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  • Many better clubs in Dublin
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    1 Review
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      28.07.2001 11:57



      • "Many better clubs in Dublin"

      It seems as if Club M has been around for many years now, and it gets shabbier as each one passes. Back in the bad old days, when Dublin only had around four decent nightclubs, Club M, which is located in the city's tourist-saturated Temple Bar district, was seen as one of the places to be seen. How times change! Nowadays, Club M is a place that most discerning Dubliners avoid like the plague. Decorated in a tacky style reminiscent of the most frightening of suburban nightclubs, Club M embraces typical club rig-outs in only the tackiest manner. Dry-ice machines, laser shows, multi-media extravaganzas, you’ll find it all here and will feel like you’ve been transported away from Dublin and into some dodgy Tenerife cattle market. At the weekend, only the most spine-chillingly awful pop gets an airing in here, from Steps to Robbie Williams, S-Club 7 to Atomic Kitten. Of course, if that’s your scene, your luck is in!! Perhaps I’m being a little harsh here, as there are also House and Techno nights, but even these seem very light and geared towards people who have no real interest in music. There is, however, one big advantage to Club M: A lot of people seem to be in there on the pull. If you feel an urge in your loins, there are few better places to be. As for the quality of the crowd? Well, in all honesty, there are a few lookers, and after a few drinks and a bop to Robbie Williams, your luck could be in (Whether you’re male or female). In fairness, what Club M does, it does very well, but in Dublin's new boom town most clubs are now operating in a different league entirely, making Club M a relic which may soon be consigned to the history books.


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