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Brewers Fayre in general

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30 Reviews
  • friendly staff
  • some meal deals are ok
  • Small portions
  • quite pricey drinks
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    30 Reviews
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      21.04.2015 18:44
      Very helpful


      • "some meal deals are ok"
      • "friendly staff"


      • "used to be good but not now"
      • "pricey for small portions"

      Brewers Fayre has gone downhill

      I used to be a regular customer at my local Brewers Fayre but I have decided that after my latest visit today I shall be avoiding it unless some improvement is made to the ever increasing prices for the ever decreasing portion sizes.

      My sister wanted a hot dog. Upon looking at the menu we discovered that it was over £8 and not part of the two for a tenner meal deals. In fact there is very limited choice in the meals on that offer. We opted instead to both have the BB chicken melt, coleslaw and potato dippers. Since we last had this choice the portion sizes have been reduced and priced at £5.99 didn't seem worth the money at all.

      My Father had a burger for £7.99 and found this ok but for £7.99 should have been better.

      There was loud music playing which was annoying and also it took ages to get served when ordering food. A party of six who had come in after us all got served with their food first and we had to wait ages for our meals to arrive at the table.

      The place seems to have lost some of it's charm and has gone down hill recently. Even the new menu isn't that brilliant. I shall be staying clear of this place for a while hoping that it improves again. For half the price of what we paid today we get a wonderful choice of delicious meals and good sized portion at a lovely local cafe. I know that many people who use Brewers Fayre are staying at the Premier Inn next door but they might be advised to avoid the place and seeker better alternatives with more choice and good competitive prices.


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      30.01.2014 15:58
      Very helpful



      With a logo resembling a Los Vegas chip - you'll expect them to make a decent chip wouldn't you?

      Established in 1980.

      Shining out from a maze of concrete blocks a Los Vegas round red chip baring the brand name of Brewers Fayre flicked my curiosity. They have 120 plus outlets across Britain, traditional pub food, blocked wooden furniture and a chrome bar, manned by chrome bar staff. They're not as industrialist as French bar personnel who incessantly flick imaginary dust particles with a pristine clean tea towel. Instead what stood before me resembled an ear-studded cocky jack-the-lad type whose head wobbled on every word spoke and called everything or person 'matie.' One good thing he knew what the table number 14 meant and was able to read Premium Beer logos and pull a pint as well as take food orders. Having observed my suit he drummed up some small-talk for small-talk sake... "Do you watch the news, matie?" - I replied: "Yes, I do, when I can." On this reply I half-expected him to surprise me and come up with an anecdotal from the likes of Robert Fisk. Sadly, he then scratched his head somewhat and wise-fully for him stated: "The Syrian Crisis... is not good, not good at all matie." I admired his ability to come up with the obvious, most of these types start working life in the Brewers Fayre and then three years on... run councils. Brewing up to less worthwhile occupations - I trudged my way back to table 14; and waited for my Steak and Ale Pie as if I was waiting for a life-changing phone-call.

      My ears kept picking up of a sound of a muffled duck quack. I found out it was a guy's voice-box, vibration he was communicating nine to a dozen; really enjoying himself - helped by the fact the pub wasn't too busy at Monday lunchtime. I noticed attentiveness from the staff - not something you observe usually in a bustling Brewers Fayre. Each table was exhibiting erect concertina menus, depicting an elaborate art installation. Duping the clientele in thinking the Brewers Fayre is a fine dine establishment, food will be symmetrically inline with each other. Chips cut to precision, glossy garden peas perfectly spherical that you can hear pop between the molars and broccoli are shaped like miniature old oak trees from Seven Oaks - now sadly depleted in number, gobbled up by the great storm of 1987. Notably, they must've got in the Industrial Cleaners after the weekend due to the 'Shake-N-Vac' scent wafting from passersby, walking in high-heels on the carpet inspired by the cubists. Women who do lunch noticeably are suited and high-heel booted. A mix of professionalism and femininity, not that their discourse embarked on anything remotely professional from table 16; eavesdropping has become a fascinating pastime since I've had my ears de-cluttered, since which I can conclude Blighty has a pandemic of 'thoughtless men.' For me the Premium Beer works as a nepenthe, on that thought I was alerted to a white oval plate descending from above my head and was immediately given a spiel of condiments. I recoiled at the thought of BBQ sauce on a Steak and Ale Pie, but I suspect many punters would grasp at the freebies regardless of whether it'll go with the dish.

      The pie was more about puff than steak. The ale was of a meager drizzling, could've been watered down plonk for all I know. It may surprise you that the table layout of neatly erect menus in the centre doesn't mean the food resembles anything of neatness. Chips were the size of my little finger at a push, soggy rather than crispy - the peas looked as if they had argued with each other by which were battered and bruised and several were worrying wrinkly, probably exposed to the microwave heat for too long. The steak itself in the pie had the consistency of 'Pedigree Chum' heated up of course although after several mouthfuls I could decidedly recall I'd eaten a Steak and Ale Pie at a Brewers Fayre before - the memory came flooding back. A bit like planning to meet an old-school-friend, and after ten minutes in being in close proximity you realize why you lost touch. I wondered if all of this applied to all of the Brewers Fayre clientele waiting to make a food order - the pub-chain banks on you forgetting the poor quality of food after a few alcoholic drinks.

      This pub-chain is a master of it; it revamps itself as a semi-new-age-wine-bar-lodge - the foyer is delivers a grand gesture of a mighty fine experience, double-doors galore, leading up to them is a runway of the light fantastic. The car park design is a marvelous example of spatial design, in other words in how not to walk far. Those who have mobility issues can be assured they've been thought of in this department; unless of course you need the lavatory - sadly a double traipse upstairs spoils that illusion - obviously the thought-process was left outside when it comes to the immobile powdering their noses.

