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Millsy's Cafe Bar (Coventry)

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Address: 20 Earlsdon Street / Earlsdon / Coventry / West Midlands / CV5 6EG / England

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2008 18:08
      Very helpful



      A lovely place for a cilvilised chat and bite to eat, lovely place!

      Millsy's is a classy bar for the rich beautiful people of Earlsdon. Well that is at least what my Mum's ex bf used to say lol Ok.... maybe not beautiful people, shall we call them shabby chic and boho 20 somethings but in the main Rich? Well I'll come on to why I say that later on! So a Sunday afternoon and my friend wants out and so she drags me (not kicking and screaming of course) to this place. No, I like nice, modern classy joints me. I'm not into dog-holes of pubs with regulars and sticky carpets but I do tend to like bars opposed to pubs and I don't mind paying a little bit more for somewhere I know I'm safe and that its clean and pleasing on the eyes. This has now become a firm favourite of mine and is up for a local award called the Godiva award granted on votes from the people of Coventry and I'm sure it will be in the top three though it does have some pretty stiff competition from other local bars in Earsldon without a doubt.

      The Address of the bar....

      Millsy's Cafe Bar
      20 Earlsdon Street
      Cv5 - 6EG

      Now this bar is not in Coventry city centre and being a couple of miles away (as least) it's best accessed by a bus for £1.30 (one way) or a cab for around the £6.00 mark. Once your in the area though you have everything you need and although just a main road it has other very nice bars, a Wetherspoons (cheap and popular), a couple of Indians, a nice Italian, shops and cash points. If not drinking there is parking but it's a case of you must look as there are no car parks in the area to the best of my knowledge and you have to be prepared to hunt for a space and pounce.

      The Gallery restaurant is situated upstairs but for the purpose of this review I'm only reviewing this establishment.

      Opening Hours....

      Monday - Thursday and Sunday 9.00-11.00pm
      Friday - Saturday 9.00am-1.00am

      Breakfast is served daily.
      Monday - Saturday 9.00am -12noon
      Sunday 10.30am - 12.00 noon

      Lunch is served daily.
      Monday to Saturday only 12 Noon - 2.45 pm

      Monday - Saturday 3.00pm- 6.45pm

      No Lunch or Tapas is served on Sundays.

      The Bar....

      So much to say I don't know where to start. You access the bar through the side door which usually has smart security on, all very smart and very polite and not at all rowdy or bolshy. This creates a nice feeling when you go in and when your leaving. Now it's up a couple of stairs up in to the bar but this place is incredibly wheelchair friendly. There is like a lift kind of thing and the bar is situated over two levels and again there is a lift to get about easily (like one you push a chair on rather than one anyone can get into).

      The place is visually very stunning. Cream walls, black and white photographs on the walls light wooden floors lots of windows with bamboo blinds. As you walk in huge dark bar and a few kind of open sections with dark chairs and high tables, really quite posh.

      At the bottom area (down a few steps) are leather seats around the edges of the room with dark tables and puffs to sit on. For me the most impressive thing in this place is the lighting. Great big amber coloured steal lights that are like great big balls and they fall from the ceiling and I point them out to my friend who tells me to shut up about them but I tell you they're just so lovely! There is something very decadent about this gaff! To the front of the building is a small fenced off garden which can be seen from the road so it isn't private but that's not an issue. This bit was put there for the smokers and it has a few nice bistro tables and brollies and heating (which doesn't appear to ever work). Bit of a a drawback, this. Now although they have provided outside an smoking area it really isn't big enough to swing a cat and if you consider how many smokers a place can attract your getting jammed out there. Bit of a problem cos its not that friendly of a place and people don't really chat and you keep to your company kind of thing.

      So the drinks....

      Expensive. Alot of smart staff dressed in black, not friendly but not horrible. They work hard as hell and keep the place very clean and tidy at all times. 2 cokes will set you back about £3.50. The drinks list is rather extensive with a lovely collection of glasses to boot. Men in here are to be found sipping expensive cognac's and martini's rather than a pint but of course the bar does sell beer but its not that popular here. Neither are alcopops and I haven't actually seen any any at all come to think of it. This bar has a fine collection of malts, wines and champagnes and that's what the crowd this bar wants.


      Depends on when you go. Weekend nights are for the posh totty and hot men. No one over 40 and labels aplenty. Yes it pretentious and you need some money to spend for sure. Free (usually) to get in it's smart wear only. Young 20 somethings flashing the cash and mainly guys called Rupert and Harriet are in lol Music is on in some description but it's not loud and in your face. This isn't really a massive pulling place it's kind of civilised. Week nights seem to be more for groups of gfs and the odd older couples. Again think smart and not people usually on a big bender. In the day times it's a mix. Work people from the area, buisness men, people cheating on their partners (believe me, me and my mate sit and scrutinise who's doing what lol). Evenings in the week tend to be fairly busy with passing trade and although smart people there isn't a particular age group. Sundays is a real mix of clientele and my favourite time to go. Entertainment from around 6pm till late is put on in the way of singers and these are absolutely brilliant. A couple of weeks ago I saw a lady singing called Suzie Woods who not only wowed the guys appearance wise but wow could she belt out some tunes! Sounded like Amy Winehouse it was mind blowing and I got goose bumps! Think quality entertainment rather than a knees up, these guys are after recording contracts and the likes with their own original material etc.

      The facilities....

      To the back of the bar there are huge doors and that's where the toilets are. Male, female and of course disabled. White and cream these loo's are very classy and large. Clean with mirrors they're a pleasure to use and have decent lighting.


      A nice bar to go and watch some time pass by. You need some cash to spend and this isn't anywhere your going to get hassle cos the staff here wouldn't approve.

      Although I haven't tried the food in here and I can't find a menu a lady who I know goes there tells me the breakfasts are gorgeous and reasonably priced (if interested do call the bar to find out more details).

      It's safe here and clean but if going weekends get in early or no seats are spare! Recommended from me, just dress nice and don't forget to use a designer handbag (ladies only of course lol).


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