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Oracle Bar (Leeds)

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Address: Graphical House / 2 Wharf Street / Leeds LS2 7EQ / Tel:(0113) 246 9912

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2011 17:03
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      see review x

      Where its based

      2 Wharf Street,
      LS2 7EQ
      (0113) 246 9912

      On walking into the pub

      As soon as I walked into the pub I got this strange strong smell, which me and my boyfriend both smelt. It was like an aniseed smell mixed with something else that I just could not put my finger on. I did find this smell a little of putting and not very nice, but I have never walked into a pub and then back out again, so I decided to stay for at least one drink.

      Apart from the smell the pub looked very presentable, it was clean and tidy, they have seating for around 150 people, which granted does not seem a lot for how big the pub is, but they also have a seating area outside which can seat 100 people too. The pub also has an upper floor, which I did not visit so I am not sure what upstairs is like.

      The reason we tried this pub in the first place was my boyfriend was trying to be romantic for my birthday, we had just been for a meal, and he wanted us to go here so that we could sit outside on the terrace, which is situated in a lovely spot by the riverside. The view from out there is a great one, but it was a pretty cold night so we did not stay out there too long.

      The seating inside was really nice and comfortable, there was normal buffets or benches to chose from to sit on. Each table had a lit candle on it and also some flowers which did set the night as romantic just as my boyfriend had hoped, the only thing that I did not like about in there was the smell, like with some smells you tend to get used to them but this one was just there all the time.

      The entertainment

      As it was only a Monday night that we went into the pub, there was no entertainment on, they did have some low music playing in the background but that was about it. I did however try to find what they had on at their website but there did not appear to be any down, so if they do have any or not then I am not sure.

      The staff

      We did only get one drink so we did only have one meeting with the staff and they did seem pleasant enough, they used their manners and served us straight away, and made sure they said bye when they saw us leaving. Also because of the time we got there they was ready to close by the time we were leaving but not once did they ask us to drink up and leave, which I find a lot of pubs do, they waited until we had finished our drinks.


      Now I did find it more expensive in here than in the normal pubs I go into, for a pint of lager and a pint of cider it cost £7.50, normally in most Leeds pubs you would pay around £6 so it did cost that little bit extra.


      Well unfortunately I can not comment on these either as I never took a bathroom break while I was there but if they were anything like the rest of the pub then I am sure they will be very clean.

      Suitable for disabled

      Well this is a sort of yes and no answer, inside and outside they are suitable for a wheelchair to move around and everything but they have no automatic doors and the doors are pretty heavy to open, so you would need someone there to open the doors up for you. Apart from that they are great they have a ramp leading up to the doors and the pub has plenty of space inside for a wheelchair to manoeuvre.

      Why you may like it

      * Clean
      * Nice riverside view
      * Nice romantic setting inside and out
      * Quiet

      Why you may not like it

      * Bit overpriced
      * The smell
      * Bit quiet

      My overall opinion

      The pub is generally good, but I would say this is more for your business people, the only people I really saw in there were people who were on business trips. It does also seem a little out of the way as I had to walk to another pub to book a taxi, as you can not get cars down to the pub

      The pub is in a nice setting and I found it pretty romantic and was a nice treat for my birthday, but for me it was just too quiet and too posh, I like my loud pubs. I felt a little uncomfortable in there as people drinking in there were very posh and even the staff were, and me I am not posh at all and I felt I had to watch how loud I was and what I was saying. I like to just say what I want and be as loud as I want and to have a laugh but in there I felt I had to be cautious. Its not somewhere I would go again but I think some others probably would like it, and I think the view from outside would make it worth another trip there. So maybe one hot day I might venture there again to sit outside and admire the view but that's about it.


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