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Address: 8 Otley Road / Headingley / Leeds / Yorkshire / LS6 2AD / England

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    2 Reviews
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      08.10.2009 11:24
      Very helpful



      3 stars

      General Info
      The box is primarily a sports pub located right in the centre of the Headingley shopping area. It hosts a wide range of sporting events and often has drinks deals on during this period.

      It is also a stop on the fabled 'otley run' where you have to tackle a pint in each of the 16 pubs between Headingley and Leeds.

      The box is really nicely set up, with lots of wooden exposed beams and an attractive looking interior.

      The masses of sports screens littered around both floors leave you in no doubt as to what the primary function of the pub is, but even if you do not appreciate sports, its still a great looking pub.

      Drinks Range
      There is a great variety of different drinks that you can get from the box. They sell loads and loads of different types of lager which is a great change to most of the different pubs that you may find in the headingley area.

      They also have the standard different mixers that you would expect, meaning that if you want to whip up a concoction, you can.

      The one massive low point of the box. It is hideously expensive and in some cases you pay double for a pint than you would pay in other pubs in leeds.

      I know some would argue that this is because of the decor and lovely setting inside the pub, but even so, spending £3 on a pint rather than £1.50 soon adds up as the evening goes on.

      Given the massive selection of pubs on offer when living in the Headingley area, it baffles me that prices are so extortionate. Surely people understand that they could get the same for less 20 yards away? But no, people still flock to the box, so they must be doing something right!


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        31.05.2009 13:10
        Very helpful



        I love this bar

        This is my absolute favourite pub ever. Its in the heart of Headingley, where all the bars are busy, but this one has the best mix of everything.

        The same company also own The Ark, and Trios in headingley, but I think box is way better than them.

        In the daytime you can get great food, like pizzas, burgers, mexican dishes, and big breakfasts. They have offers on food if you eat in the week, and this can save you a lot compared to on the weekend.

        The best thing about this bar is the outdoor terrace. On a day like today it will be jam packed, with sun glasses wearing students. Its right on the road through headingley so great for people watching.

        This pub is more expensive than any other for drinks on a weekend, its about £3.05 for a vodka orange (made with squash not orange juice). However we usually go during the week, when you can get bottles for £1.50 or pints for £1.75. Once they gave me a gin and lemonade for a pound!

        The staff are very quick at serving and very friendly. There are also a lot of good looking men working there! The bouncers are very on the ball and at the first sign of trouble they are in there taking the people out causing the trouble. They dont like rowdy groups of football fans, and they get told to stop chanting if they disturb other people.

        There are loads of screens, so you will definately be able to see the game if you do go there to watch.

        The atmosphere is buzzing when it gets busy, they play a mixture of music from indie to rnb, and it has a sort of club atmosphere but with no one dancing.

        Theres 2 floors, with an outdoor smoking area on the top floor, the doors on the top floor open out making you feel like your outside. They have big comfy sofas to lounge around on, and its just a nice place to spend a few hours.

        Me and my friends love it!


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