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Pubs in Mid Glamorgan in general

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2001 02:21
      Very helpful



      I dont know where to start when explaining the pubs in mid glamorgan, especially the ones i have been to at least, but i will try to explain some of them for you. The first one i would like to talk about is called The "Dyn" all i can say about this pub is that it has got a really great athmosphere when there is football or rugby on the big screen, but then it goes really downhill after that because of the "Dyn" is set in a small village in mid glam so that produces quite a close knit community within the pub itself, causeing a not so welcome athmosphere if you are a "stranger" to the pub. And apart from the odd trouble maker(like you get in any pub) it can be quite good for the odd night out, but not a sort of pub you can keep going to night after night. The second pub is one called the "Lib", now this is totally different from the Dyn because you do get alot of strange people in there on a friday night, the Lib is the local village rugby club, and so it can be quite a bad night out on more than one occaision. There is a casual lounge upstairs and then you have a dance floor downstairs which is where all the bad publicity comes from as it is frequently the scene of drunken brawls between both men and women!!!!! Like any place around the U.K you will get alot of pubs that are more or less "just for the locals" so to speak, but the pubs around small communities like you find in rural places can be a bit boring because you just don't get the night life that you get when you go to the city's bars and clubs. So it really is better to stick to where there is the best night life, dont get me wrong , for the older people the pubs in some places are perfect, but not if you are younger. The landlady of the "Dyn" is my auntie so i have to go there quite alot to see her, and everytime i go in i just see the same old faces and just wish i would walk in to find a c
      ompletely different crowd in there just to break away from the mundane night life that some towns have.


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