      My bill was 7.99 GBP for the meal and 3.45 GBP for a pint. I lost approximately forty nine minutes of my life in the Bicester branch, I won't get it back, nor am I planning another visit. Several hours later, I lost another twenty minutes due to walking off flatulence. I therefore conclude the alluring attraction of the grand gesture of a double-door foyer and cheap pub-grub equates to a loss of dignity and time. Time is the essence - the substandard food isn't Fayre, alas is Fayre.©1st2thebar 2014


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        08.02.2012 18:07
        Very helpful



        we will return!

        *Whilst Brewers Fayre having restaurants up and down the country, I will be focussing on my local restaurant. The menu is typically the same in each restaurant.*

        Yesterday we decided to go out for dinner. We had received our refund from our cancelled holiday and had a spare bit of money after we had booked our new holiday - I though what the hell lets go out! We normally stick to the same restaurants but fancied trying somewhere different.

        ~Bellziehill Farm - Location and Layout~

        Bellziehill Farm is part of the Brewers Fayre chain of restaurants. Bellziehill Farm is located a short distance from Bellshill town centre in Lanarkshire. If coming from the M74 you should follow the signs to Coatbridge and Bellshill and take the 2nd exit at A725. The restaurant is located beside a Premier Inn Hotel, a McDonalds and an garage. There is plenty of car parking spaces available. Unless you drive, this restaurant is quite difficult to reach. We arrived by taxi.

        The restaurant building itself appears huge from the outside and looks quite similar to the hotel next door. There is a smoking shelter and potted trees adorn the pavements. When you enter the restaurant, everything is set over one level. The bar and buffet area is near the entrance. There is an area boasting a television and various seating areas which can accommodate different sized parties. There is an ATM (£1.75 fee) and some amusement machines within the restaurant.

        I didn't expect the restaurant to be quite as big. When we arrived, the place was practically empty so we found a table with booth seats and regular seats at the far end of the restaurant. We were right next to the 'Fun Factory' which I will discuss later. There is plenty of lighting in the restaurant and it doesn't feel cramped. The decor is pleasant with there being mainly red and cream paper and a few pictures adorning the walls. I would say the restaurant offers a comfortable ambience. I appreciate that families are likely to sit near the 'Fun Factory' but at the same time couples without children would be able to sit elsewhere and not hear much noise!

        The restaurant was very clean throughout. There are toilets near the entrance and at the far end of the restaurant as well as baby changing and disabled toilets. The toilets were immaculate and well stocked though there were only 2 cubicles which seems a bit silly given the size of the restaurant. DIsabled diners have sufficient space to move around the restauraunt. There is also an outside area with wooden benches for when the weather is nice.

        The actual address of the restaurant is :

        10-12 Bellziehill Road
        North Lanarkshire
        ML4 3HH
        01698 740180

        ~Customer Service~

        We were told to sit anywhere we fancied on our arrival. There was sufficient menus on the table and the relevant condiments. Once we had decided on what we wanted to eat, I went up to the bar and ordered. There was only one person serving at the time but as the restaurant got busier, more servers came out. Service with a smile - definitely applies to Bellziehill Farm. Nothing was too much hassle and even the chef said hello which was nice.

        Drinks were prompty brought to our table. Our starters followed after 15mins or so but the mains took a further 30mins. Plates were cleared quickly and desserts arrived 10mins after ordering them. High chairs are available on request. Overall service was good.

        ~Food and Drink~

        Bellziehill Farm offer a huge range of food to suit all tastes and budgets. They have special offers on throughout the week and cater for all tastes. I can only speak for the food that we personally had to eat but given the choice and recommendations we have heard, the food is always decent and plentiful. The food is very much like an upmarket Wetherspoons in my opinion.

        *Special Offers and Themed Nights*

        Bellziehill Farm offer 'Buffet' nights including Chinese (Mondays), Curry (Tuesday and Thursday), Mexican (Wednesday), Chip Shop (Friday) and Carvery (Sunday). For £6.49 (£4.99 for children) you can eat as much as you like from the buffet. The Curry buffet was on whilst we dined there and was very well presented in silver bowls. The food was replenished and included various Indian curries and sides such as poppadoms and mango chutney. It all looked delicious and a bargain price as you can have as much as you like! I fancy trying the Mexican buffet. The buffets are available from 5pm except for the Sunday carvery.

        Other special offers include a '2 for £10' menu which features 15 dishes from the main menu including Liver and Onions, Fish and Chips and burgers. Vegetarians have the choice of Quorn Chilli or Quiche. There is a special dessert offer which is '2 for £2' and includes treats such as Apple Pie, Jam Sponge and Bakewell Tart.

        *Main Menu*

        The main menu is presented in a simple way with every dish being detailed and includes some appetising pictures.

        Starters are fairly priced between £1.99 and £4.99 and include Soup of the Day, Butterfly Prawns and Breaded Camembert Bites to name a few.

        Main meals vary in price and include quite a range of dishes. Classics such as Pork Chop, Beef Lasagne, Tikka Masala and Sausage and Mash are priced from £5.99. There are a few burger and steak options priced from £7.49 - £12.99 including a mixed grill and 10oz Rump Steak. The most expensive dish is a two portion Fish and Chips Platter with sides which is just short of £14.00. Vegetarians can choose from meat-free Lasagne, Chargrilled Red Pepper Pasta, Quiche and Goan Vegetable Curry.

