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Old Royal Oak Pub (Leeds)

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29 Kirkgate / Leeds LS2 7DR / Tel: 0113 246 5502

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2011 12:12
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Where its based

      29 Kirkgate,
      LS2 7DR

      On walking into the pub

      On walking into the pub I was quite surprised at just how small the pub was. You walk through the main doors, and straight in front of you are a row of seats and tables, then when you turn up to walk into the full pub on the left hand side you have where the entertainment is set up, then just further up is the small bar. Straight past the bar you have the ladies toilets, I am not quite sure where the gents is.

      As the pub is so small you don't really have any type of dance floor, its just a narrow aisle. The pub does usually get pretty busy so it can get pretty cramped and you would be pretty lucky to get anywhere to sit, and usually end up standing in the small aisle.

      The staff

      Well most of the staff have seemed really nice and polite in there, but there is one old woman, who to be honest should have retired by now, she must be well in her 80's, but its not her age that bothers me, it's how grumpy and strict she is with customers. She has no real manners and can be pretty rude to people sometimes. I have known her refuse to serve people by saying they have had too much to drink. But these are people who are still in my opinion not that drunk, are stood upright and not falling over, and I always thought you went to a pub with the intention of getting a little bit drunk loll. Apart from her though the rest of the staff seem fine, it's just the old one you have to beware of loll.

      The prices

      These are about £2.90 for a pint of cider which again is not that bad for a town pub.


      Well to be honest this is another pub that I have only ever gone into on a Sunday night, and they do Karaoke, can you tell I like my karaoke's loll. The karaoke is usually a good night and the DJ will get you on to sing as much as he can but it all depends on how many more people have songs in.


      Well again the toilets in here are pretty small, and I have been in there on a number of occasions where it has not been stocked up with toilet paper. They are not very clean toilets but they are just about passable.

      Suitable for wheelchairs

      No it's not me and my sister once phoned this place up and asked if they had disabled toilets ect, to which they replied they did, so we decided to take my mam there. Well what a fun night we had. First you have steps to get up which we did manage with a struggle, which we knew that would be the hardest part. But then when we asked where the disabled toilets were, they were apparently in the same toilet as the ladies.

      Well I already knew how small the ladies where and knew that we would not get her wheelchair in there, but we did try, there was no chance. Luckily my mam can walk a little bit if someone helps her so we had to block the whole toilet door off with her wheelchair to get her as close as possible, but in the end we did manage it but it was hard work and felt they should never have told us they had a disabled toilet. We left the pub not long after loll.

      Why you may like it

      * Decent entertainment
      * Beer not too dear

      Why you may not like it

      * Grumpy bar woman
      * Pub is small
      * Toilets are small

      My overall opinion

      I have still gave this pub 3 out of 5 stars its not all bad, the pub is just too small and after only a few beers you are not guaranteed to get served. I think the only good thing about this pub is the beer and the entertainment. There's nothing much else I can say about this pub that I have not pointed out in my review, but I am undecided as to whether I would recommend it as its not one of the best pubs in Leeds.

      On a closing note if you have ever heard of a pub in Leeds called diddly dee's this is it, for some reason which I do not know about the pub has been nicknamed this.


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