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Chicago Rock Cafe (Coventry)

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Address: Croft Rd / Coventry / CV1 3AZ / West Midlands / England

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2008 20:45
      Very helpful



      I'm not into it really at weekends but great for a bite to eat!

      One things I enjoy doing with my friends is eating out and we do it loads. We like nice places where it's reasonable to eat and have a cocktail or three and we desire nice surroundings as well. We don't want harassment it's just a girlie night out in Coventry.

      Now me and my friend Kerrie like to go to a particular restaurant and in the week it gives two for the price of one meal deal but when a mate of ours called and asked where we were and could she come it meant going to our favourite restaurant was out the window unless she willing to pay £15.00 just for herself. We were left in Coventry town centre thinking ok whats the alternative? My friend mentioned the sky-dome complex where there are lots of bars that do food so we trundled up there. So this was the first time I ate here and I've now eaten here quite a few times (including last night!).

      So firstly let me tell you that there are Chicago's dotted all round the UK and if you didn't know they are a chain pubs/bars. In Coventry we have one and in it's in our city centre in a complex called the Sky-dome. In this complex we have a sports bar, an ice rink, Old Orleans (bar and restaurant), Jumping Jaks, Montgomery's (another pub) the Odeon and 2 nightclubs that are linked and an ice skating rink. Nearby we have an oldy worldy street full of pubs, an Indian restaurant (posh, see my review on Tumeric Gold) and kebab style fast food places. There is a massive car-park and buses nearby and a taxi rank. Our town centre isn't that large so all the pubs in the town are accessible on foot and up the road (again on foot) is a Chinese buffet restaurant and a late night bar/club called Carey's (perfect for the 30's and above age range). About £3.00 in a cab away you have Earlsdon as well which have plenty of bars and clubs so this really is a good location for a night out and plenty of places to choose from.

      Chicago's itself....

      The Bar....

      Large rather nice looking bar. Not overly posh or trendy but it is always impeccably clean. As you approach the bar it's dark oak and stands in the first part of the room as a stand alone bar you can walk around with tv screens all over. It's very impressively stocked and of course this place does have an extensive list of cocktails as this is an evening place! Don't expect bar staff to go throwing drinks around though this isn't that type of place lol A cocktail will set you back about £7.00 a throw, all very nice of course and never on offer worst luck! They stock a good range of beers but again not old ales and stuff like that its quite modern in it's a approach and all drinks are served in plastic alternatives to glasses. Champagne and teas coffees of also available. Do watch out though for price changes at certain times of the day!

      The Seating....

      All around the outside of the bar is the seating. In ours we have 7 large booth's to sit in with big wooden tables. A kind of sofa goes all around the table so you get big crowds in there and then to the front of the building there are soft leather seats and tables really suited to sitting and drinking rather than eating at. Then there is a small dance floor with a dj booth situated close by and another bar which is rather small. I have been here at weekends and it does get rammed but still you can always make space to boogie. Up a step and down the ramp are the loos and the kitchen area where you can see the chef preparing food and then to the side there is a disabled loo which is always open and anyone can use if need be and then there are a few tables and seats specifically to eat at.

      The Food....

      Served between 12pm - 10pm (including weekends) Lots of different deals and I've now eaten the majority of delicacies! lol Firstly I must mention the Fajita party me and my friend first tried. Available any day there are a few different fajitas to try from, chicken, prawn and steak. Two people have to order it and it's £10.00 each including drink (Wine, red, rose, or white, beer or j20). Oh my god were we amazed by the amount of food that came out was enough for 6 people! Fajitas and loads of them (4 each), salsa, cream, guacamole and cheese and salsa (each had separate tray of the stuff). Then out came the shocker, chicken wings, ribs, dough balls, potato skins, onion rings, ribs, stuffed mushrooms we were blown away. the food was hot, fresh and really tasty and worth every penny though we didn't eat it all! Our friend had the vegetarian burger meal with chips and a beer for £5.95 and her portion was massive as well and she thoroughly enjoyed it and commented on what excellent value she thought it was! She could have upgraded her meal and paid £7.95 and had a pudding off the menu as well such as chocolate fudge cake or sticky toffee pudding and ice cream/cream or something. On a Thursday it's curry day. All the other stuff on the menu is still available but there are a selection of curries on offer all served with basmati rice, nan, poppadoms and mango chutney and a drink (white, rose, red, beer or j20) for £5.95. I myself haven't tried this but I've heard it's very good but it isn't authentic tasting just warmed up jobs. On a Sunday there is a Sunday roast of the day on offer priced at £5.95 also with one of the above drinks thrown in or £7.95 with dessert. I've heard this isn't great but haven't tried it.

