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Railway Inn (Leeds)

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Address: Balm Road / Leeds LS10 2HU / West Yorkshire / Tel: 0113 271 7398

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2011 13:29
      Very helpful
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      see review x

      Where its based

      Balm road
      Leeds 10

      On walking into the pub

      On walking into the pub you have 3 steps to firstly go up then right in front of you is quite a long bar that goes right across the pub, then you have plenty of seating area just across from the bar. To the left as you walk in is the pool table and fruit machines, which also has seating area around. Then to the right you have a dance floor and a small stage, where years ago they used to have the discos and things but they have moved where they put on the entertainment, which I will go into later on in the entertainment section.

      Just across from the bar are the ladies toilets to the left of the door, then the gents toilets to the right of the bar.

      The staff

      The staff did seem nice and polite in the pub although you did not get much conversation from them, I also found the landlord a little off putting every time he bent down you got a right view of his bottom, and it was not a nice one at that lol, but I suppose I can not blame the pub for that. They had 3 staff on the bar and to be honest the pub was really quiet and it was a Friday night too, so we did get served early, but for a Friday any good pub should be packed out.

      The prices

      I found these pretty reasonable at £5.90 for a pint of cider and a pint of lager so it was cheaper than some of the pubs around my area.


      This was the first time I had been in here for years, and before they used to have a great disco going, up on the stage where the dance floor was based, but now they had a karaoke on, which as I do like my karaoke I was glad about, but where they had based it was really stupid. They had put him at the other end of the pub where the pool table was also based, so it was a little bit cramped and was no chance of you dancing.

      The karaoke equipment also was not up to much, there was no normal television, you had to use his laptop for words and they sound equipment was rubbish too, the microphones kept making funny noises and if I am honest it was the worth pub I have been to for set up and the sound. I am not sure whet they do on other nights but if its anything like a Friday I would not be going again.


      The toilets were pretty clean and tidy and did smell nice, but the room in the toilets is shocking. In one toilet I went to I had to swing my leg round the side of the door to be able to close the door, I am not a big lass either so I would not expect to have a problem like that either. Apart from the size of the cubicles though they were fine.

      Suitable for wheelchairs

      Not at all, they have no disabled toilets and there are steps to get in and out of the pub.

      Why you may like it

      This ones a tough one there is not many loll.

      * Cheap beer
      * Get served quickly
      * Friendly staff

      Why you may not like it

      * Small toilets
      * Not great entertainment
      * Not suitable for disabled
      * Rubbish set up

      My overall opinion

      I think it made me remember now why I stopped going into the pub. The set up of the entertainment was totally ridiculous. The pub was also very quiet, I have never known a pub be so quiet on a Friday night, when I used to go in years ago it used to be packed out every weekend.

      I will say that the only good thing about this pub is the price of the beer, needless to say we did not stay too long and I only sang one song before we decided to move on to somewhere better. Then it soon became a good night out again when we got into a better pub. It is not a pub I would go back to again, I would rather pay the extra money on a pint to have a better night out.


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