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Stonegallows Inn (Taunton)

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3 Reviews

Address: Taunton / Somerset TA1 5JP / United Kingdom / Tel: 01823 333504

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    3 Reviews
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      21.02.2011 11:42



      In short stick to a steak as it's not difficult and at least you know it's likely to be fresh

      What can I say yeah the bar is fine and.... Well it's clean, they serve drinks and the staff are polite and good. The real negative is the food, if you idea of fine dining is sitting in the middle of the Jeremy Kyle show in a room with more televisions that comet then this is the place for you. If you can't leave the television for 2 hours then stay at home!
      As for the food. The bucket that arrives with the cutlery and condiments did make me think that perhaps we were either looking at some roman-esque bacchanalian gorging or more accurately swill. The quality was terrible with attempts at the usual pub food classics or stacks of cheap stomach fillers (bread & chips). I've never seen such a collection of stodgy, fat soaked, lousy food that is all bereft of taste. I felt bloated and in the mood to apologise to my stomach for filling it with such lousy fare, needless to say that my stomach reminded me of this all weekend.
      Whoever added the statement that salad would be included with any meal obviously meant as thinly disguised irony. My meal did have some lettuce lurking under the burger which I think is supposed to count. I won't even mention the lack of any salad's healthy alternatives, although as per usual there are the odd vegetarian options that are most likely ready meals given the usual blast in a microwave. Oddly enough no one was in the state to even contemplate the sweet menu.
      As per legions of other dinners up and down the country I didn't complain as I'd rather not risk eating anything after complaining about the standard of food in a restaurant. The food was bad enough without the idea of eating someone else's phlegm. I'd sooner vote with my feet (or stomach) in this case.


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      13.06.2010 17:41



      Today i had the worst meal of my life, I had the bbq on a plate, the burger was pink in the middle and was nowhere near cooked, it was sent back and i recieved another burger after waiting 20 mins.The new burger was not good at all it smelt like it had gone off.My partner and her sister both had steak and they asked for it well done These steaks were also pink in the middle???.Avoid this resturant its got a great menu at great prices but the food is not cooked proberly or does not taste nice at all.Everyother hungry horse resturant i have eaten in has been great this one is far from that.


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      16.04.2010 16:06
      Very helpful



      Not for me if eating!

      Whilst me and my mate were out about on our travels and staying in Weston Super Mare recently we travelled about rather often taking in the sights and grabbing a bite to eat out whenever we could to save trying to cook and wash up in a tiny caravan. My mate loves Taunton (Somerset) and we spotted this really nice looking pub as we drove past as it had a meal deal of 2 meals for £8.00 advertised on a big board outside and we were absolutely starving!

      The Pub:

      TA1 5JP
      Tel. 01823 333504

      Pub opening Times:

      Sunday - Thursday 11am - 11pm.
      Friday & Saturday 11am - 12am

      Large and imposing, very green outside with ample off road parking (for 80 vechiles) that looks very secure. The two entrances are large and the pub is rather wheelchair friendly. Nice big, well stocked bar with lots of staff on duty, we spotted lots of offers on food and drink being advertised and you can sit at the dark wooden chairs and tables wherever you see a place and there is plenty of room between said tables. The place is decorated in nice light tones and feels really comfortable.

      The pub is noisy in the way of patrons and to the side of the pub we spotted about 6 side tables that were basically 2 benches and a table between them that had little colour tvs to which alot of the kids were glued to it! Highchairs were also available to lend if you needed to.

      The Menu:

      The menu was very varied with as I have stated 2 meals for £8.00 and on that there was chicken and chips, cod and chips and pie and chips and a couple of salads and burgers and things like that. All portions were regular sized and go on all day. There are also a few starters such as soups and things and desserts which some of them are designed to share. The kids menu was vast as well with kiddies meals including a drink and being about £3.49 for things like bangers and mash and again I saw these being served and they looked of good size and value for money. On a Thursday they do a big grill deal for £5.49 which includes a drink and on a Sunday you can grab a roast for £5.49. On a Wednesday it's curry night here and you can have a curry from a list and a pint or a glass of wine for £4.99 a head. Although the menu is varied there isn't much in the way of Vegetarians options sadly which didn't please my Vegetarian mate too much I can you however you didn't have to go for a meal deal and meals started at about £3.99 a head with things like steaks being on there too.

      Getting served at the bar with our drinks and food order was ever so easy. The staff in their smart black uniforms were very polite and chirpy even though the place was really busy and jam packed. They didn't rush us at all and we felt our order was dealt with very well. Whist ordering a couple of cups of coffee from a huge selection my friend gave our table number and ordered two plates of fish, chips and mushy peas for us.

      After a short wait a jolly enough member of staff delivered everything we needed including a selection of sauces and the food looked really nice and fresh. Though it wasn't sadly. The fish was hard and like it had been sat out for two long and everything was really cold and inedible. It was awful and we called a member of staff over and complained politely and excepted we would have to wait for fresh food which to be fair to them only took a few minutes and it was vastly improved. The fish and chip meal was ok and we wernt put off because of our first plates not being acceptable but it really was simply bar food and nothing special at all.

      The place was clean though in our opinion tables were not being cleared away fast enough, toilets were clean and acceptable and smelt fresh enough and there was a disabled toilet that had a nappy changing area within it.

      Outside they have covered smoking area which was great for me considering it was raining and my needs must and there is a little play area that looked interesting enough with a couple of swings and above all rather safe.

      I wouldn't go out of my way again to visit here for food again sadly as I don't like the messing about and feeling like I'm moaning all the time but would happily come here for a quiet family drink as drinks prices were cheap and lots of offers were on. Nice pub shame about the food really!

      This pub does have a quiz night, and dogs and children are welcome!


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