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Fayre & Square Nickelodeon (Wolverhampton, West Midlands)

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Address: Bentley Bridge Way / Wednesfield /Wolverhampton WV11 1BP / West Midlands

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2012 12:55
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      Luscious Lasagne!

      Nickelodeon is a Fayre and Squire pub located in Wednesbury, Wolverhampton at the far end of the Bentley Bridge Retail Park estate near the Cineworld cinema. I have visited here a number of times in recent years with my friends as we used to be regulars at the nearby cinema so this was a good place to come for a drink or spot of food before the cinema.

      The Nickelodeon has a large car park which as far as I can see, is shared with the rest of the retail park, I have never seen any signs to tell me otherwise. I usually chose to park closer to the cinema end as I didn't like having to walk too far to my car afterwards but even on a Friday or Saturday evening I didn't have trouble finding a space to park and especially near the pub there always seems to be plenty of room.

      Our Experiences
      I started visiting Nickelodeon back in 2006 and not a lot has changed since then and quite honestly it hasn't needed to. Inside Nickelodeon there is a large open area in front of the bar and seating areas around the edge of the room. The seating areas are a mixture of raised and entrance level, but never more than 2 steps high. There is a largish area to the left of the bar which is more of a restaurant than the rest of the pub although there are no signs to specifically state this. The floor is carpeted and from my memory it is nice and bright, on my most recent visit I noticed that they now have an area of the floor near the entrance which is tiled instead, I thought it looked quite nice and fitted nicely with the pubs already quite bright interior. The decor in the pub is nice and bright with wall lights illuminating various pictures hung on the walls. The pictures seem to be mainly of the local area in days gone by. I like these kinds of pictures in pubs as I always find it interesting to see photos of the past.

      When we visited here for a quick drink before the cinema I was almost always driving so Coke was the order of the day for me. It used to set me back around £2 for a small glass and never tasted watered down. Nickelodeon offers a huge range of drinks covering almost everything from the usual beers and wines right through to teas and coffees of many verities.

      The staff in Nickelodeon are usually friendly and polite, there has been the odd occasion where they have seemed a little flustered or uninterested but as this is very rare in comparison to the number of times I have visited Nickelodeon I will let it go!

      Luscious Lasagne... and Other Food
      Nickelodeon offers a very nice food menu which I have eaten from quite a few times. Admittedly I have only ever had one dish from here, lasagne because it is so nice, but the other food items do look rather temping too and I have been assured by my friends that both the burgers and curries are as tasty as my lasagne.

      To order food you will need to find a table, it can be anywhere in the pub or the beer garden and place your order at the bar. You will need to give them your table number when you order and your food will be brought to you when it is ready. In the past there has been one occasion where we were told the wait for food would be around 25 minutes but in reality it was closer to an hour, when we complained about this we were given a free drink each and a discount voucher for 20% off our next meal.

      My favourite dish here is the Lasagne. It is served on a normal sized dinner plate with a couple of slices of garlic bread and a small side salad. The lasagne has always been cooked really nice and due to the temperature I often enjoy eating the garlic bread first so that I can dip it in the lasagne sauce. The pasta sheets in the lasagne are always lovely and soft and the sauce is full of mouth-watering flavour. I have never had any issues with the food being over or under cooked and it is always nice and hot. My favourite thing about the lasagne here is that it contains no mushrooms! Simply pasta, beef and the sauce with possibly a few veggies mixed in. The lasagne is covered by the 2 meals for £10 which the Nickelodeon has always offered since way back in 2006 when I first dined here.

      The other food items include everything from the traditional pub meals like pies and chips through to curries, Sunday roasts and low calorie specials. They also have many vegetarian options available too. They often have meal deals on such as the 2 for £10 but even if a meal isn't covered by one of the deals I think the prices are pretty reasonable at around the £7 mark. This is more expensive than other pubs I have visited but I find the quality of the meals here to be top notch and worth the little bit extra.

      Canal Side Beer Garden
      During the summer months if and when we have had any sun I have often enjoyed sitting outside Nickelodeon in the canal side beer garden and on many occasions I have sat here with my dog Izzie after we have enjoyed a nice walk along the canal which passes behind the retail park and the pub. The beer garden is made up of picnic tables and benches with a couple of ordinary tables as well. On a sunny day the canal provides a nice view to relax with and there is a small, well looked after, children's play area here too.

      Nickelodeon's toilets are quite large and the ladies toilets contain 3 decent sized cubicles along with one slightly smaller and more awkward one. I have always found the toilets here to be clean... even sparkly at times. The sink area in particular is well kept and 9 times out of 10 it is spotless. Paper towels and hand dryers are available.

      With regards to wheelchairs and pushchairs Nickelodeon is great, the entrance is level with the car park area and other than the odd raised seating area most areas of the pub are on one level. The beer garden can be accessed via a small ramp and all areas seem to have plenty of room to move around.

      Anything Else?
      The pub is open daily from 11am until 11pm Monday to Saturday and 12 noon until 10:30pm on a Sunday. Food is served from 12 noon until 10pm, or 9pm on a Sunday.

      The pub offers free Wi-fi connection and there are plenty of signs around to remind you of this.

      If you are interested in visiting here or any of the Fayre and Squire pubs, then you might want to take advantage of the offer they currently have on their website by signing up for their emails and receiving £5 off your bill. I have done this in preparation for my next visit home in a couple of weeks.


      Overall I would highly recommend Nickelodeon. It is a nice pub to simply pop in for a quick drink before the cinema and much nicer than hanging around in the cinema reception area. The food here is fantastic and the beer garden is great to sit outdoors when the weather allows.

      Thanks for reading :)


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