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International Bar (Dublin)

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23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2.Tel: +353-(0)1-677-9250

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2002 20:05
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      My first visit to the international bar was chance, Dublin has so many pubs and choosing one out of all of them is tough. In the end on the way back to the hotel from dinner in the trocadero ( great ) we dived into the international bar. The bar itself is small crowded and full of very old furniture. The interessting thing though were the people. The first person I spoke to was a man - 50 odd - wearing a neoprene vest (wetsuit) with a feminie haircut, (a bob) undoubtably a man he went by the name of Beverly, we got talking -it's difficult not to in Dublin - after complementing him on his unusal atire I managed to palm him off to my freind, they then started discussing the merits of various hair conditioners and colourings etc.. Behind Berverly was another guy - a builder semmed normal enough until he started talking about his carrer with MI6... expecting any minute to be told by this man that he's also been abducted by aliens I took a seat near the window ant a table full of people I'd never met before - this is Dublin After about half an hour a large block of illegal substance started making it's way round the table - people breaking off various sizes as it rotated I decided to go and rescue my freind who had moved from "Beverly" to "Cosmic bob" My friend was at the table behind us she was being meditated over by a hippie looking person, "cosmic Bob" he was actually trying to teach her to roll ciggerettes except rather than teach her by demonstation was trying to telepahtically transfer his knowledge to her. As I sat and watched I noticed to more people in the corner, very nice they turned out to be aswell if you could ignore the fact that they both looked like they were either about to go to jail, had just got out of jail or were about to be arrested for something they were very good fun. After the cosmic session to my right had been conclu
      ded with a rather negative result - she still can't roll ciggerettes we decided that is was time to leave. We were only in the international bar for about two hours, but it was the single most bizare evening of my life.. every time we go back to Dublin it's our first stop, every time we have a good night, and every time some thing weird happens. So if you do go - Saturday is best - be prepared for a bizare experience, talk to as many people as you can have fun


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