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Scarbrough Hotel (Leeds)

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Address: Bishopgate Street / Leeds / LS1 5DY

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2013 21:32
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      see review x

      Where its based

      Scarborough Hotel
      Bishopsgate Street

      This pub is just a short walk from Leeds train station and is only a short distance from most of the areas around Leeds city centre so it is an ideal location.

      On walking into the pub

      To say I have lived in Leeds all my life I have only ever been to this pub on two occasions and that is when I have been going to a pub elsewhere to see a band. I went in here to have a quick drink before going on to another pub and I also found this an easier place to meet my friends as the pub is easier to find.

      When I first got to the pub there was quite a few people in crowds standing around having a smoke. I found this quite daunting having to walk past groups of people just to get in. I felt that maybe they should have been moved away from the front of the pub. When I walked through the doors the pub seemed quite busy with people in the seats around the side of the pub and also people stood up all around the middle. However there was tables in the centre of the pub so you did have a place to put your beer down. I never really got to see to much of the pub as it seems to always be busy and the easier option is just to stay close to the bar and the door. The bar did run along the pub so you can go to the bar at any place in the pub really.


      Both times I went in here I never actually visited the toilets so can not really comment on them I did not fancy trying to get through the pub to find them.

      I did find these quite reasonable I only bought a pint of cider so can not comment on other prices but this cost only £3 per pint, which in most pubs you are charged more than that, so I found this very reasonable.


      Well this is one pub I found to be ignored in, I know they were very busy but they had a big bar and only ever seemed to serve at one side of it. I was stuck at the wrong side, and I did start to get a little impatient on this. I did eventually get served after I had to shout the staff over and make it known that I was there. I would not say they were rude but they struck up no conversation with you just wanted to get rid of you from the bar, with been busy this was sort of understandable, they just need to keep a closer eye on both parts of the bar, instead of just the one.


      From what I have seen the twice I have been in there they do not seem to have any entertainment on it just seems to be a meeting place for people to catch up and have a chat. That maybe why I do only go there if meeting people before we go onto a different pub. I like my entertainment in a pub so this is not really my sort of pub to be in.

      Overall opinion

      I did find this pub to be local for most things in the Leeds City Centre but they do not have anything on that in my opinion would keep me in the pub longer. I am not the sort of person who goes out just to have a chat I like to have a dance around and have music blaring out. I do not think it is a bad pub but there is just nothing in it that will keep me there apart from the cheap beer.

      I also found services times to be too long, OK it is to be expected when a pub is busy but they never seemed to keep track of both ends I did like the pub for a quick drink but would not be a place I would be able to spend a whole night.


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