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The Clwydian (Prestatyn)

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Address: 29-33 High Street / Prestatyn LL19 9AH / Tel: 01745 888858

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2011 14:30
      Very helpful



      Drink Don't Eat!!

      We happened upon this pub completely by accident when seeking escape from Pontins, Prestatyn. It was our day of departure and decided to walk into Prestatyn for some breakfast.
      The Clwydian is situated on the main high street in Prestatyn, 29 - 33.

      It looks quite inviting from the outside, modern, clean exterior - no cigarette buts littering the pavement (although it was only 10.30am!).
      Initially we had been looking for a cafe but saw the 'Family Area' sign on passing the front door. It was getting quite late and this looked as good a place as any.

      Inside, the pub was bright and airy, quite a modern interior. The family area is situated at the front of the pub on both sides of the large windows, there are tables and also booths.
      The pub was already quite busy, I hope that this was a sign of the popularity of the hearty breakfast that would be to come.

      Once we had located a high chair and settled in to our booth, the 'family' area seemed to become infiltrated by early morning drinkers. An elderly coffee brigade in the front window and the hardened cider drinkers to our left and rear.
      I'm not against early morning drinkers, we were in a pub after all but we did feel a little uncomfortable as we didn't want to disturb anybody and I would have thought a crying baby and hyper 7 year old would be enough to put anybody off their drink!

      After making our choice - one large breakfast, one sausage sandwich and a vegetarian breakfast, I made my way to the bar.
      The pub is quite large and has an upper seating area as well as a court yard to the rear. Both areas were quite busy.

      The lady behind the bar was quite cheery and took my order asking for the table number. Having briefly looked to see if there was a table number and neglecting to find one, I told her I didn't know and waved over to my partner who was also unable to find the number.
      She said we were sitting on table 10 as she knows all the tables. I felt a bit foolish but completed my order and asked if we could also have a an empty bowl so that I could mash up a banana for the baby.

      On my way back to the table I spotted the remnants of a breakfast in another booth, when I say remnants, it wasn't the odd piece of sausage, or a few beans, it was 3/4 of a plate. Lets's hope the eater was having an off morning thought I!!
      Once back at the table, there was still no sign of the table number! I shall have to conclude that it did not have one!

      Our drinks arrived within 5 minutes. My tea - in a pot but served with only two milk cartons (or jiggers as we call them here in Blackpool) and two sachets of sugar. The pot held enough for two cups.
      Our food arrived shortly afterwards, a little too quickly.
      There was no sign of the empty bowl so my son settled for a yogurt.

      My breakfast was pretty grim. The two fried eggs were rubbery and both yolks were hard. The bacon was very crispy, overly so and tasted like it had been sat under a hot plate for a very long time!
      The sausage was the same as you would get in a chippy - ok when you are expecting that taste but pretty uggh first thing in the morning.
      The hash browns were hard - the best thing about the breakfast was the beans, still I don't suppose you can go wrong with those!

      My sons sausage sandwich was made with the same 'chippy' sausage, he liked it but I didn't.
      My partners breakfast was however a resounding success, his being vegetarian had obviously been freshly cooked due to lack of demand! We paid approximately £15 for food and drinks, in all honesty we would have been better off in a cafe!

      After eating what I could, we popped into the toilets before our departure (my son was somewhat confused by the dual English/Welsh signage and had to seek confirmation from dad before going in!
      The toilets were very clean but there was no baby changing area - luckily he didn't need a change at that point.

      The walls were covered in adverts for cheap doubles, bombs, shots, cocktails, happy hour's, follow us on Facebook etc. At the point I could see that this was a drinkers pub, food obviously came secondary!

      The pub is set up in a great way for a social drink or a heavy night out. A long bar with easy access, more that adequate seating and enough room to bop about if you so wish. There is also easy access for the smokers front and rear. If the bar is well staffed and the tunes are good I'm sure it makes for a great night out.
      Just avoid the breakfasts!!!!


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