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Churchill Arms (London)

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119 Kensington Church Street / London / W8 7LN / Tel: 020 7727 4242.

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    1 Review
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      28.09.2006 11:57
      Very helpful



      Excellent for a cheap and cheerful meal!

      Ahh.....another week, another review, I know how much you have all missed me, so I thought you've all been deprived of my boo-tiful reviews for two months, and you are clearly all having withdrawal symptoms, so I have decided to put you all out of your wretched misery write you three reviews about one night...yes three reviews on Tazzywazzy's Tuesday night!

      ....You lucky sods are gonna get three boo-tiful masterful reviews to read!!! How lucky are you?! I bet you are all wetting yourselves with excitement - I know I am!

      ~Tuesday 17:00 hours (mood setting male bull bits, not really that important to the review, so feel free to skip over it)~

      Woohoo! Working day is over, I have to go meet boyfie over in Soho, so I decided to walk from work (for those of you who have not been paying attention, I work in Blackfriars) to meet him. So off I trot, crossing Blackfriars Bridge and Go(ing) West(!) along the river & then heading north via Trafalgar Square. For any of you heading along the river (North Side - innit!) look out for two Banksy (or a very good Banksy impersonator) stencils, which made me smile.

      Anyway, got to Leicester Square and realised that there was some sort of film premier going, which was ok, cus I got to perv on some cute policemen, managed to navigate round them without falling over my tongue, then got accosted by one of those long haired tabard sporting hippies that want me to donate a small amount of money every month to their char-idy, eventually managed to persuade said hippy that I was not going to part with any dolla due to the fact that I don't have any money and made it into China Town to buy some chopsticks....

      ~Tuesday 19:00 hours (the review finally starts - well almost)~

      Meet up with boyfie in Claire's Accessories (boyfie's hair is getting a bit long and he needs an alice band to keep it in check - for anyone that is interested there is a BOGOF deal on alice & headband) in The Trocodero, and then go up the long escalator, which I think means that we can play a video game...but oh no! Boyfie has found the stairs to go down so no video games for me.

      Enough babble....walk over to Oxford Circus to meet friend and get tube to head over to Nottinghill Gate (via Central line), 8 mins later we are standing outside Nottinghill gate Tube station (North Side) staring at a Tramp waiting for another friend....

      Finally we are all gathered and we head off to la pub The Churchill Arms to be precise, I have no idea what to expect as none of us have ever been there before and we are just going on an inter-ma-web search Tom (the mate we met at Oxford Circus) had done earlier on in the day, but apparently we can get some good food at a reasonable price.

      So we arrive at la pub and it is packed, we try and make our way through the pub to the dining room, as it is clear we are not going to get a seat in the bar, oddly enough as we are passing waiting staff I notice they are not speaking english, but I understand every word they are saying, and the food doesn't smell english, it smalls damn good, but also very familiar, can't quite put my finger on it....hmmm very odd indeed

      ...ahhh the penny drops, all the staff are Thai and so is the food, ohh the reviews Tom read must have been blinding, he would never take me to a Thai restaurant if he wasn't sure it was good (my momma owns a thai restaurant, which I should really review), actually come to think of it Tom never takes us to any pony restaurants.

      The restaurant seems ram-a-jammed (yes it is a word and I want to see you all using it!) and so does the bar area, even my best Thai can not secure us a table, but we are told that if we can find a table in the bar we can still have food! So we go and try and find a table, we find a couple of girls sitting in the corner avec empty glasses and hover for a bit, but they seem engrossed in conversation (how rude, do they not know the pub etiquette, if you aren't drinking and just nattering, get the duck out of my seat so I can sit down & eat!), anyway, Tom is getting a bit cranky due to his immense hunger (I am sure the boy has worms, he is supa skinny and eats like a horse) so Harry decides to try and commandeer the table with his irresistible charms!

      ~The Arms of Churchill himself~

      Ok, we have finally found ourselves a mini table and we are all squished round it, but we don't care, we have found a table, we can now get fodder! Whilst waiting I have already spied what I want to eat (see all women aren't indesisive) and the boys are deiciding on their choice....

      The menu is basic Thai food, there are some curry dishes (including the famous green curry and duck curry) that come served with white rice, two fried rice dishes, and a range of noodle based dishes, everything seems really traditional and there is none of this made up foreign "thai" muck on the menu, so already I am quite impressed, and the fact that everyone who is sat at a table has a plate of food in front of them, it must be a sign....but what kind of sign? hmmm.....

      The boys decide what they wanted and sent me off to order, back in the dining area. When you order and are sitting at the bar you have to pay upon ordering. Our order was three green chicken curries and a prawn fried rice which came to 24 squids...am impressed already.

      Each dish on the menu is about 6 squids, and the menu is designed so that you order western style (choose the dish you want and that's all you get), normally thai cuisine is designed to be shared, so for example if there were four of us, we would have ordered four dishes and some rice to share. Don't get me wrong this is not a bad thing.

      Anyway the food arrives and the portions are gi-huge-mus, and the food was brilliant. I probably only managed to eat about a third of my huge plate of fried rice, but the boys ensured that the rice did not go to waste. The prawns were a very decent size and tasted extreamly fresh, to be honest I would have paid 6 squids for a lot less rice it was that good. The boys all enjoyed their green curries which were served with an extreamly generous portion of white rice which was steamed to perfection (and tasted really good with some fish sauce and chillis, which you will need to request if you want it - but it is at no extra cost).

      When the very non-thai Irish gov'na came along to collect the plates he was very pleased with the lack of washing up that needed to be done, our plates were almost licked clean, I think the boys would have tried to lick the plates clean if they could have gotten away with it!

      The bar itself is really nice and atmospheric, even for a Tuesday night it was ram-a-jammed (used it again!) and had a really nice buzz about it, there were plenty of what appeared to be regulars sitting at the bar, London Pride in hand.

      The bar and pub itself really does remind me of a proper pub, no fashionable-ness about it, just what you see is what you get - an Irish pub with Thai staff and food! The walls are adorned with all sorts of memorabilia, from what I could tell they were extremely enthusiastic about their curling!

      Toilets - run of the mill pub toilets, well lit, clean & pleanty of toilet roll

      ~Tuesday 21:00 hours~

      We all left the pub extremely pleased with our meal and this new pub we had discovered, if we are ever in the area and want some absolutely delicious, non-pretentious food and a good atmosphere we will definitely be pushing the crowds out of the way to get to a table. As we left I noticed that there were actually people spilling onto the streets, which I really did not expect for a Tuesday night, so there are clearly others that think this place is great too! If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend that you give it a go!

      ~Shameless plugging~

      Look out for the rest of my evening 21:15 hours =>

      Thanks for reading guys


      *also on the "other" site*


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