        There is a snacks menu available 12-6.30pm daily. This includes baguettes, paninis and baked potatoes with various fillings. These are priced under £5.00. Breakfast is also available in the restaurant until 10.30am - ideal start for those staying in the neighbouring hotel. Children eat free and you can opt for an 'All You Can Eat' brekkie for £7.99. A continental buffets is also available for £5.49.

        Children have their own menu where you can purchase a main course and dessert for £4.50. Dishes include burger, nuggets, pizza and roast dinners. Desserts range Jelly and Ice Cream to Chocolate Indulgence (chocolate heaven for children!).

        Bellziehill Farm stock a wide range of drinks including wine (from £1.60 per glass), soft drinks, spirits, beers and hot drinks. Pints are priced at just over £3.00. Soft drinks are £2.00 per glass (pint) and Fruit Shoots are £1.25. Hot drinks are made with 'Costa Coffee' and you can get free refills for £2.50 all in.

        ~Our Meal~

        I was very hungry by the time we arrived at Bellziehill Farm so we ordered quickly and awaited our food. I find the food to be fairly priced and the deals to be really good. We chose the only sharing starter available to nibble on whilst we waited on our main course.

        A large platter arrived filled to the brim with warm food. Our sharer was the 'Combo Feast - Battered chicken goujons, BBQ ribs, garlic & herb breaded mushrooms, garlic bread, tortilla chips, beef chilli con carne, garlic mayonnaise, tomato salsa, BBQ sauce and a lightly dressed salad garnish'. This was priced at £7.99 and was the perfect size for the 3 of us to share. The chilli was delicious and meaty with a lovely spice. The sauces were all presented in little pots and tasted fresh as did the salad. The meat from the ribs fell of the bone - so tender and full of flavour.The garlic bread was delicious. We really enjoyed our starter and it was well worth the price.

        For our main course, we were spoiled for choice but went for the '2 for £10' menu. I plumped for the 'Smothered Chicken - Grilled chicken breast topped with bacon and melted cheese, served with a rich BBQ sauce, chips, garlic bread, coleslaw and a lightly dressed salad garnish'. This was priced at £8.49 on the main menu so I was pleased that it was part of the deal!

        My plate was full - you do get a lot for your money. The chicken was chargrilled and had a lovely tender texture. The bacon was a little salty but the cheese topping was delicious. I wasn't keen on the coleslaw but I do prefer creamy coleslaw to exceptionally crunchy coleslaw. The chips were delicious and really big. They had a lovely fluffy texture inside and didn't taste greasy. I appreciated that the BBQ sauce was presented in a pot at the side as this allowed me to pour however much I wanted onto my chicken and have some left to dip my chips in. The sauce was delicious - thick and full of flavour. My meal was very satisfying and filling.

        My fiance went for the 'Beef Burger - A 6oz burger made with 100% prime beef, lightly seasoned and served in a toasted bun with sliced tomato, salad leaves and mayonnaise. Served with chips, battered onion rings and coleslaw'. He also received a huge portion. The burger was a little overcooked but very edible. We paid extra for cheese but you could barely tell that there was any cheese on his burger. He enjoyed it though and scoffed all his chips without complaining.

        My son went for the usual 'Chicken Nuggets' which were served with chips (you could opt for beans or corn on the cob as well). The portion was a good size for a toddler and the chicken was easy for him to eat. He didn't complain as he polished off the plate so they must have been good! For his dessert, he opted for 'Chocolate Fudge Brownie - A slice of chocolate fudge brownie with your choice of vanilla or chocolate flavour ice cream and a pot of chocolate flavour fudge sauce for pouring or dipping'. The brownie was lovely - warm and moist with a delicious chocolate flavour. My son enjoyed the vanilla ice cream but for some reason, he didn't receive any dipping sauce.

        I always have room for a dessert! I struggled to decide between 'Belgian Banoffee Waffle# and 'Sticky Toffee Pudding' but ended up plumping for 'Caramel Apple Crumble - Golden pastry topped with apples, covered with a crumble topping and caramel fudge. Served with your choice of custard, pouring cream or vanilla flavour ice cream'. This was priced at £3.69 but the portion size was quite small. The crumble itself was quite dry but the apple/toffee combo was delectably sweet and delicious. I had squirty cream and did enjoy it.

        My fiance opted for a 'Strawberry Sundae - A mixture of fresh strawberries, vanilla and strawberry flavour ice creams, drizzled with strawberry sauce and topped with a whip of cream, fresh strawberries and a light wafer'. The sundae was presented in a tall glass and was well worth the £3.69. The ice cream was delicious and although there weren't many strawberries, the pieces we could find were very fresh and sweet. A good choice!

        In total for one combo starter, a childrens meal and dessert, 2 main courses, 2 desserts, 2 Fruit Shoots, 2 pints of Pepsi and a bottle of J20 Glitterberry (a shocking £1.99) we spent around £40.00. The quality of the food was good - not the best I have tasted but worth the price we paid. I paid in cash and received some money off coupons but they also accept card.

        ~Fun Factory~

        I have saved this part until last as it was my sons favourite part of the dining experience at Bellziehill Farm! Not only do they have an enclosed outdoor play area and offer party packages (a reasonable £7.99 per childing including a meal), they also have a multi-level play zone! Many parents chose to sit near the play zone to watch their older children but as the parent of a toddler, we took it in turns to stay with him to ensure no mishaps occured.

        The 'Fun Factory' is a huge area which costs £2.00 for a child to play in. Our son went in and out several times during our visit and he was glad that the food took so long as it meant he got to play for longer! There was a distinct smell of 'pee' when we arrived which wasn't pleasant and thankfully didn't carry on into the main restaurant. The 'Fun Factory' was like any other play area with enclosed slides, ball pits and swinging apparatus! My son used the toddler area which was small and got busy quickly as other children arrived for a party. He loved this and it certainly does offer something different to a simple activity book and colouring pencils.

