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Lindisfarne Inn (Berwick Upon Tweed)

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2 Reviews

Beal, Berwick-Upon-Tweed,TD15 2PD. Tel:01289 381 223

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    2 Reviews
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      10.10.2013 16:37
      Very helpful



      Well Worth a visit if passing through the area

      We went on holiday and stayed in the holiday cottages up the lane opposite the Lindisfarne Inn and we stayed there last year so we knew this place did really nice meals. After unpacking we rang up and booked a table for 9 Adults and a baby they said they would have the table ready for 8 as requested after people had got changed we realised we would be ready early so we rang back up at 7 and asked if any chance we could move the time forward ad they informed us that the table is ready now for whenever we would like to go.

      When we got there we walked in and said we had a table booked and they took us to a large table in a private small room so was perfect especially as my 5month old baby was asleep and if she woke up and got upset she would disturb other people.
      We all decided what we wanted then you go to the bar and put your food and drinks orders in the staff were all friendly and welcoming.
      Every member of the family was happy with their meals so much so we went gain a few days later for tea. We tried to book in again the Friday night before leaving but sadly they were booked up for large parties. (Week off diet I was a little relieved)
      If you happen to be in the area I would highly recommend this as a place to eat and it's a gorgeous area to stay. They provide big meals so well worth value for money
      Below is the menu and some of the meals we ordered Thanks for reading 
      Starters & Prices
      Soup of the day £5.25
      Homemade chicken Liver pate £5.95
      Lemon & Garlic King prawn £6.95
      Garlic Mushrooms £4.95
      Gilled Goats Cheese £6.95
      Mushroom & Stilton £6.25
      Potato Skins £4.45 or share for £6.95
      Antipasto £8.95
      Loaded Nachos £7.95

      Main Courses & Prices
      Steak and Ale Pie £10.95
      Fish & Chips £10.95
      Gammon Steak £10.50
      Sesame King Prawns £14.95
      Sea Bass £12.95
      Roast Chicken with Apple and Stilton £12.95
      Chicken Tikka £12.95
      Sirloin Steak £15.95
      Whole tail Scampi £10.95
      Pesto Chicken Linguine £11.95
      Lindisfarne Angus Burger £11.95
      Salmon with Lemon and Herb Sauce £12.95
      Sautéed Haddock £12.95
      Braised Minted Lamb Chops
      Vegetarian options
      Tomato and Basil Linguine Pasta £7.95
      Coriander & Chick Pea Burger £8.95
      Mushroom Tikka £8.95
      Roasted Vegetable Tart £7.95

      Goats Cheese Salad £7.95
      Warm Poached Salmon Salad £9.95
      Ham Salad with Pineapple Salsa £8.95

      Sides and sauces
      Chips £2.25
      Onion Rings £2.25
      Side Salad £2.45
      Seasonal Vegetables £2.25
      Buttered Potatoes £2.15
      Peppercorn Sauce £2.75
      Blue Cheese Sauce £2.75
      Dianne Sauce £2.75
      Naan Bread £2.35
      Garlic Bread £2.00
      Bread Roll & Butter £1.45

      Sticky Toffee Pudding £5.95
      Crumble and Custard "£5.95
      Cheesecake and Cream £5.95
      Chocolate Fudge Cake £5.50
      Sticky Toffee Supreme £5.95
      Ultimate Chocolate £5.95
      Ultimate sharing Sundae £9.95
      They also offer a variety of flavoured ice creams to have 1-3 scoops of and can mix the flavours we had were
      Cookies and Cream
      Horlicks and Malteesers
      Chocolate Flake
      Orange and Cointreau
      Carmel Crème

      Gammon - Large thick slice with plenty of chips served with pineapple salsa which had just the right amount of sweetness.

      Sea Bass - Sea Bass was lovely however his Grandma did not like new potatoes it came with so ordered a side of chips. Few days later when we went back she ordered the same meal again but asked for chips instead of new potatoes however as served under sea bass she said they became slightly soggy.

      The Lindisfarne Inn Angus Burger - This was a large thick burger served on a seeded topped bun this also came with a decent size portion of chips.
      The burger was topped with stilton, bacon and caramelised onion however if you did not want these I'm sure you could ask for a plain burger

      Braised Minted Lamb Chops - My brother in law had these as he was looking at this all week and after having the gammon, steak he thought he would give them a go.
      They were lamb medallions that had been braised in minted gravy. This was served with steamed vegetables and new potatoes.

