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Monkey Puzzle (Farnborough)

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Address: 101 Ively Road, Cove, GU14 0LE

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    1 Review
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      01.11.2011 11:25
      Very helpful



      The Monkey Puzzle!

      ***MONKEY PUZZLE***
      I have been to this pub a few times and have been very pleased every time I have been here. The pub is part of Brewers Fayre who is well known for a large amount of pubs across the UK. This particular pub is quite large and has seating in the pub area but also had a large seating area for parties in the restaurant area. This area has different sized tables and is suitable for people of all ages and is more suited for younger children as well, rather than sitting near the bar in the pub. If you choose to sit in the restaurant part of the pub away from the bar you will have a member of staff assigned to you who will take your drink orders and collect them and bring them to your table. If you choose to sit in the bar area, you will need to go to the bar to get your own drinks and to also order your food. The pub looks quite modern and is well kept and always looks very clean and tidy. There is access for disabled users and for customer with buggies and push-chairs. They have a large outside area, which includes a large play area for children and lots of seating and tables which is lovely in the summer. Quite often in the summer they have a bouncy castle for the children and they often have small parties here as well. You can still order food if you decide to sit outside, and staff will bring out the food as soon as it's ready. The outside area always looks nice and is kept free of litter and other rubbish.

      The Monkey Puzzle is located next to a large Premier Inn, in Farnborough. You can go to their website and look up directions on how to get to the pub from specific places. (www.brewersfayre.co.uk) simply look up the restaurant you wish to visit and it will give you more information about the pub and how to get there.

      ***DRINKS MENU***
      They do a large selection of different wine's which can be purchased by the glass or by the bottle. They also do a large selection of Beers including Foster's and Becks. They do sell shots and other spirits as well as a small range of Alco-pops. Their Soft drinks include J20, Fizzy Drinks, Juices and a selection of different waters. They also do hot drinks including Caffe Latte, Coffee's and Hot Chocolate.

      ***FOOD MENU***
      They have a quite a large menu with a number of different items to suit all tastes. They have some beautiful starters here and some lovely main meals and some delicious desserts and sweets. They have a small selection of fish and some lovely Grilled food such as Steaks and Ribs. I am a huge fan of their chicken dishes and always often go for one of these or a burger. You will always get something to accompany your main meal depending on what you choose, most of the time this tends to be Chips, Garlic Bread or Salad. They have a small range of meal options for vegetarians and a range of salad's and healthier options such as jacket potato and pasta's. They do have a separate menu for kids as well which includes Pasta, Pizza and meat dishes. Their deserts include ice cream, pies and chocolate sundae's, they also have cheesecake as well. On the menu you may see some symbols next to some of the dishes, some of these symbols indicate how hot the dishes are from mild to hot and if the product contains small bones etc. These symbols are really useful when deciding what to eat.

      ***THE FOOD TASTE***
      I have eaten here any different times so have tried lots of different things on the menu. This includes their Camembert bites as a starter which is just delicious and cooked to perfection. As you cut into the bread-crumb bits the cheese melts out and oozes onto your plate. I particularly like their Smothered chicken which comes with cheese and barbeque sauce along with chips, coleslaw and garlic bread. Some of their meals are quite large and can be very filling so it's best to read what you get and decide how hungry you actually are before eating. I have never had a problem here with under-cooked or over-cooked food. They always have my chosen selection in stock and is cooked quickly and always served within a reasonable time.

      Staff in here are always well presented and are friendly and more then happy to help. I have sat both in the restaurant and the pub before and both times staff were quick to serve us and bring out food. The pub is always well staffed, and the empty plates or glasses are never left for too long before they are cleared away by a member of staff. There was one time when I was in here and they were short-staffed, how-ever the staff seemed to keep calm and serve everyone as soon as they could and apologies for any delays there may have been when ordering or receiving their food/drinks.

      ***BUFFET MENU***
      They have a buffet menu in here, which is brilliant value for money. Me and my boyfriend are a huge fan of their buffet nights and often go here weekly to take advantage of this great offer. Their Buffet night's start from 5pm and it's all you can eat for just £5.99 each. The following food is served on different week-nights.

      * Monday - Chinese Night
      * Tuesday - Curry
      * Wednesday - Mexican
      * Friday - Chip Shop
      * Sunday - Roast (2 courses for just £9, which starts from 12 noon).

      On their buffet nights there is a large selection of different food and flavours to choose from. This sometimes gets quite busy, how-ever there is always plenty of food and I often find myself going back 2-3 times to get more food. Each week they change something on the menu, for example on the Chinese night they have Chicken Chow Mein, but the following week they may change that for a different dish such as Sweet & Sour. There is always at least 4 main dishes to choose from and other items to go with the meals such as Spring Rolls, Rice, Salad and other things. The food on the buffet is always really nice and always quite filling and for £5.99 each, you can't complain really.

      There are 2 sets of toilets located in the pub, one set is at the front entrance and the other set is in between the bar and the restaurant. The toilets are always kept clean and tidy and there has never been a time when I have been here and have been disappointed with the up-keep of the toilet area. There is always toilet roll and the cubicles are always clean with working locks.

      I really enjoying going here with my boyfriend and we always enjoy the food they have to offer. They do a great range which is suitable for everyone and staff here are reliable and very friendly. The pub had a great atmosphere which just feel's warm and welcoming as you enter. There are always plenty of places to sit down and eat a meal. The outdoor garden is lovely in the summer and there are plenty of tables for people to sit and eat a meal outside if they wish. This is a large sized pub, which is really lovely to go to. Me and my boyfriend will continue to go here with his mum and we'll continue to enjoy the main menu as well as the buffet menus. I would definitely recommend others to visit Monkey Puzzle.

      (review also on ciao)


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