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New Inn Hungry Horse (Camberley, Surrey)

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Hungry Horse bar and restuarant in Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey.

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2012 17:22
      Very helpful



      The hungry horse.

      The Hungry Horse is located in Blackwater, Camberley and they have a large menu with all types of different food avaliable. They have a reasonably large car park when you can park. The restaurant looks quite big from the outside and it looks very new and modern looking. There is a small seating area out the front which has chairs and a few tables in. This area ia quite nice, how-ever you tend to get a lot of the smokers in this area.

      ~ The Bar/Restaurant ~
      When you walk in the restaurant you will see a bar in front of you and you will notice that the place is divided into two different sections. The section on the left hand side is more of a pub side with televisions and small tables. There are also stools at the bar area here. On the right hand side is a large range of different sized tables which have menus and few condiments on. There is also a bar this side which sells a range of beers, spirits, wines and soft drinks. The right hand area where the eating area is primarily located has lots of different sized tables, suitable for a number of different people. This area actually goes round towards the back of the building where you will find Booths with tables and benches on where you can also sit to eat. The booths actually have a TV there as well so you can choose to watch something whilst eating your meal. In total there approximately 9 Booths in the restaurant. The restaurant always looks very clean and tidy with very clean tables and no plates or glasses left on the table. You can walk from the restaurant area round to the other side of the building where the more pub area is. They have a pool table and a few games machines in the bar area. The toilets are located in a long corridor which takes you between the pub side and restaurant side. The furniture is very modern looking and the chairs are very comfortable to sit in. The table are always clean whenever I eat in here and the tables are a nice size in order for you to sit and enjoy your meal and have plenty of space. There is a nice, calm atmosphere in here and overall the place is quite relaxing and a very nice place to be. The restaurant does occasionally get busy; how-ever we have always managed to find a table every time we have been here. We always check with a staff member how long the wait it for food so we don't have to wait too long. When you sit at the table there will already be a few menus on the table and also a metal bucket with cutlery and packets of sauce in for your meal.

      ~ The Food ~
      They do a great selection of food to choose from which includes a few of the following items:
      * Starters - Tomato & Basil Soup, Garlic Ciabatta, Garlic breaded mushrooms.
      * Mains - Jackets potato with your choice of toppings, Steaks, Chicken dishes, Burgers, Curries, Sausage & Mash, Fish, Pasta, Salad and more.
      * Desserts - Chocolate Fudge Cake, Ice Cream, Warm Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Cheesecake.

      (This is just a small selection of food that is available.)

      To order food, you need to go to the bar and quote your table number and what food you would like. You also pay for the food at the same time or you can set up a bar tab and pay for it later. Once the food is bought out to your table and you have chosen the sauces you want with you meal, the staff member will come and take the bucket away from the table, this is to tell other staff that they have checked that everything is ok with your meal to stop other members of staff asking you the same thing when enjoying your meal. I have eaten a few lovely things from the menu such as their Steak, Curry and some of their Chicken dishes. I cannot fault the food in any way as the food always looks and taste great. The steak's are always cooked to your liking and are always juicy inside with lots of flavour. Their chicken dishes are lovely and moist and the chicken is really juicy and isn't dry or chewy. I love the curry dishes here which come with rice and poppadoms. I find that the food portions are quite large, how-ever I think represents fantastic value for money. A curry cost's just £5.99 and a steak dish with chips, peas and grilled tomato is £9.99. This may sound a little pricey how-ever the plate is loaded with food when it comes out. I sometimes struggle to eat everything on the plate. I haven't yet had a dessert here; how-ever they sound lovely and look very tempting.

      ~ The Staff ~
      You can tell whom the members of staff are in here due to the uniform they were. The staff are dressed in black and normally have a white shirt on, how-ever management tend to wear a slightly different uniform so you can determine which staff are higher than others. The staff always look well presented and are very polite when serving you your food. Most of the staff in here are quite young, how-ever they look as though they are always kept busy and work very well. Some of the staff in here are much more polite and customer friendly than others.

      ~ Toilets ~
      Whenever I use the toilets in here they are always very clean and fully stocked with toilet tissue. The toilets always smell fresh and clean and I can only assume that they are checked regularly for them to be this clean and tidy.

      ~ Bad Experiences ~
      I have unfortunately had some bad experiences here and I think it's only fair if I write about my good and bad experiences at this restaurant. Me, my boyfriend and his mum were enjoying a lovely meal here when a member of staff came to take the condiments bucket away. My boyfriend's mum stated that she wanted some more sauce and the lady tipped the bucket upside down so the packets of sauce fell onto the table and said 'There you go' and then walked away with the bucket. We were very shocked at this and I complained to a member of management here. The 2nd time we were here we saw the same lady taking the seals off of the ketchup bottles using her teeth, obviously this is not very hygienic so I also complained about this. Each time I have complained about these things nothing has really come of it and I've just been sent an apology by e-mail which is how I complained. We were in here about 1 week ago and we asked how long the food would take when ordering. The man stated that it would take approximately 30-40mins which we were fine with. We chose a table and sat down and then one of us went to the bar and placed the order. Two of us were having starters and 2 of us weren't so the starters would come out before the meal. The starters came out within about 5 minutes and when we were half way through eating a member of staff came to see if we had finished yet. We asked him to give us another 5 minutes and to come back then. We had finished the starters and the empty plates had now been sitting on our table for at least 20mins whilst other staff attended to other customers in the same area as us. Eventually my boyfriend's mum went to get a member of staff to remove our starter plates. We chatted for the next 45mins and thought our food was taking a long time to come out. My boyfriend said that we should wait for another 15mins at least. Sure enough we waited for a whole hour for our main food and yet nothing had come out, even though the customers who came in 10mins after us were having their main meal. We spoke to a member of staff and she told us that the meal would be another 10mins because they don't start cooking the main meals until they have had the starter plates back. We thought this was ridiculous as the starter plates had been sitting on our table for at least 20mins with 2 different staff members walking past our table. The girl we spoke to was very apologetic and said there wasn't anything she could do. Whilst talking to her I noticed she had a towel across her shoulder which was obviously from the kitchen. I noticed that she wiped her nose on the towel as she was speaking to us. Eventually, after over an hour of waiting our meals came out and sure enough she was using the towel from her shoulder to carry the hot plates to us which really made me cringe as the towel was definitely not clean after wiping her nose on it. I decided to keep my mouth sealed and just eat the food that had now been served.

      ~ Overall Opinion ~
      despite the bad experiences I have had here the food here is just lovely and I can't fault them on this at all as the food always looks and tastes fantastic. In terms of value I don't think the food is too expensive in comparison to other local restaurants and pubs. I think they could probably improve on a few things such as the staff customer service and staff training as I don't feel as though the staff are trained very well. Despite the bad experiences here I will no doubt eat again here with my boyfriend and friends, how-ever this probably won't be the first place we chose to eat due to the bad experiences we have had here. The restaurant does have a lovely atmosphere and is child friendly as well and wheelchair friendly which is fantastic. The tables aren't too close together so you can eat without worrying about other people sitting on the next table so close to you. If you happen to be near this pub/restaurant I would recommend a visit here as I guarantee you will enjoy their food. The staff and waiting times in here is the only let down, which means I can only give these 3 out of 5 stars. If I had just had one bad experience then I would rate it more stars, how-ever after being here 3 times and having a bad experience I can't give it anymore stars.

      Address: Hawley Rd, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9ES
      Telephone: 01276 32012

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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