        ~Conclusion and Recommendation~

        Whilst we wouldn't dine here often (due to lack of transportation), it was nice to dine here for something different and my son definitely enjoyed this restaurant more than any other he has ever been too! The food was good, service was good and the restaurant itself is pleasant. I can recommend dining here. It seems popular with families and business people alike. My fiance has even mentioned going back next week for brekkie as it looked and sounded so tasty!

        Overall 4 stars.

        Thanks for reading :)


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          27.09.2010 12:54



          We wont be back

          On a recent visit to the Brewers Fayre at the Ferry on walney island Barrow, I spent about £100 between meals and drinks, they then refused to give us a little side plate for my grandaughter who is 3 yrs old and eat practically nothing at all. They wanted us to purchase a carvery meal for her of which she would of eaten 2 potatoes at most. The manager was less than helpful saying if you go to Mcdonalds you dont get free food, we didnt want free food we were giving her some of ours. I think a little customer service training wouldnt go a miss in this establishment. Hence to say I will be taking my family and my buisness elsewhere in future. I then asked for the head office address and telephone number, the manager tried to give me a leaflet which i refused he then said he would be a minute, leaving me standing at the bar, and my meal going cold, he appearred after about 10 minutes with a scroll of illegible writing.


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          15.06.2010 18:56
          Very helpful




          When looking for somewhere to eat with a teenager and two younger kids in tow in the Falkirk area the Brewers Fayre restaurant seemed like an ideal choice. The restaurant is set in the less than idyllic setting of a motorway intersection with views over to Longannet powerstation but I knew from a visit many years ago that there was a play area to keep the younger kids amused. Family friendly restaurants are generally the last place I would choose to eat if I was with a group of adults but since the boys are prone to be a bit loud and hyper I knew I could take them to Brewers Fayre and didn't have to worry too much about them making a noise or their appalling table manners!

          Brewers Fayre is a chain of restaurants serving traditional pub grub in a family friendly environment. I had been to the Kincardine Way restaurant once many years before when my own daughter was small and while the food wasn't brilliant it was reasonable enough and the play area was good. Upon entering the restaurant it was like stepping into a time warp, the place was looking decidedly dated and shabby and in need of refurbishment. The room was a bit dark and gloomy despite it being a sunny day and all the lights being on.

          We were seated immediately near to the kids play area. The play area is pretty good, it is a bit shabby like the rest of the place but that didn't stop the kids enjoying it. There is a huge climbing structure at the back of the room housing slides, tunnels, slides and ball pits and is suitable for kids up to 10 years old. There is also a TV set with a VCR player and a bunch of films and an area set up for painting and other craft activities. The member of staff looking after the kids was really nice, she spent a bit of time talking to the kids and supplied a plaster and sympathy for a grazed elbow!

          You have to go to a counter and wait in a queue to order your food and either pay for it in advance or open a tab using a credit card. The choice on the menu is not great and the food seems a bit heavy with no salads available. The typical pub choices of shepherds pie, sausages, fish and chips, scampi, pies, chicken or curry were available with only two vegetarian options. There is a Sunday roast offer but we were told there was no turkey on the day we visited. Expect to pay around £7 to £10 for a main course. A kids meal costs £4.50 excluding a drink for two courses and has the usual burgers, nuggets, pasta or pizza served with chips and beans.

          There was a long wait for the food to come out and when it came it was far from impressive. The kids were happy with their choices of chicken nuggets and spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread but the adult meals were pretty awful. My fish and chips was overcooked, the thin fish fillet was lacking in taste and had a rubbery texture and the chips were too brown and the peas cold. My daughters chicken burger was fairly nice, a full chicken breast in a bun but it had the most pathetic salad garnish I have ever seen consisting of the outside slice of a tomato and a single piece of shredded lettuce and it was served with coleslaw that was so creamy it was inedible. I really did not enjoy my meal, it was probably one of the worst fish and chips I have ever been served.

          Once the main meals had been finished the kids were desperate to go and play again so I ordered the desserts. A small dessert is included for in the kids meal and adult puddings will cost around £4. One child chose ice cream and jelly and the other an ice cream sundae and they allowed you to order a small dessert from the kids menu for £1.50 so my daughter also had a sundae. After 25 minutes of waiting we went to the counter to enquire where our desserts were and shortly after they brought over one dessert which we had not ordered. We had to remind them what we had ordered and then they brought them out fairly quickly, unfortunately one of the sundaes came in a bowl with a big sharp chip on the rim so it had to be sent back and a new dessert brought in its place. You cant really go wrong with ice cream but I noticed that the jelly was from one of those ready prepared pots which has a really weird texture.

          The restaurant was surprisingly quiet for a Sunday lunchtime which is normally a peak time for dining but I've got a feeling the locals know this place is horrible so stay away. That peace was shattered when a birthday party came in. The kids in the play area at first but then the kids food was served in the main dining area and you could hear the kids singing and chatting and they played kiddy pop for them too which soon grates on the average adult's nerves.

          The service we received was lacklustre at best, the restaurant seemed to mainly be staffed by teenagers who only attended to customers when they were not comparing the size of their hangovers, needless to say we did not leave a large tip for the poor service we got!

          I would recommend that you avoid Kincardine Way Brewers Fayre. The restaurant has gone downhill since my last visit a few years ago and sells rubbish food which is served by hungover teenagers in a dark and dismal room. You can't really get much worse than that.