      Fish&Chips - whale of a fish, crispy batter and fresh tasting fish chunky chips and homemade tartar sauce that made it extra special served with garden peas as didn't give option of mushy peas

      Steak & chips - Second night visiting I was tempted to order fish and chips again as I was very impressed however decided to go with steak.
      Decent size steak that I asked for medium well done and it came perfect with just slight tint of pink. Chunky chips and served with a grilled tomato grilled mushrooms garden peas and coleslaw

      Scampi & Chips - My partner had this as he also was impressed with fish and chips but wanted to try something different so opted for this however he was disappointed compared to the fish.

      To see The Full website and offers and accommodation here is the site


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      26.11.2009 22:00
      Very helpful



      A place that leave you in good spirits & happy that you have been fed & watered & been to the loo.

      I was on the way to Dundee to see my little boy for the first time and was travelling with my mum in her Red Ford Fiesta. For some reason maybe because the Sat Nav my mum has does not have certain new roads and other such things since she bought it.

      My mum has not uploaded any new maps it took us on a longer journey even though we had a route planner that my brother had printed off. With journey time and stopping off time it was going to take us about 7 hours to get to our destination and we set off about 9:00am so around about half way we decided that with it being lunch time we would stop off somewhere go to the toilet and have some food and drink.

      Both me and my mum did spot a services but for some reason we did not realise it was one at the time so we waited for the next place that looked suitable to stop at and it happened to be the Lindisfarne Inn in Berwick Upon Tweed. Now I have never been to Berwick Upon Tweed but have heard of it and sounded a nice place, from the outside the pub/inn looked quite inviting and there was a sign outside stating that there was accomodation if you so desired but we just wanted to relieve ourselved and be fed and watered.

      Me and my mum walked into The Lindisfarne Inn and made our way towards the bar area and there was a manager type person at a table and he looked to be doing some figures and he asked us if we wanted food and drink and we said yes we did so he said somebody would be with us shortly and not two minutes later a waitress took us over to the resteraunt area and showed us to a table.

      The waitress asked us if we would like any drinks and I had a Pint Of Fosters and my mum had a Bitter Lemon and I ordered these at the bar and this was put on a tab which was helpful . The waitress then gave us some menu`s and then told us that once we were ready to order our food to come to the food ordering area which was to the left of the bar.

      I chose to order the one of the Lindisfarne Inn Specials which was a Lindisfarne Inn Stack Burger as when I go to a pub or resteraunt I like to try the house meals and my mum liked the sound of that too and so she ordered the same and so I ordered two Stack Burgers and then trundled off to the toilet. Once I had finished there I went back to the table I was sat at with my mum and we talked and drank our drinks and waited for our food to arrive.

      It came in quite a reasonable time as the pub/inn was not that busy and the resteraunt area was not that busy but filled up a bit later on. Our Stack Burgers arrived and I do love a good burger and this looked to fit the bill it had a decent sized burger cheese bacon and onion ring I think it was and then there was a salad garnish chips and some coleslaw in a pot.

      I was pretty hungry so not too fast but fast enough ate my meal and then my mum said she could not finish all her burger so not wanting to waste it I ate that too as I had enjoyed what I had but sometimes you can regret having that extra bit but that did not happen for me. Once I had finished that took a little time to chat to my mum again and take a breather. Once I had done this I asked my mum if she would like a dessert and straight away she shook her head but I was more indulgent and with three and a half more hours to travel hopefully this would keep us both going.

      There was a chalk board on the side with a Desserts List and I looked through and about half way down there was something that caught my eye and it was a funny sounding dessert called Lumpy Bumpy and I had visions in my head of what it would be like and I returned to the Food Ordering Area and ordered my dessert with the waiter who worked there this time.

      I went and sat down with my mum again and then about 5 minutes later the waiter brought over my Lumpy Bumpy Dessert and it looked nothing like I imagined but the presentation was nice and it tasted great and I could easily of had another slice but then that really would have been greedy. Once I had finished that me and my mum finished our drinks and then I nipped to the loo while mum went back to the car and then once I had done that we were on our way again.

      I have to say I was really impressed with The Lindisfarne Inn it had a nice homely feel was a good size the staff were friendly the food and drink were great and the facilities were top notch and if you are in that neck of the woods pop in I am sure you will not be dissapointed and if the Sat Nav navigates us to that area again me and my mum will be sure to pop in again.

      The official website for The Lindisfarne Inn is below so you can find out exactly what I am talking about in my review and get further information for about what they have to offer and what is going on at this lovely pub/inn :-


      Hope you enjoyed this review and thanks as always for reading.

      Rob :)


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