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Crooked Billet Inn (Leeds)

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Location: 61 Thwaite Gate, Leeds LS10 1DY / Tel: 0113 271 7841

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2011 14:46
      Very helpful



      see review x

      This is a pub that I have gone into for years, although I don't go there as much as I used to but I still pop in from time to time.

      Where its based

      61 Thwaite Gate
      Leeds LS10 1DY

      Tel: 0113 271 7841

      This is close to quite a few of the local places, Mcdonalds, Morrisons and also a few other pubs.

      On walking into the pub

      When you walk into the pub you are first greeted with two doors, the left hand side door leads to the pool room, where they have a pool table and a dart board. I don't see that many people use this room on a night time, but more through the day. They do also have a small section of the bar in here so you don't have to go through to the other room.

      The door on the right leads into the main entertainment area. On walking through this door you first find the bar, opposite the bar is a small seating area, which will hold up to around 10 people, normally though this seating is already taken up by Paul who is the landlord and his mates.

      On leaving the bar area you go down a single step to a few more seats which seats which are a bit out of the way if you like to watch the entertainment. I always sit round the corner where the entertainment is on. Then there is another door at the back of the pub where there is the outside seating area, for the smokers and when its a nice day. There is quite a few seats out here so always plenty of room to sit.

      The entertainment

      They do only have entertainment on in here on a Friday and Saturday night, they used to also have it on a Sunday if it was a bank holiday the next day but they stopped it as they never got enough people in.

      Each Friday and Saturday is basically the same they have the Karaoke on both nights and both run by the same person Mark. Mark does the job well, he must do as he has done it for at least the 7 years I have been going in there for.

      Each weekend does depend on how your night goes, some weeks it will be really quiet and other weeks it will be really quiet, but Mark always tries to make the most of it. He always tries to make everyone feel welcome, and I have come to think of him as a friend also over the years. I think if Mark was not so nice and friendly I may have stopped going in there years ago. As on a quiet night, without knowing people in there it can be pretty boring.

      The meals

      I have only been in once for a meal as a treat on a Sunday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised. They have a wide range of food available including a Sunday dinner. I opted for a steak pit meal, which came with chips and peas, and only cost £5.95p. This is the price for most of their meals on the menu. The portions of food were really good, and I could not finish my full meal, as there was just too much for me to eat, so it was well worth the money. We did have to wait about 25 minutes for our food to be served, but it was worth the wait when it came. Also the pub does get pretty busy in the afternoons, so you would expect to have a bit of a wait.

      The staff
      Well seen as I have been going in there for years I know all the staff by name, and talk to them quite regular. Apart from the woman who does cook the food as that seems to be the only time she works.

      Pat: Pat is the landlady of the pub, and you will see her quite regularly behind the bar on a Friday and Saturday night, she is always nice and friendly and will always strike up a conversation with you, and make you feel welcome in her pub.

      Paul: He is the landlord, not I have never seen him behind the bar yet, he always seems to be on the other side of it having drinks with his mates, although I have spoke to him, and he is a nice bloke, although maybe he should be at the other side of the bar more often loll.

      Nikki: She is one of the barmaids, she serves you fast and also has a laugh with you, she is the main one that will always be first to serve you, and she is always nice and friendly.

      Carol: Unless you go in through the day you won't see carol behind the bar, but she will always be in the pub, you can usually find her sat with Mark the DJ as they are really good friends. Carol is lovely and always nice and polite, well has been to me and that's when she is not working loll.

      Overall I would say all the staff in there are nice and they always try to maintain a good customer service.


      Well these are a little higher than the other pubs around this area, a lot more expensive than the penny hill up the road. But I don't mind paying that bit extra and I don't think it's too over priced, although my boyfriend will disagree. For a pint of cider its £3 and for a pint of lager its £3.10p, they also do shots for £1.50 these can vary on what shots they have available.


      Well I have never yet been in the gents so can only comment on the ladies loll. There are 3 available toilets, which can be a pain for queuing if the pub is busy, but it does usually seem enough. They are always kept clean, and usually have plenty of toilet roll in them. They have big mirrors in too for those who like to touch up there make up.

      Suitable for disabled

      Well I would say sort of loll, but its hard work. On the entrance they have a step, so you have to go round the back through the smoking area. Yes maybe not too much trouble until you have to go through the double doors. The doors are pretty heavy to open, so unless she is in an electric wheelchair you will struggle to open the doors and push her through, although someone will usually come to help. As for disabled toilets they have got some so I am told but they are well hidden loll, so to know where these are you have to ask a member of staff.

      Ever any trouble

      Well any pub you go into has some sort of trouble at one point. You always get your trouble causers, but this is always dealt with pretty quickly and the trouble causers removed and you would never see them in there again. So there is not often much trouble.

      Why you may like it

      * If you like to sing on Karaoke
      * Nice peaceful pub
      * Friendly staff
      * Clean
      * Good food

      Why you may not like it

      * If you don't like Karaoke
      * Prefer busy pubs
      * Prefer cheaper pubs

      My overall opinion

      I do like this pub myself and used to go in every weekend until I discovered a love of going to see live bands, so now I do only go in if there are no live bands on anywhere. Also at one point although not as bad now, the pub used to smell really bad of the sewers in that area, but that does seem to have cleared up.

      I would prefer this if maybe they did a karaoke one night then a disco the night after, as you know each week you are going to have two nights of the same thing. Saying that I do think this is a great little pub, and it seems to be ok now every so often. But the staff are great all the regulars are great in there too. I have met a lot of nice people and now friends in the pub.

      Maybe they could lower there prices a little to be in competition with the other local pubs, then I do think they will get more people coming in. As to if I will keep going back the answer is yes, as I like it myself but this pub may not be for everyone, which is why I am undecided on recommending it, as when you have read the review you can make up your own mind.


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