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Pubs / Bars in Huddersfield in general

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2008 11:34
      Very helpful



      The Yards is the place to be!

      Huddersfield has many, many pubs and bars! (not to say us yorkshire people drink a lot of course!)

      Huddersfield consists of many villages and of course the town centre, If I was to go into the bars and pubs in the whole of Huddersfield I would be here a long time and you would be bored!

      So quickly I'll say, each village has at least one pub, With Marsden, Holmfirth, Slaithwaite and Meltham having a few.

      So now i'll focus on the pubs and bars in Huddersfield Town centre!

      My Top 5

      #1. Lloyds (now known as the Lord Wilson) but everyone will always call it Lloyds!
      This bar is located in 'the yards' which is by the new kingsgate shopping centre. A high concentration of town bars is in the yards.

      ~Why I love it? Cheap drinks, a nice big bar, great atmosphere and music.

      #2. Yates', again in the Yards.

      ~Why I love it? The drinks aren't the cheapest but it does good food on offers such as 2 meals for £6.95 and good drinks offers early on such as a bottle of wine for £4.95. I like to go here for lunch and a drink.

      #3. Varsity, just around the corner from the yards!

      ~Why I love it? Not the cheapest at all but if you go in here you are guaranteed to see people from school or college or now uni!!
      Good music and a nice bar.

      #4. Warehouse. Next door to Varsity!

      ~Why I love it? cheap drinks, comfy sofas, a couple of pool tables and a cool atmosphere. not a bad dance floor either!

      #5. Flying Circus, a bit away, just on the road across the top of the yards.

      ~Why I love it? Its a different kind of bar to the others, different atmosphere! Nice decor, not bad prices on drinks and sometimes cocktail offers!

      So as you can see my bar crawl doesn't take me a long way, the biggest distance between the bars is about 5 minutes! Perfectyly set up if you ask me!
      I think Huddersfield is well set up for a night out as the whole area down the yards is buzzing on a Wednesday (Student Night) Friday and Saturday!

      Other Bars I haven't mentioned

      #Bar chocolat (if its till open)
      #Rouge (when its not closed down for drugs)

      Sure theres some I've forgotten but thats probably because I'm a bit tipsy by the time I leave my top 5!


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