          General Info:

          Kincardine Way
          Bowtrees R'bout
          Houghs of Airth
          FK2 8PJ

          08701 977099


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            13.04.2010 10:57



            Big disappointment

            I have been to two Brewers Fayres and I wouldn't recommend them. Some of the food is well priced-although on both occassions the coleslaw has been disgusting and the peas were undercooked. My partner had a beef burger which was dry and looked completely unappetising, the salad on his plate looked like it had seen better days. I had a vegetable lasagne on the second occasion which was very nice, obviously with the exception of the dried out salad! I wouldn't recommend the cottage pie if you are wanting anything more than just a quick bite-at £5.99 for barely ten mouthfuls I would say that this was extremely overpriced. I have worked in the catering industry for many years and I found the service at Brewers Fayre very disappointing indead. Overstaffed but underworked, the staff were not concerned in the slightest that our six meals were being served at completely different intervals-having been ordered together. Our desserts came out two at a time, with the final two being delivered to our table half an hour after the rest. The staff weren't very apologetic in the slightest.


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            18.09.2009 20:40
            Very helpful



            Great place for a casual evening meal

            Me and my best friend try to spend an evening with one another once a week. Because we now both go to seperate uni's we spend a lot less time with one another so it is nice to make sure we dont drift apart. One thing we enjoy doing is going for a meal. We usually go to one of 3 places, Brewers Fayre, Wetherspoons or a pub in our local town. Our favourite has got to be Brewers Fayre due to the food and the atmosphere. Over time we have dined at a few of these restaurants so this review is concerning Brewers Fayre in general.

            When you arrive there is usually a large, free car park. We have visited on a few occasions where we have had to pay for parking but this is only usually when the restaurant is in the centre of town or next to a popular attraction, for example the one in Weymouth is next to the SeaLife centre which means you have to park in a council owned car park.

            When you enter the restaurant you can either go to the bar and order drinks or sit down first and look at the menu. Brewers Fayre is similar to a pub but the majority of people do go there to eat. However, it is possible to just have a few drinks there and none of the staff bug you to order food. We usually sit down first to look at the menu and then one of us goes to the bar to order. This is always a very straight forward process and the staff are always polite and helpful. They always do their best to tailor the meal to our needs. For example, my friend is alergic to cheese so we ask them not to include it in the dish and they ensure this request is carried out. They will also make substitutions such as beans instead of peas. You have the choice of paying then or after your meal. It is worth noting that you can use your Nectar card here too!

            *Waiting time and quality of food*
            The longest we have ever waited for our food is around 20 minutes. It always arrives piping hot and we both receive our meals at the same time instead of one of us waiting for the other. The waiting staff again are very polite and ask you if there is anything else you require (eg. sauces, additional cutlery) before leaving you to enjoy your meal. Around 10 minutes into your meal they do return to check everythings ok but they do not bug you throughout your meal.

            I always really enjoy my meal at Brewers Fayre and always feel full and satisfied afterwards. There is always food left on both mine and my friends plate. The food has good presentation and every dish I have ordered I have found really delicious, thinking about it is making me hungry!

            *Menu and Pricing*
            The menu is vast. I am a very picky eater but there are a fair few things on the Brewers Fayre menu that I often order so therefore I think there will be something for everyone! Here I will include a tiny selection from the menu to give you an idea of prices and selection.

            Breaded Camembert Bites £3.99
            Soup of the Day £2.75
            Prawn Cocktail £3.99
            Chicken Liver Pate £3.99

            Main Dishes:
            Beef Burger £6.50
            Chicken Burger £6.99
            Sirloin Steak £9.99
            Beef Lasange £6.99
            Cheese and Onion Pasty £4.99
            Chicken Tikka Masala £7.99
            Ham, Egg and Chips £4.99
            Smothered Chicken £7.99
            Breaded Wholetail Scampi £5.99
            All of the meals come with various additions such as chips or salad.
            A couple of these, and a number of other dishes are on a 2 meals for £9 deal (meals individually are usually priced at around £4.99).
            On Sundays, they offer roast dinners at around £7.99 each.

            Side Dishes:
            Battered Whole Onion Rings £1.50
            Chips £1.50
            Garlic Ciabatta £1.50
            Side Salad £1.99

            Chicken Curry £3.99
            Chicken Nuggets £3.99
            Create your own Pizza £3.99
            Double Beef Burger £3.99
            Macaroni Cheese £3.99

            Bread and Butter Pudding £3.50
            Chocolate Fudge Cake £3.50
            Fresh Fruit Salad £3.50
            Sticky Toffee Pudding £3.50

            Because Brewers Fayre is a bar aswell there are a huge selection of drinks including soft drinks, wine, beer and spirits. These are reasonably priced eg. a small glass of white wine costs around £2.00.

            As I mentioned, this is a really small selection of the food on offer at Brewers Fayre, to see the whole menu please visit www.brewersfayre.co.uk

            *My Opinion*
            I really enjoy Brewers Fayre and will continue to visit again and again, whatever the occasion. I think that the atmosphere is really nice, Brewers Fayre is never busy no matter what the time of day meaning I can feel relaxed and at ease. It also means more effort is put into customer service and cooking your meal.

            The food is of a really good quality and is very reasonably priced. Obviously its not the most upper class restaurant but it is a really good place to go with friends or family for a relaxed meal out. I would recommend Brewers Fayre to anyone because I think its a really nice place to go and think most people would enjoy it there.

            It is worth noting that Brewers Fayre are often next door to Premier Inn's if you are looking for somewhere to stay.

            If you are interested in visiting and dont know where your nearest restaurant is or want to view the menu, please visit www.brewersfayre.co.uk


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              07.09.2009 21:57
              Very helpful



              A great place to go for a tasty meal!

