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Foxglove Innkeeperslodge (Kirkburton, Huddersfield)

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3 Reviews

A Traditional Country Pub in the Historic Village of Kirkburton. Address: 36a Penistone Road / Kirkburton / Huddersfield / HD8 0PQ Tel: 01484 602101

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    3 Reviews
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      02.09.2012 21:13



      Huge potential. 5 stars if the food was right

      The Foxglove in Kirkburton is a true 3 in 1 venue. Whether you are wanting a quiet drink, a 3-course meal or a room for the night for either business or pleasure, your needs here are catered for.

      THE BUILDING/AMBIENCE is, without doubt, absolutely lovely. The interior is divided into lots of individual booths located within different areas of the pub, offering a high degree of privacy, perfect for a quiet drink or relaxing meal after a busy day. The cosy ambience is enhanced by the presence of 2 open fires surrounded by logs used to burn on the fires. The decoration is lovely with lots of olde worlde beams and wall features giving a lovely, relaxing feel to the place. Outside, on a sunny day there is ample space with many tables and benches set sporadically within a large garden served by staff so you can enjoy the weather while being waited on. To the front there is a large, free car park.

      The LOCATION is a very convenient one, whatever your needs. The building is set back from the main road running from Huddersfield towards Sheffield and the motorway is just ten minutes away. Also ten minutes away in the other direction are many rural areas with lovely woodland walks, parks and quaint country pubs.

      The FOOD here I believe is the main downfall. The Foxglove used to be my number one choice for a meal, quality and a really enjoyable meal was always guaranteed. However, I have visited several times within the last few months (I will not be put off by one bad experience) but each time I have been disappointed with my meal in some way. For example, I ordered a 'Hunter's Chicken' and found the chicken raw inside, one time my whole parties food was stone cold, and another time we waited for approx one hour for our meal to arrive. After this my children wanted a bowl of ice cream. I was reluctant to order this considering the amount of time we had already waited but thought to myself ' how long can it take to put some ice cream in a bowl??' That was a bad decision as tweny minutes later we were still waiting. The place wasn't even busy!
      The choice of foof available though is good. Whether you want a quick snack, a three course meal, or something in-between, you will not have a problem.

      The STAFF, on a brighter note, are a delight. Always friendly, helpful, courteous and never fail to give a sunny greeting; they genuinely seem to enjy their jobs.

      The ROOMS, if you ever need one are very pleasant. My family stayed in one recently which I had a look at. They are of a generous size, comfy beds and modern amenities you may require are available such as coffee making facilities, TV, towels, extra bed linen etc. Oh, and the trusty bible of course!
      All in all, highly recommended, just be careful you allow yourself enough time if you go in for a meal


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      11.05.2011 14:07



      lovely frontage ,room just meant to sleep in.clean but the beams were a put off.DID`NT KNOW WHEN CLEANER WOULD BE COMING IN SO WE WERE A BIT ON PINS IN THE MORNIG,WINDOW TO HIGH TO SEE OUT OFF.we were there to visit friends near by so did not matter to much.The resturant down stairs was very good.Food and service was excellent.THE WAITER JAMES NEVER STOOD STILL WAS FRIENDLY BUT NOT PUSHY AN ASSET TO THE FOXGLOVE.AND NOTHING WAS FORGOTTON OR TOO MUCH TROUBLE,HE SHOULD GO FAR.** for the room ***** for the foodoff the scale stars for JAMES


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      30.06.2010 10:57
      Very helpful



      I would not recommend staying here unless you are a vampire then you will be safe from the sunlight!

      Before I begin I have noticed that for some reason Dooyoo have place this Innkeepers in Scotland, which is completely wrong as it is near Huddersfield and the proper address is;

      36a Penistone Road
      HD8 0PQ

      While visiting our grandson in the Midlands recently, we decided to drive up north a bit further and visit our other son at Uni. he is studying at Huddersfield University and lives at their University village at Storthes Hall just outside of town in the middle of nowhere. Just 10 minutes walk away is a village called Kirkburton which has the most picturesque pub and lodge or so we thought!.

      We have been past this several times when visiting and it looks so charming that we always said we would stop there one day. So now this was nearing the end of my sons first year and he would be moving out to his own digs we decided to go and stop here. Being part of the Vintage Inn group ( which I haven't heard of before), but still an Innkeepers we booked 2 nights there, as I have said in a previous review the Innkeepers in Bromsgrove is really lovely with really friendly staff.

