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The Bishop Vesey (Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands)

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63 Boldmere Road / Boldmere / Sutton Coldfield B73 5XA / West Midlands

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2012 07:33
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      Breakfast time in the Vesey.

      Located on the corner of Boldmere Road and Gate Lane in Sutton Coldfield The Bishop Vesey used to be my local pub when I was living at my mums. I didn't particularly go there for drinking, but I could often be found in there on a Saturday or Sunday morning for breakfast. During my most recent visit home in May 2012 I visited the Vesey about 3 times, twice for catch up drinks with friends and once for breakfast so I will base this review on these visits but may refer to past ones if needed.

      The pub is very easy to find as it is located about halfway along the main high street in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield and it is a large dark green building on the corner of Gate Lane.

      Inside the Pub
      Entering through the huge doors you will see the bar area to the left of you and numerous tables, chairs and some sofas of all heights and sizes around the rather large room. The first thing I always notice in the Vesey is how loud it always seems when you first enter, however after a couple of minutes you don't seem to notice this so much. The decor inside the pub is modern, clean and bright yet at the same time still has the traditional pub look to it. To the right of the entrance you will see what they call the family area, I guess this is opposed to the bar area, where families can sit and eat during the day with children. Although children are not allowed after a certain time, I think 8pm. Near this family area is a large staircase leading up to an area with some more tables and chairs, I like this area as it is away from the hustle and bustle of the pub below and ideal for sitting and chatting.

      So, during my most recent visits with the aim of catching up with friends a lot of chatting was in order and we sat upstairs at a table in the corner. My friend went to the bar for the drinks and came back with my pint of Fosters and Blackcurrant, I can't remember the exact cost but this is a Wetherspoons pub so it wasn't much, I think around the £2.75 mark. My beer was mixed nicely with the blackcurrant and tasted just as good as I remembered, chilled nicely and not watered down in any way. We sat at our table for around 3 hours chatting and had a couple more trips to the bar, I found the staff to be quite quick, taking into mind this was a Thursday evening and the pub had filled up since we arrived. Overall, this was a great catch up and a pleasant evening spent in this pub.

      Good Morning!
      On the Saturday morning of my visit home I found myself back in the Vesey with two friends, my mum, her partner, my brother and my partner. The reason for this early visit to the pub was simply breakfast! Wetherspoons pubs offer a variety of meals throughout the day, I have eaten them in the past and I will tell you about them later in the review, but the first meal of the day is breakfast, so what better way to enjoy it than in the local pub with family and friends having your breakfast cooked for you!

      Upon entering the pub and quickly finding a table big enough for us all we had a quick look at the breakfast menu and I think all of us chose the same Traditional breakfast at a cost of around £3, I can't remember exactly as I wasn't paying! The Traditional breakfast includes, bacon, beans, sausage, fried egg, tomato, 2 hash browns and a piece of toast. My mums partner placed the order and paid at the bar and I would say we only waited around 10 to 15 minutes for our food to arrive, which isn't too bad considering our party was quite large.

      Served on a regular sized dinner plate the breakfast was presented nice and tasted even nicer! When it comes to certain foods I can be quite picky, however my only complaint with this breakfast is that the egg white was a little gooey which really puts me off and I didn't eat it all because of this. Other than this though the rest of the food was cooked perfectly. The hash browns in particular were delicious and the bacon was just right, not too fatty and not overcooked to a crisp. Overall I really enjoyed my breakfast and could easily eat these everyday, apart from the gooey egg and the tomato because I don't like tomatoes.

      The breakfast menu also offers a larger traditional breakfast which includes multiple items of the regular traditional breakfast and additional items such as black pudding. For those of you who don't fancy the traditional breakfasts' and want something a little lighter in the morning, they do have other items on the menu including breakfast wraps, fruit and yoghurts, breakfast rolls and sandwiches and pancakes with various toppings which my nan has recently informed me are very tasty.

      For the vegetarians among you there is a vegetarian breakfast, but as I have never tried this I cannot comment on it. I know it is generally the same as the Traditional but obviously with no bacon and it has veggie sausage instead of meat sausage.

      Other Food
      Throughout the day the Vesey serves other food. I have eaten here in the past on a Sunday where I have enjoyed a nice Sunday roast dinner. It was back in 2010 though so I cannot remember exactly what was included but I do remember it tasted very nice. I also went to the Vesey back in September 2011 for a meal with my mum on a Saturday evening where I enjoyed a nice plate of fish, chips and peas. I remember the fish was cooked nicely and as far as I could tell there were no bones in the fish, believe me I would have noticed if there was! The chips were what I would call typical pub chips rather than like what you would get in a chip shop, they were still nice though.

      Like all Wetherspoons pubs The Bishop Vesey has themed meal nights, for example, Tuesday is Steak Club night and Thursday is Curry night, so while steak and curry aren't the only items on the menu for that night, they are the ones which will have some kind of meal deal offer on, so you can pay a certain price for your meal and a drink and it would work out cheaper than if you had the same on a night that wasn't specific for that meal.

      The toilets in the Vesey are quite large and while they have always been stocked with toilet paper and soap they are still not the cleanest of toilets, especially if you visit during the evenings when you will often find random pieces of toilet paper lurking around the floor area ready to stick to the bottom of your shoes!

      Personally, I am not a smoker. However for those of you who are there is a patio area towards the back of the pub which is apparently for smokers although I have never seen anyone using it. Most people seem to go out to the front of the pub and stand on the street outside where there are a few ashtrays attached to the wall and railings.

      With regards to wheelchairs and pushchairs The Bishop Vesey is great, the main entrance is on a level with the street and the main bar area and seating areas are either flat or have a slight ramp to access them. The only area which isn't accessible is the seating area up the stairs. The toilets are on the lower level and there is plenty of room to move around in the pub.

      Location and Car Parking
      The Bishop Vesey doesn't have a car park, so if you want to drive here you will have to find a place to park on Boldmere Road somewhere. There is a car park on the Harvester pub car park on the corner opposite the Vesey, but this is supposed to be for Harvester customers only.

      The exact address for The Bishop Vesey is:
      The Bishop Vesey
      63 Boldmere Road,
      Sutton Coldfield,
      West Midlands, B73 5XA

      Overall I would recommend this pub, obviously my top recommendation is to go here for breakfast which is served everyday until noon, but if breakfast isn't your thing then I would still recommend coming here for drinks in the evening as there is a good atmosphere and plenty of opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle if you prefer.

      4 out of 5 Stars from me with one being lost as I cannot stand gooey eggs!

      Thanks for reading :)


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