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Pubs / Bars in Fowey in general

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  • Going home.
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    1 Review
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      12.10.2001 01:20
      Very helpful



      • "Going home."

      As I've just returned from holiday, I'm going to absolutely besiege all of you with ops, well I've never churned so now's my opportunity, and I need to earn some money having returned penniless !! Let's get some pub jokes in then:- 1. Plug lead walked into a pub, barman said "Now don't you go starting anything !" 2. Sandwich walked into the same pub, barman said "We don't serve food here !" Well, better tell you something of Fowey pubs hadn't I, OR WOULD YOU LIKE SOME MORE JOKES ?? Pubs it is then !! Well, I'm going to be my usual self and only talk about St.Austell pubs, cos I like their beer. St.Austell have several pubs in Fowey out of their chain of 120 in Devon and Cornwall, the Lugger Hotel, The Ship Hotel, The Safe Harbour Hotel, The Lugger in Polruan and my favourite of them all the King of Prussia. You will find my name engraved on every seat in all of them !! What do I like about all of them, well the beer and atmosphere of course. The main beers are as follows:- 1. Tinners Ale 3.7% Vol. A medium gravity, traditional bitter, with a good dry hop (on one leg??) 2. HSD 5% Vol. A strong cask conditioned bitter named after the brewery's founder (Hicks Special Draught). 3. Wreckers Bitter 5% Vol. Reputedly the strongest keg bitter in the West Country. 4. Bosuns Bitter 3.1% Vol. Refreshing session beer with a balanced hop flavour (well of course it's balanced if it's on one leg silly !!) These may change slightly as St.Austell have a few seasonal changes, but I've never been disappointed. All of these pubs charge very reasonable prices, a pint being on average about £1.85p, and also serve excellent meals at similarly reasonable prices. For anyone of my own heart, most of them have rooms available as well for between £17.50 and £20 B & B. Let's tell you a bit about The King of Prussi
      a then. It is THE best situated pub in Cornwall, with views across the harbour to Polruan. The bar lounge has panoramic views, and inside there is definitely a waterside atmosphere. The K.O.P as it's affectionately known is built on the site of a much older house, and dates from the late 1600's, although it was demolished and re-built in 1886. The front steps were added in 1909, before then you had to jump the 20 feet to the front door !! The pub was named after an infamous smuggler, John Carter who was obvoiusly (??) nicknamed The King of Prussia, who is said to have resided at the inn in the 1780's. Prussia Cove is near here too. The pub is typically painted pink and white, and is at the centre of all celebrations in Fowey. Telephone 01726 832450, or you can contact me for any other details you may want. All pubs are within easy staggering distance for a good pub crawl. Something always happens when I'm in one of these pubs :- 1. At the Lugger in Polruan, one night in October it was absolutely packed for a pool match, it's 15 miles driving distance from anywhere. 2. Several guys I talked to were having a match buying cigarette lighters, then gave them all away once they'd spent £50 each. 3. I had to hide in a dustbin when my friends started a fracas. 4. I pretended to be John Lennon. Oh well, do you want to hear any more....met a guy on Dartmoor on the way home who was cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats.. Anyway, try a pub in Fowey, you'll love it, and I've only got 6,725 more holiday ops to do !! Cheers.


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