      So as we pulled up I was really excited as I have wanted to stop here for ages, I rushed into the bar and waited to get my key. The lodges here are different as they are not attached to the pub itself and are a very short walk around the back. You can park your car close so that was no problem. Jumping out of the car and dashing inside, I found out that we were on the first floor. I was pleased with that as I don't really like being on the bottom floor, so I dashed up the stairs.

      On opening the door to the room it struck me as being very unusual, with it being built into the roof and having the beams sloping down either side of the room. I didn't realise that all the lights were on and thought that it looked quaint!. The window was high up in the wall and was really quite small, you couldn't see out even on tip toe ( and I'm 5f 8in!).

      So going back down to get our cases I felt quite pleased and excited about our different room. Once inside and unpacked I had to duck down under the beam to sit on the bed, it started to dawn on me just how tiny this room really was and it was so hot in there. So I decided to turn off all 6 lights ( as it was only 4 0'clock in the afternoon and a lovely sunny day!) and then we were sitting in the dark, there was a huge tree right outside the window that blocked any light coming in. To tired to repack we decided to get a good nights sleep as the trip had been quite tiring, as it had taken us several hours to get here just from the Midlands.

      Next morning we went down for the continental breakfast, that we had previously enjoyed in other Innkeepers, well I wouldn't say that I'm a picky person, but I could not have any breakfast cereal as all the cereal bowls had bits in them and was not at all clean. There was no plates for toast so I had to ask for some ( there was only 1 other person in the eating area so it wasn't packed or rushed of their feet!). Finding a clean cup for our coffee was another challenge and as for the fruit juice the glasses looked all dull and cloudy, compared to our other stop where the glasses just shone.

      We were asked if everything was ok and we did mention that we were not happy with the darkness of the room, which was met with "I'll have a look later would you like a newspaper!". This was the manager!.

      That afternoon my son came down to see us and as soon as he entered the room he said " Bloody hell whats this a cave!" So I wasn't just wrong for thinking that it was so dark.

      Next morning we went down for breakfast again ( I stuck with the yoghurt as the bowls were the same!) and noticed that a dirty paper napkin that was screwed up on the back of one of the seats was still there from the day before. Which confirmed to me their standard of cleanliness was pretty low.

      The pub itself is a chocolate box picture postcard scene and looks wonderful with the rolling hills in the background, but even that went wrong for us, as we decided to keep out of the room and make the most of the sunshine and enjoy our trip ( after all we were only sleeping in the room so it wasn't worth letting that ruin our stay!) so we decided to sit in their large gardens. With a glass of wine in my hand ( which by the way was really ovepriced!)! I wandered out into the gardens to choose somewhere to sit when suddenly the whiff of stinking drains came wafting over!. So we had to walk all the way round to the front of the pub to get away from the stink!!!.

      I was determined to try and like this place, but it just seemed to go downhill the longer we were there. On the day of leaving ( you have until midday to leave) I decided to take our case down to the car and pack it in early so that the room was clear, this was about 10 o'clock. I returned to the room and my husband was sitting on the small rather uncomfortable chair provided and watching the news on the tv, so I ducked again for the last time and sat on the bed and the next thing you know the cleaner comes wandering in with her hoover to start cleaning the room, no knock or anything!( could have been an embarrassing moment!).

      So as you may have gathered I was not impressed with this place at all. We looked in most of the other rooms ( 23 in total) which were much the same small, dark, double bed, small chair, decent tv at least, not a particularly clean bathroom, hanging space for your clothes.

      So don't be taken in by the outside of this really pretty pub, it does a good passing trade for food ( which is really expensive), but I personally would not eat here after having staying here for the breakfast.

      We paid £39.90 per night in an offer, as this is usually £54.00 per night including breakfast. This pub dates back to 1864 ( I think I saw some of the original dust there!) and used to be known as the Railway Junction Inn, due to plans to build a railway extension from Barnsley to a junction with the London and Northwest Railway. In the 1930's it was known as "The Three Owls" and in 2000 it became The Foxglove as it is known today.

      So would I recommend this lodge, well I'm afraid it's a big NO!!

      I will give it 1 Dooyoo star for how it looks on the outside ( not including the smell!)


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