving us all the general impression that we didnt deserve to be there (quite, no matter what bad things you've done nobody deserves that punishment), this girl (she was fairly young) also asked one of us if we would leave early because one of our group was in a wheelchair and she didn't want him to 'get in the way' of the other people leaving. When one of our group dosed off in the corner (well she couldn't be blamed) we were told to wake her up because 'this is a nightclub, it doesn't look good'. Excuse me; i) this 'aint no nightcub sweetie and ii) nobody's looking, there's virtually no-one here. Also, my friend and I got a right telling off for going to the loo in a pair - oh come on, it's a womans prerogative right? Another time I was in the loo and some GUY started banging on the door cos he just HAD to empty the sanitary bin, RIGHT at that very second, never mind the fact that I was actually having a WEE at the time. This was as bad as Emporium (go on, read my other reviews), in fact no this was worse. Some other girl got a public dressing down for using drugs in the toilet, and was warned if she did it again she was out. We sampled upstairs before we left - no atmosphere, but a bit more space and some nice leather cushions. So what exactly was good about this place - NOTHING, apart from the people I was with made it good, but I think you can have a good night in any old dump if you're with a good bunch of mates. And I
      suppose it was quite cosy - good if you've got your eye on someone and you want a fairly intimate setting in which to make your move. Oh and the other staff were nice too, and the waiters brought round a continuous stream of delicious nibbles as the guests were arriving. But overall, I'd say if you really want to party, Abigail's probably not the girl for you. Oh that's funny, I've just stopped writing my review to check out Abigail's party on the net; there is a brief review of it on www.citystreetz.com/Abigailsparty which has described it as funky crowd (yep), easygoing(no), have fun(no). Maybes we just caught it on a bad night. Mind you, the review also says it's open Mon-Thur 5pm - 3pm, and I can imagine that it would be quite a nice place to roll into after work and roll out of again in the early hours. Oh I dunno - make up your own minds!!!


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