      What is nice is that if you have a party of 3 on deals such as these you normally lose out. We thought we'd all have to have one deal or another to make the savings but although my friend had a meal deal cheaper than ours she still got it cos it was a meal deal sort of thing. With the £5.95 deal there is a list on the menu of things to choose from (must of course be a minimum of 2 people picking off the list) and you have fish and chips, burgers, salads and the other day me and a friend went and we both had warm
      chicken and bacon pasta and oh my word was it lovely, £5.95 (each) and we both had a bottle of becks with it!

      if you don't want meal deals that's fine as well there are plenty of choices on the menu, such as a few vegetarian dishes which in the main tend to be salads but for us meat eaters lots of steaks and chicken dishes and I think there are a few kids meals as kids are allowed in to eat. Not a massive choice of desserts but the food is so nice, filling and loads of it that you really shouldn't need a dessert. Few side dishes and things to share etc make this a nice menu and of course teas, coffees and hot chocolate are available.

      The only drawback is eating late at weekends. My friend and I went last night at around 8.30pm and we felt watched by staff and they were pinching our plates while we were still eating which really annoyed me. They are gearing up for the night time rush. Do be aware if you want to eat at weekends that it may tricky to get a table. Me and my friend sat at the wooden seating area for our meal and if we had wanted to we could have
      stayed sat there all night and do realise this place gets busy and that it gets loud.

      The Service....


      Very laid back and friendly. If the bar isn't busy which it really isn't in the day the staff will come take your order and you end up with a tab. If it's busy then you pay as you go type of thing. Me and my friends like the staff in here and as we leave they always say see you
      next time and we have a giggle with them. They aren't so hot on cleaning the tables (unless it's weekends) but then in a way that is nice as you don't feel rushed and we always grab a booth so we not bothered bout the plates (unless it weekend) It's very laid back.

      The Clientele...

      Well this is where its all gets confusing! Day times it is very much a mix of all ages. Casual dress, groups of girls in the main having a bite to eat and families. This isn't a down and outs pub so you don't get smelly red nosed people in hanging around the bar all day! Perfectly nice to go and take the family.

      At night times however this place gets maxed out. Watch for little mini skirts and chavs in the main. It's loud and leery mainly due the fact that weekends it's open till 3am (different times in the week). Depending on what night you go on and what time you can pay as much as £5.00 to enter some weeknights let alone weekends. It an get very loud in there and very bustling, expect queues to the toilets etc. Door policy is tight, lots of security watching over everyone and bouncers near the dance floor but all in very a unintimidating way. You can get outside for a cigarette at weekends but you have to gt your hand stamped and if you ask bar staff they do have a selection of umbrellas to borrow. There is little seating out the front of the bar but no real designated area for smokers.

      Do I Like It Here?

      Yep. Love it for tasty food and find it very pleasant weekdays/nights. Not my scene for night time I find it too busy and the place gets so hot and at some times the staff have to wear earplugs so that to me shows how noisy it gets. I find it too young and to expensive at weekends to party here. As an example before 9pm lots of alcopops are £1.90 bottle. Get one after that time and they are £3.60 and no offers on drink and weekends so to me I resent paying more for the same thing. It's worth asking the staff questions so you don't get ripped off.

      This is now a regular haunt for me and if your sensible works out a cheaper alternative so thumbs up from me!


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