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The Counting House (Glasgow)

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Address: 2 Saint Vincent Place / Glasgow / G1 2DH / Scotland / Tel: 0141 225 0160

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    1 Review
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      16.12.2009 19:35
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      Perfect spot for gazing at the Christmas lights...

      .::The Counting House::.

      The Counting House is part of the Wetherspoon's chain of pubs, which you don't really notice from the outside. It's located in the centre of Glasgow on St. Vincent's Place, which is across from George's Square. It is located in a really good place, it's so close to the main shopping part of Glasgow and George's Square looks gorgeous around Christmas with all the lights.

      From the outside, the building is amazing. It's quite similar to a lot of the architecture around Glasgow which I love. Inside, there are high ceilings and it looks really quite beautiful, you do feel like you're in an old-fashioned, stately home. There is a huge bar in the middle of the room, surrounded by bar stools. There are also high tables around the centre of the room. If you go a little further from the bar you will find tables and chairs for those wanting to eat, there are also some little rooms which are off from the main part of the pub.

      The pub is open from 9am to midnight every day, but they stop serving food at 11pm. It's child friendly, the offer wi-fi access and there are television screens.

      This place is always quite busy, especially post-work hours and on Friday and Saturday nights. It can be quite difficult to find a seat and often can find yourself standing if you're just having a drink.


      As the pub is really busy, it's not a private place and I definitely wouldn't recommend this for a date. It can get quite loud at times, so not somewhere you want to have a serious conversation. It is good place to go before a night out, it has a bit of a buzz about it. There are several long tables, so if you've got a large group of people, it's a good place to go.

      I also think it's quite good for a spot of lunch and a break from shopping. It'll fill you up and provide you with a good rest.


      They've got a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as coffees, etc. They sometimes do some speciality beers, I found Efes which is a Turkish beer! There are so many drinks here, so it'll be easy to find yourself something!

      It can sometimes take ages to order a drink though, as I said before, this place is quite busy. So, at times, you will find yourself waiting absolutely donkeys before someone notices you.

      They are very efficient at ID'ing customers and I have been ID'd many times in there. I even get ID'd if I go up to the bar with a friend who is buying alcohol even if I'm not. This is really responsible of them and I'm not one of those people who get annoyed at being ID'd constantly, but I'm sure those who do would get p!ssed off with this place.

      One tip, never order the hot chocolate! I was eyeing up a cup with a mountain of skooshy cream and marshmallows on another table and desperately wanted it. My friend and I both got one, the cream and marshmallows were delicious, but when we got down to the actual hot chocolate - it was disgusting. It was just warmed up milk, no hint of chocolate whatsoever. Although, there was a slight hint of a chocolatey colour.


      There are a wide variety of meals available and I was really impressed at how many vegetarian meals on the menu. This is quite unusual for a pub.

      A full menu can be found here;


      This is a general menu for all Wetherspoon's pubs and they do say there can be some regional differences. There is also a Christmas menu, which is available up to the 24th of December. You get a children's menu as well, which is good as I think an adult meal would just be too much for a kid.

      To order your food, you go up to the bar with your table number, which is clearly marked on the table. You pay for your meal when you order it so remember and take your pennies up!

      It takes absolutely ages for the food to come. On my last visit, my friends both ordered separately; one ordered a main meal and the other ordered a desert. The one who ordered the desert had to wait for ages before her thing came, she was raging.

      Taste wise, it's OK. It's never going to be the best meal you've ever had, but it satisfies you. The portions are all really big, you get a lot for your money and it definitely fills you up. I would like it if the food was a little warmer though.

      The price of meals range from about £2.69 for a starter to about £9 for a main meal such as a steak. Most of the meals are priced around the £5 mark which is pretty good, especially as you got a lot of food.


      Ah, the staff. They are efficient and I really wouldn't want to be in their shoes with having to serve all those thirsty people. They do seem a little overworked though and they just seem to do the basics. If you ask for a drink, they'll give you it, but no more. They're not overly friendly and they probably could be replaced by robots with nobody noticing. I think it's too busy for them to provide excellent customer service, I really do sympathise with how much they have to work.

      On each of my visits, I've noticed that they don't keep the place particularly tidy. They do eventually clean up the tables and whatnot, but I've gone in many times only to find many a fair few empty tables with people's plates and glasses lying on them and I've had to move them myself. This annoys me as you're really put off sitting down when a place is like that.

      I have already mentioned the slow service provided, but I do think that's down to them not having enough staff.


      The toilets are located at the back of the premises and you have to go down many stairs and through many doors to get to them. I'm not sure if they provide any other toilet facilities upstairs for disabled people.

      I've got no complaints about the toilets, they always seem well maintained and I've never noticed a lack of toilet paper or handwash. There are a few full length mirrors at the end of the toilets, which I quite like, means you can check out your outfit. Also, there are no toilets up this end so it never gets too busy.


      I'm not overly impressed by this place. You do get some good value food and it's a great place to go for a drink, but the customer service isn't that great - you have to wait too long to get a meal or to get a drink at the bar. I think they need to start tidying up after people have finished eating a bit more. It's not somewhere I'd choose to go to, but my friends seem to like going here because it is in a good location and I do quite like watching the Christmas lights in George Square from the warmth of it. I am going to recommend it, but I think this place has got to do a lot better.

      The Counting House
      2 St. Vincent's Place
      G1 2DH

      0141 225 0160


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