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Engine Hotel Pub (Leeds)

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Moor Road / Hunslet / Leeds LS10 2JJ / Tel: 0113 277 7566

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2011 16:44
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Where its based

      Moor road

      On walking into the pub

      Well I have not been in here for years, until yesterday, and I got a shock, the pub has changed so much, it has all been refurbished and it looks great. I would say posh even for our area loll. To walk in you have a few steps to go up to get through the main door. When you get through the doors there is quite a large area of flooring or standing space if you prefer, then right in front of you is the bar straight ahead.

      The bar is quite large and actually goes right round the pub, with quite a few bar staff on. There is plenty of seating area, all round the outside and in the middle of the pub, the seating does look pretty posh and very comfortable, although I never actually sat on the seats as I went outside to the beer garden. At the back of the pub is the entrance to the beer garden which is also pretty large with plenty of grass space and a good few pub benches out there also.

      The staff

      Well the staff did seem good and polite although they never chatted much to any customers because they were just so busy, you were guaranteed a long wait whenever you went to the bar although they did have four staff serving at all times, the queue just never seem to go down, but they did their best to serve people as fast as they could. Although I did get frustrated once or twice as there were people coming into the queue after me and getting served before me.

      Also when I went to order some food there was no sign to say you had to go to a specific till, so I queued ages only to be told that I had to go to another till, well I was not happy so I told her so, as I did tell her she asked the lady on the other till to serve me next as I had waited for so long, to which she did so I was soon happy loll.

      I can not fault the staff though they did try their best on a very busy day and they did always remain polite throughout.

      The prices

      For a pint it cost £2.80 which considering some pubs in Hunslet and this place looking pretty posh I was pretty impressed at the prices, although as they had things happening outside they also sold bottled beer outside for £2 a bottle to which I ended up doing as there was never no queue out there loll.


      Well as I was in there so early I knew I needed something to eat, so I ordered a hot dog for myself and a chip butty for my boyfriend. The hot dog was slightly disappointing. It was not a hot dog sausage but 2 small normal sausages and fried onions that were very barely fried, this cost me £2 and I felt a little cheated, there was also no sauces offered which I felt made it pretty tasteless.

      The chip butty was the same no sauce or salt offered and the chips were more like wedges, the food did taste ok but not the best I have tasted and would have been even better if we had an option of it with sauce as it made the food pretty tasteless, but I did eat it as I was that hungry loll.


      Well as I said I don't go into this pub often although I live pretty close to it, but we went down to see a band that were playing outside. The band were great and I have seen them before which is the only reason I went down, the band were great and the music was played loud enough for all to hear. The band stayed on for 3 and a half hours with little breaks inbetween. As for any other night I am not sure.


      In looking for the toilets they are behind these curtains and they look very posh from the outside and look just as posh inside, the toilets were very clean and well stocked up with toilet roll, although one did run out by the end of the after noon but with house buy the pub was that is no surprise. There was 4 cubicles and I was shocked that I never had to queue for the toilet. I think these are the cleanest toilets I have ever been to in a pub in our area loll.

      Suitable for wheelchairs

      Not at all, you have steps to get into the main door, and even to get into the beer garden you have a little step, then steps up to the pub again and also there are no disabled toilets so I would never recommend taking a wheelchair user into here.

      Why you may like it

      * Like a good band
      * Cheap prices
      * Good atmosphere
      * Clean
      * Massive beer garden

      Why you may not like it

      * Long service times
      * No wheelchair access

      My overall opinion

      I had a brilliant afternoon when I went here, obviously I can not say what it's like the rest of the time, but the atmosphere was great and so was the band playing. It is probably one of the poshest looking pubs and it has a nice family feel to it through the day, you can take kids in there and they have a large beer garden to run around although you do have to keep a close eye on them as the beer garden gate is always open and it is near a road.

      I would go in there again but maybe not for their food but I would for the beer and the entertainment, I had a right afternoon and even though it was slightly cold outside where the band was playing, it was still great fun. It would have been a bit better with maybe more staff on but normally you would think four staff would be enough, but for the amount of people who were there it was not.


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