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Address: 19-23 Wardwick / Derby DE1 1HA

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2012 18:49
      Very helpful



      A bit dispoointing more rustic that Jubilee Afternoon tea

      Jubilee Afternoon Tea at Nono8
      No No 8 Bar
      19-23 Wardwick
      Derby DE1 1HA

      I bought this Groupon voucher a few months back and booked the afternoon tea to take another couple who we are friendly with and who enjoy an afternoon tea too. I had had to change the date once as one of the other couple could not make the date and the lady at Nono8 was most obliging and changed it to the day I a asked for.

      THE DEAL
      I paid £11 per couple for this deal and apparently the full cost of the Afternoon tea for two should have been £28. For this price we were to enjoy a very special 'Jubilee Afternoon Tea'. I quote from the website:

      "Saying chin-chin to the year of the Diamond Jubilee, the bar has laid on a royal menu for celebration in style with a twist on the quintessential afternoon tea. Classically British finger sandwiches sidle up next to a home-baked spread of scones with jams, preserves, and Cornish or Devon clotted cream. Jubilee themed cakes include a Prince Albert cake and a 'Duke of Cambridge tart and Queen of puddings'. Nibbles will be accompanied by a selection of teas, and one can add the likes of cocktails, pitchers, or a bottle of champers for a supplement."

      As we walked into Nono 8 it was pretty much empty bar a couple of men , one behind a laptop and the other with some papers. The man behind the laptop informed me that 'Very sorry but we are closed!!!!' 'Oh' said I , 'but I have an afternoon tea for four booked'. He then explained that they had had a flood because of the rain a couple of days before and as a result part of the place was closed. He then offered to go next door to the pub which they also own and see if they could accommodate us. He did explain that it was a pub with a pub atmosphere rather than the modern look that they had in Nono8 but they owned both places so he popped next door to ask. He returned saying yes they could do us an afternoon tea or we could come back another time. As it had been hard enough to find a mutually free date for all four of us we chose to accept his offer and went next door.

      THE PUB
      Was exactly that a pretty basic pub and I always think older pubs look a bit seedy in daylight when they are empty. They need a packed dark atmosphere to hide the shabbiness. This was no different. The floors were wooden and there were a few tables and chairs as well as a corner with a couple of sofas and a low table which is where we chose to sit. It all looked a little tired but still we had accepted the change of venue and the other place had looked a lot nicer, much more modern and chic. It certainly looked very good on the website but never mind this would be fine.

      We were a bit thrown out by the change of venue and when asked if we wanted tea or a drink we chose tea. I cannot remember if other drinks were included or not but it wouldn't have hurt them to say it was on the house considering we were not contacted about the fact that the place was closed. Anyway we chose tea and they were very good at bringing us several more pots as we drank the two supplied.

      We were asked twice of we wanted brown bread, whit e or a mixture and twice we said that a mixture would be nice. We sat and enjoyed out tea for a while and then the sandwiches started to arrive. They were not crusts cut, off tiny finger sandwiches at all but the sort I make for us at lunch time. Two slices of fairly thick fresh bread cut in triangles with either cheese, ham, tuna or egg inside them. I think the cheese and egg ones were white while the tuna and ham ones were brown bread.

      I am not sure that the queen would have been impressed with the sandwiches as they were rather more man sized than dainty finger ones that I was expecting. However they were not expecting us ( despite me booking next door) and the bread was very fresh, the brown bread was particularly nice but the size of the sandwiches meant that I couldn't eat too many but the men finished them off.

      The scones were home made and large with fruit inside. We each had a small jar of jam and pot of whipped cream to enjoy on the scones and they were very tasty. Again they were not exactly 'Jubilee dainty' fit for the queen sort but we all thought they were delicious.

      Finally the cakes were four slices of Victoria sandwich and four round sort of lemony cakes. We couldn't eat the cakes while we were there as the sandwiches and huge scones had filled us up so they very kindly packed them up in take away boxes for us to bring home.

      The cakes when we ate them were obviously home made and very tasty but more the kind you would buy from a village fete rather than dainty little offerings that we have enjoyed at other afternoon teas.

      The two people who served us were very pleasant and helpful and were obviously from the kitchen. One lady was the baker of the cakes as we asked her and they were very tasty.

      Well it is hard to say but if I had paid full price for what we had I would have been very fed up. I think at £11 per couple it was a fair deal but the ambience and the food was not what i was expecting for a 'Jubilee Afternoon Tea'. I was expecting something pretty special. This was probably the least dainty Afternoon tea we had ever had out and the cakes, though very tasty and home made, were not exactly dainty and Jubilee -like. I have to accept that they were not expecting us at the pub and possibly quickly made us up an afternoon tea from what they had. The food was fresh and tasty but just not quite what I was expecting.

      However we enjoyed seeing our friends and the food was tasty if rather more rustic that elegant. The pub atmosphere was hardly elegant either but again I can't really criticize that as we were not meant to have been eating there.

      It was disappointing to say the least. Firstly that they hadn't bothered to contact me to tell me they had a problem re the flooding and secondly the tea was not the elegant eating experience I was led to believe that we might have when I read the blurb I quoted above.

      So thanks to the pub kitchen who made an effort to give us a nice afternoon tea but i did feel that they could have made a bit more of an apology for the mess up. I certainly won't be rushing back there for any reason any time in the furure.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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