              On the last day of my holiday my fiancee said he would take me out for dinner and only wanting a cheap pub meal we decended on Brewers Fayre. Our local one being the Guild in Bromsgrove.

              When we arrived it was around 6:30pm there were a few people seated already eating but there was plenty of space and seats for use to choose from. Once we had found our seats we browsed over the menue that was situated on our table. On choosing our starter and mains my fiancee went and ordered at the bar, from this point our starter came after approximately 15 minutes! Before we had ordered a wqaiter came over to us to explain how Brewers Fayre's work: in ordering food at the bar. He also said that if there was anything we needed to just call him over and he would be happy to help!

              For our starter we had the combo to share which cost £6.99, it consists of nachos, garlic cibattas, garlic mushrooms, scampi, chicken goujons and wedges, with salsa, mayonaise and BBQ sauce dips. The portion is fairly large and at a push could feed three, but is more suited to two. Once we had finished our starter the waiter quickly cleared our table and after 5 minutes our mains had arrived. This was efficient service but it was almost too effcient as I would have perhaps prefered to have waited a little longer to have chance to let my starter go down!

              For mains my fiancee had smothered chicken (chicken covered in BBQ sauce, cheese and bacon, with chips), and I had half a chicken (chicken with BBQ sauce and chips). My fiancee's meal came with coleslaw which he does not like so on ordering asked if he could swap it for salad, which they did so. The smothered chicken cost £7.99 and the half a chicken cost £6.99. The portions were large and both of us left a few chips as we were too full! These meals were lovely in taste the BBQ sauce was tangy and a nice compliment to the chicken- I would definately choose these meals again!

              Whilst we were eating our meals the waiter asked if we needed anything and if everything was okay with our meal. Again once we had finished our mains he cleared our table promptly.

              We also had drinks with our meal, a larger shandy and a pint of pepsi, the pepsi seemed flat and did not have much of a taste too it, we explained this to the waiter who changed it for a fresh one without any hesitation. This has been the only problem I have experienced in all the times I have visited different Brewers Fayre restuarants.

              Brewers Fayre states that their aim is:
              'To serve our guests the nation's favourite pub food, at great value for money, in a family friendly environment.' This would seem to be the case as the restuarant has a comfortable atmosphere and the food is definately good value for money with great tastes!

              Another bonus about Brewers Fayre is that they are a part of the Nectar scheme. You can collect 2 points for every £1 you spend on handing over your Nectar card!!


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                27.07.2009 10:17
                Very helpful



                Nice food and beer

                My review is of the Brewers Fayre in general, but particularly about Home Farm - a pub near the Humber Bridge in Hull.

                The pub is located on the north bank of the Humber, just next to the impressive (if expensive) Humber Bridge, making it a great place to go if you're visiting the Bridge. The building is set-back from the road, in a leafy area making it an attractive place to go for a meal. If you're looking for somewhere to stay, there's also a handy hotel attached to the pub.

                During the week, main meals can be bought for the bargain price of 2 for £9, although this offer isn't available at the weekend - making Saturdays and Sundays a lot more expensive. There's the usual array of pub meals on offer including burgers, steaks, pies, scampi etc. I normally go for either the burger or the scampi - both of which are delicious!

                There's the usual beers on offer, including: Carling, Stella, John Smith's, Foster's and Beck's (my recommendation). The drinks are pretty expensive though at around £8.50 for 2 pints and 2 Cokes ("it's Pepsi is that alright?"). Service at the bar was pretty quick and they have a flatsceeen TV that has Sky Sports News keeping you up-to-date with the latest football news while you wait.

                Brewers Fayres are very nice restaurants and very easy on the wallet if you go in the week. They're perhaps not quite as nicely decorated as Beefeaters are, but they're still a great place to go for a decent family meal.

                Brewers Fayre also accept Nectar cards, so make sure you hand yours over to collect points when paying!


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                  17.07.2009 02:26
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Give it a try

                  Please Note: This review is on the Brewers Fayre in Nuthall, Notts

                  Brewers Fayre will be familiar to anyone who has visited either a TableTable or Beefeater restaurant before, as they are all of the same company. They are all pub restaurants and have their own unique style and settings. Brewers Fayre in Nuthall is easily accessible from Nottingham, Ilkeston and the surrounding areas. It is situated next to a nice posh looking housing estate and across from a Indian restaurant. This Brewers Fayre has a good sized car park and we got a nice welcome on arrival, after looking slightly lost due to the fact it being our first time here, or to any Brewers Fayre for that matter. We were allowed to sit wherever we liked, as you are in the other two previously mentioned restaurants, which is always nice. I found the menu to have a wider selection to what I am used to at other restaurants and it was very also good value for money.

                  Another positive about this chain of restaurants is that they accept nectar as well so you can collect points here on your food and drink.

                  I would highly recommend the lamb kebabs as a starter as they were absolutely delicious! I am sure to be going back there soon as there were so many dished I wanted to try and it has never took me so long to decide what I wanted!

                  My only complaint with the restaurant is that we had to order from the bar as the staff didn't seem to come near you even with our best efforts to get their attention.

                  *This is also posted on BView & Ciao*


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                    02.07.2009 22:08
                    1 Comment



                    Extremly reasonably priced!

