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Missing Bar (Birmingham)

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Address: 48 Bromsgrove Street / Birmingham B5 6NU

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2012 07:47
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      Let's go Missing!

      Missing Bar is located in the centre of Birmingham. Before my move away from Birmingham I became a bit of a regular visitor to the pubs in the area as my older brother works near there so I thought this was a good excuse for going out a lot!

      Missing Bar is located on the corner of Hurst Street and Bromsgrove Street in Birmingham city centre and is one of the many pubs in Birmingham's gay village.

      From the main shopping areas and the central train station (New Street) in Birmingham it takes around 10 minutes to walk here.

      If you come by car there are plenty of places to park, although I recommend avoiding the 'Arcadian' car park which is the nearest one to Missing Bar as you may end up paying over £10 depending on the length of your stay. There is a car park further along Bromsgrove Street where you can pay £2.50 for a 24 hour ticket.

      Entrance to Missing Bar is completely free, however on the very rare occasion they might hold a charity night where you will need to pay no more than a pound for entrance. Your hand will then be stamped and you can go in and out as you please.

      Inside Missing Bar
      The entrance to Missing Bar is the small door directly on the corner of the street, chances are that you will be asked for ID by the bouncers, they are quite hot on asking for ID here and if you don't have it they simply wont let you in. I am 29 and I still get asked for ID. As you enter the pub you will see the bar area in the centre of the pub with a few bar stools and chairs around it. to the left of where you are now standing you will see a good sized dancefloor and stage area and to the right of you, you will see some nice soft leather seats and low tables. At the end of the bar there is one of quite a few gambling machines flashing away at you trying to make you spend you pennies.

      As the bar is centrally located it is possible to walk around the entire bar and come back to where you started. I like this feature as it means I have an alternative route if one side is busier than the other.

      Towards the back of the pub are the toilets, the men's and disabled toilets are downstairs and to get to the ladies you need to walk up two flights of stairs, this isn't too bad though as us ladies get the larger and cleaner toilets than the guys and the stairs aren't too steep either.

      Smoking Area
      Missing Bar does have an area for smoking. This is quite small and is located on the street outside the pub. To get to the smoking area you can either go through the side doors which are near the entrance or you can go out to the entrance and simply stand on the street. The smoking area has a few tables and chairs, these are usually a combination of plastic and aluminium and all of the tables have ashtrays in addition to the ashtrays mounted to the walls.

      I find the smoking area is nice to sit outside in the summer and doubles as a mini beer garden, however on a Friday or Saturday evening this area often becomes overcrowded and unless you are smoking then I would advise you to simply avoid going outside.

      The entertainment in Missing varies quite a lot. Some evenings you can walk into Missing and feel like you have just walked into the smallest club in the city as they have resident DJ's who will often be playing a mix of dance and house music on a Friday or Saturday night. While I do really like these and think that they play some great music I hate that because of this the pub gets very full and it can be very hard to reach the bar. I have often joked that I cannot get drunk on a trip to Missing as it takes so long to reach the bar that I have sobered up by the time I am there!

      Other nights you will find yourself being entertained by one of quite a drag queens who, are rather funny and certainly not as rude or insulting as the ones in some of the other bars in the area. I'm not really a fan of drag acts and often try to avoid them, but I have to admit I do enjoy popping in for a game of Bingo with the drag queens in Missing! They make fun of the customers but in a nice way rather than insulting and if you are lucky enough to win at Bingo you will find yourself with drinks vouchers for free drinks. Not bad for a game of Bingo which is free to enter!

      Like most bars in the area Missing does have the occasional karaoke nights, which as always, are very entertaining and always seem to make me think that maybe I do have some singing talent after all!

      The prices in Missing are pretty much the same as other bars in the same area. A pint will set you back around £3 and a drink with mixers is around £3 for a single and £3.50 for a double. Soft drinks like Coke or lemonade are around £2 and Red Bull is considerably more and isn't always Red Bull but another energy drink along the same kind of lines. These prices are based on my most recent visit to Missing in May 2012.

      I have been going to Missing for more years than I can remember now and over the years the bar staff have changed quite often, nevertheless I have always found the bar staff to be really friendly and happy to serve you, they are quick and efficient with pouring your drinks and if they are not too busy they will happily take time to chat to you which I find is great if I am meeting friends and I am the first one to arrive, it certainly makes me feel less of a Billy-No-Mates!

      The toilets in Missing deserve 5 stars simply for the huge improvement they have made since I first started going here! They used to be dirty with wet floors and bits of toilet tissue everywhere. The toilets seemed to be constantly blocked and the sinks were just as disgusting! However, in recent years the bar has undergone a few refurbishments, one of these saw the ladies toilets move upstairs, which some might say isn't exactly the most convenient location, but there are more toilets and they are much cleaner and better looked after than the previous ones. During my recent visits the floors have been dry and clean and the toilet paper has been in the holders rather than all over the floor. The sinks always have soap and overall I am really impressed with the improvements which have been made.

      I have never been in the men's toilets which are located downstairs, however they do have a bit of a dodgy smell of stale urine coming from them so I could imagine what they are like, but I would rather not!

      Overall I would recommend Missing in Birmingham. I do enjoy occasional nights out here when I am in Birmingham, however these days I tend to treat the pub as more of a pre-drinks bar before a night out clubbing! The staff here are great and very welcoming and on some nights you can often enjoy the pleasure of eye-candy dancing on the corners of the bar, both female and some very tanned and muscly males, so something for everyone!

      Thanks for reading :)


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