                    I have been to a branch in Surrey, off the A217, a few times. Weekdays (or it maybe weekends as well, I've never been on a weekend so I'm not sure) before 6.30pm they do a special meal deal where some meals are 2 for £9 (I think). Or it's very cheap and the drinks aren't that cheap so for 4 people it is normally about £30. The portions are not bad but not great and the quality of the food is also reasonable. The chicken tikka meal is very greasy, you can literally see a load of grease on the poppodum which has obviously been microwaved, as has the naan. The burger meal is the best in my opinion, and part of the meal deal as well. You get coleslaw, onion rings as well as salad in the burger. If you want cheese and bacon you just pay a bit extra. The chips are delicious, they are proper fat chips, not skinny McDonalds ones. It is basically typical pub food. If you're a healthy person I think you're options are limited, however there are some salads and vegetarian options. Service is always good, staff say hello when you walk in. I've never been when it's busy, so dirty tables haven't been a problem, there's never been a shortage of available places to sit. All in all very reasonable for the price!


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                      23.05.2009 17:10



                      not a nice start to our holiday!!

                      i took 2 weeks for my holidays and in the second week me and my partner were jetting off to malta. so on the sunday night before we flown we thought it would be nice to start the holiday early and go for a drink and some tea we decided to go to brewers fayre in worsley.
                      on arrival we were told there would be a wait for food which was not a problem for us, so we decided to have a drink first. after about half an hours wait we were called through to our table. the place looked busy in the dinning area. we ordered our food at the till and it was the girl that served me was not polite at all and looked like she did not want to be there at all!
                      anyway i over looked this.
                      then when our starters arrived i was appalled it had half of the things it mentioned on the menu missing! it was a combo, we didnt say anything about this also we ordered another starter and it was cold.
                      when we had finished i was quite looking forward to my main as i no uyou cant go wrong with i plain steak, but ono they couldnt even cook it right i aked for 2 rare steaks we got 2 medium well steaks and the veg was awfull.
                      i have not yet been back to this brewers fayre and do not attend to!!


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                      02.03.2009 14:26
                      Very helpful



                      Excellent food and drink for a good price!

                      Ahh the weekends, gone far too quickly in my opinion. Last weekend my friends (6 of us) descended on the Brewers Fayre pub - The Chelmer Tavern in Chelmsford for a cheap eat and a drink before going back to my friends house to carry on drinking - a credit crunching night was had by all.

                      We entered the pub by the main doors and it was busy about 7pm on a Saturday night. Going to the left where the main dining area was there was a large table recently vacated - seems we had come just at the right moment. We sent the boys to find 2 chairs and a cloth to wipe the table and some menu's. A couple of us went to the bar to get drinks. On the table were 2 menus left by the previous occupants and some mess on the table. After we had arrived back and frantic waving to the (child) waiter - so we were at the table at least 10 minutes before the table was cleared and menus were given.

                      We chose what we wanted and the girls went to the bar to get the food sorted out. Most orders were burgers, including a black and blue burger - with blue cheese, chicken and guacamole burger and I had scampi and chips. All items were brought to our table relatively quickly, the waitress that brought them over was smiley and polite and checked if we needed anything else. Requests for extra ketchup were dealt with a smile which is nice to see. Everyone enjoyed their food, which averaged out about £7 per plate and included fries and salad. Drinks were inexpensive and a glass of white wine came in at under £3, this will vary on the location of the pub. This type of pub is similar to a Harvester and a Wetherspoon and is a great inexpensive place to go for food.

                      The bar was clean, nice interior including small fires within the dining area which made it more homely. The toilets were well stocked with hand wash & toilet roll and were clean and tidy.
                      The pub had a couple of fruit machines and the computerised pub games with several quizzes on it including 'Millionaire' and 'Monopoly'. Externally it is set in nice grounds albeit by a main road and had plenty of parking spaces. There was also an undercover area for smokers which was also heated and well liked by my smoking friends.
                      You can collect Nectar points here (2 for every £1 you spend), they have weekly offers and they are currently advertising on their website http://www.brewersfayre.co.uk/ for Mothers Day they are doing 2 courses for £9. Bargain!

                      The Brewers Fayre is a nice chain which serve really nice food and drink in a nice environment. Well worth a look! So except needing to clear the table quicker it was great!


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                        19.12.2008 17:31
                        Very helpful



                        Family restaurants.

                        Brewers Fayre is one of those chains of restaurants often found alongside a budget hotel, I think they are part of the Whitbread group as the one I visited had a Premier Inn next to it but I could be wrong. I was meeting friends from Birmingham and this one located just off Junction 1 of the M6 near Rugby was ideal for both groups.

                        Brewers Fayre do fairly basic food at a reasonable price and they do it pretty well, it is not the greatest dining experience but the food is of a consistant quality, the service is pretty good and dependant on when you visit the atmospere is ok. They are pub style restaurants although do be aware that mny have those Wacky Warehouse style play parks tacked on to them so if you go in the wrong dining area you will have noisy kids running around as they are aimed at fammilies and travelling reps.

                        There was certainly lots of choice on the menu and a specials board as well, the starters all looked a bit predictable, I opted for the chicken liver pate which was fairly basic and a bi bland. The main courses were a mixture of surf and turf style food with a few traditional dishes like fish and chips or lasagne. The only items more exotic were your standard balti or fajitasstyle so nothing too ground breaking, I had the moussaka which was quite nice actually and the boyfriend had smothered chicken which he said was ok, both were about £8. The others on our table mostly had sirloin steak which was about £13 and one opted for the salad which looked pretty good and was served with garlic chiabatta.

                        None of us bothered with dessert except for coffee, overall the food was adequate and reasonably priced and certainly it would be somewhere I would consider again for a meet up especially as there is plenty of parking and the sservice was pretty good although you do have to order from a central point the only waitress service is to bring your food and clear the table.


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                        11.11.2008 19:09
                        Very helpful



                        A good inexpensive meal in very pleasant surroundings

                        Our local Brewers Fayre offers some good affordable meal deals,and given that the nearest one to us is just ten minutes walk away it has become a favourite visiting place.
                        Brewers Fayre is a large chain of around 150 restaurants ,most of which have a Premier travel Inn onsite.
                        They welcome family dining ,so you will often see large family gatherings,from Grandma to baby..so if you prefer to eat without being surrounded by children then maybe go a little later to avoid family dining times.
                        There is a wide menu,much of which is good plain British Pub Food.
                        Of course much of the food is brought in ready prepared,but it is till tasty and well presented.
                        As well as seeing many families dining there,you see people popping in after work and like me..those who just dont want to be bothered to cook !
                        Casual dress is fine and favoured by most.
                        Our local Brewers Fayre is a modern building with a contemporary interior.

                        As you walk through the door ~~
                        As you walk in the double doors there is a distinct feeling of warmth and comfort,brown leather sofa`s and smart red upholstered chairs are gathered around the tables.
                        Of course there are many tables that have the traditional seating,and it looks clean and well cared for.
                        High chairs are always available.
                        A modern colour scheme, creams and browns,with rather swish co-ordinating carpets and curtains.
                        The condiments and napkins sit neatly on the table in stainless containers,along with the well presented menu`s.
                        Pleasant canvasses are placed here and there on the walls.
                        The whole feeling is one of ease and comfort,not a place where anyone stands out like a sore thumb !

                        Bill of Fayre ~~~
                        On Monday to Friday before 6.30 pm they have a special deal, 2 main meals for £9 the selection is based on good British Pub Grub..Beef and Ale Pie (my favourite ),Lasagne,Ham,Egg and Chips,A Vegetarian chilli and Battered fish and Scampi for those who dont eat meat.
                        A Caesar salad is there as a light option with a Chicken Tikka Masala and a Tomato Risotto for anyone who prefers something a bit spicier.
                        All served with chips and salad,or potatoes and vegetables or rice.

                        The Extra Value Menu ~~~
                        The Extra Value Menu has most of the above plus a few additions ,Thai Red King Prawn Curry, Spicy Enchilada ,Lamb Mousakka, Vegetable Mousakka ,Chicken Kiev and the traditional Roast Chicken Dinner.
                        All are served with fitting accompaniments.

                        Hot and Cold Snacks ~~~
                        Sandwiches and Baguettes are available for those who just want a snack ,Cheese, Prawn, Chicken, Tuna Mayo, Ham and a Chicken and Bacon Club sandwich.
                        But beware these `snacks` are huge !

                        Hot Baguettes which I can thoroughly recommend include BLT, BBQ Chicken, Sausage and Red Onion (very tasty !) and Sirloin Steak and Red Onion.

                        Wraps have recently been introduced to the menu..Cheese ,Bacon and Tomato, Tuna Mayonnaise and Seed Chicken Goujons.

                        Jacket potatoes have a variety of fillings..Chilli, Cheese, Cheese and Beans, Prawns, Chicken, Tuna and a new quorn Vegetarian Chilli.

                        A good range of Starters on offer.Soup, Mushroom Melt, Pate, Prawns, Cheese and Spinach Tart and a Combo Feast which is a huge platter of finger food,that 2 or 3 people can easily share.

                        The desserts mainly frozen but still so tempting !..Banoffee Waffle, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Clotted Cream Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue, Profiteroles, Fruit Salad, Sticky Toffee Pudding and the Ultimate sharing sundae..A Sundae that everyone can stick their spoon into !

                        The traditional Sunday roast is available every week. Two courses £9..three courses £11.

                        Children are well taken care of with Hotpots and Casseroles,Burgers and a good choice of Organic food.

                        Our Meal ~~~
                        We both had the Soup of the Day to start with,a chilly day so it warms you up, a good vegetable and pasta soup,served hot and it tasted good.

                        The tables are waited on so you just sit there and enjoy !
                        Because the restaurant is always busy the whole place runs like clockwork,and you move gently but unhurriedly from one course to the next.
                        The cutlery is well polished and the crockery is squeaky clean.

                        I chose the Beef and Ale Pie,with potatoes ,carrots and broccoli.
                        The pastry was golden and the food was presented very well,the vegetables were cooked Al Dente,one of my favourite ways.

                        My partner chose Ham,Egg and Chips,his looked scrummy !!
                        Two large slices of succulent ham with two sunny side up eggs on the top and a plateful of golden chips.
                        The waitress approached us twice to ask if we had everything that we needed.

                        After eating all of that we had no room left for any of the delicious looking desserts,so we just ended up having a coffee each.
                        The coffee came served with cream and a mint on the saucer.

                        We asked for our bill which in total came to £14.20p..the 2 meals for £9..plus the 2 soups and the 2 coffees.
                        We paid using Debit card but all the major cards are accepted.

                        The Bar ~~~
                        We had two drinks from the Bar...A pint of Carling Lager and a Vodka and coke..a bit more expensive at £5.16p for the two drinks.
                        The Bar is easily accessible and the Bar staff are pleasant and polite.
                        Wine is sold by the glass or the bottle and they have a suprisingly good wine list.

                        We have been there many times beforethough the food could be considered basic, it has appeal, its presented well ,in good clean surroundings.
                        Though a vast percentage of the food served goes from the freezer to the plate,it still tastes exceptionally good !
                        If you are looking for Gourmet food then this is not the place for you.
                        But for a standard tasty meal Brewers Fayre does well.
                        Polite and friendly staff,ample parking space.
                        Celebrations can be catered for there..and the toilet facilities are spotless !!
                        We both enjoyed our meal and will be keeping an eye out for the future meal deals that come along .


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