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The Crab and Dragon Pub (Camberley)

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Address: 220 Frimley Road / Camberley / GU15 2QJ

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2013 11:13
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      The Crab & Dragon Pub, Camberley

      The Pub
      = = = = =
      Me, my boyfriend and his mum went for something to eat during the week and we decided on a local as it was close and only meant a short drive there. The pub looks nice for the outside and is very clean and tidy with no litter around the actual pub area. There are some car parking spaces outside the pub but this can get rather full up. As we walked into the pub I thought it looked very modern, bright and welcoming. The bar was directly in front as you walked into the pub and there were seating areas to the right and left hand side of the bar. The seating on the right hand side were higher tables and chairs, whereas the one's on the left were lower tables and more comfortable/lower chairs, more suitable if you are having a meal. We wanted to set up a tab so we ordered our drinks and asked to set up a tab in which the bar staff took a card to swipe through their machine which they need to set up the tab. They have a good range of wine, beers, spirits, soft drinks and juices here. The staff member behind the bar was helpful and polite in serving our drinks. The pub has a very nice feel to it and is family friendly. The pub is quite spacious which gives good access to disabled users or people with pushchairs. We decided to sit on the higher tables to the right hand side of the bar. There was a table and a games machine in this area as well. The pub was very clean inside and although the pub was neutral colours it looked really nice and I was really impressed with the overall feel and the look of the pub.

      The Menu
      = = = = = =
      They have a range of lovely items on the menu and quite a few of the things on the menu took my fancy. I have listed a few of the items from each section of the menu so you can get an idea of what type of food is available here.

      * Sharers - Meat Platter, Seaside Platter, Veggie Platter, Home Made Nachos
      * Starters - Calamari, Chunky Fish Goujons, Sticky Wings, Prawn Cocktail, Spanish Omelette, Potato Wedges.
      * Salad & Pasta - Chicken & Bacon Salad, Penne Arrabiata, Penne Pasta with Meatballs.
      * Flatbreads - Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork, Sauteed Mushrooms, Cropwell Bishop Stilton
      * Sides - Onion Rings, Garlic Bread, Seasoned Chips, Mashed Potatoes, Dressed Salad, Cauliflower Cheese.
      * Small Plates - Small Gammon, Chargrilled Chicken, Chilli Bowl, Fish & Chips, Macaroni Cheese.
      * Chargrill - 8oz Rump Steak, Mixed Grill, 7oz Salmon, Smothered Chicken, Snapper Jambalya.
      * Gourmet Burgers - Classic Beef, Cheese & Bacon, Pork & Chorizo, Black & Blue, Pulled Pork, Chilli, Cajun Spiced Chicken.
      * Pub Classics - Haddock & Chips, Stuffed Chicken, Sausage & Mash, Curry Platter, Fish pie, Fishcakes.
      * Quick Bites - Sandwiches (BLT, Tuna Mayo Crunch, Warm Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork) Jackets (Tuna Mayo, Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce, Grilled Bacon with Cheddar, Beef Chilli with Cheddar.)
      * Puddings - Strawberry Cheesecake, Belgian Waffle, Milk & Cookies Sundae, Sticky Dickie Pudding.

      They also do a separate menu for children as well. This contains fewer items but contains things such as Pasta, Chicken and other dishes as well as puddings.

      We went to the bar to place the food order. We all had starters and I had the Chunky Fish Goujons whilst my boyfriend had the Calaramari. We also ordered mains at the same time. I loved the sound of the Stuffed Chicken which is a tender breast of chicken stuffed with Emmental cheese & Prosciutto, on a bed of crushed new potatoes and served with roast parsnips, buttered cabbage and gravy. This was priced at £8.95 which I thought was quite reasonable. My boyfriend went for the Pork & Chorizo burger which comes with chops and salad. His mum decided to go for the Salmon Fillet which comes with new potatoes, peas and zesty lemon mayo. On going to go the bar to order the food we got told that they had no Stuffed Chicken, which I was really disappointed by as I was really looking forwards to it. I decided to have a Chicken & Bacon salad instead.

      The Food
      = = = = = =
      We didn't have to wait very long for our starters which was good as we were all feeling rather hungry. By the time our starters had come out we had been given a plate with a range of sachets of sauces in and also salt, pepper and vinegar.

      Chunky Fish Goujons - This should come served with tartare sauce and pea dip. I got a total of about 4 fish goujons which were covered in batter. They looked delicious and I wouldn't wait to take into them. There was some rocket salad in the bowl with the Goujons and I received a pot of the pea dip which tasted more like garlic mayo but I received no tartare sauce. My boyfriend's mum asked for this in the end and the staff member bought out a small pot of sauce to go with the goujons. The fish inside the goujons tasted delicious and was cooked just right. I ate the goujons and the rocket salad.
      We waited a good 10 mins before our plates were taken away and whilst we waited for our main meals we all had a chat and catch up with each other. After about 25mins we were starting to wonder where our main meals were as other people who came in the pub after us had now received their main meals that they had ordered. As one of the member of staff bought out meals to the table near us we said that we had been waiting ages for our main meal. The staff member replied 'No, you haven't' as she walked past our table. We couldn't believe the way she answered and the way she said it was with attitude as well. We were then told that if you order starters, then your main meal then gets pushed to the back of the queue. This was shocking to be honest, especially as our starter plates had been taken away over 20 mins ago now. Shortly after asking where our main meals were they were brought out to us. The bar staff put the plates in front of each person and then walked away. We weren't asked if we wanted any additional sauces or anything.

      Chicken & Bacon Salad - This was probably one of the easiest things on the menu that could have been made. The salad should be slices of chargrilled chicken breast and grilled bacon tossed with mixed salad, crunchy garlic croutons and house dressing. The salad came out in a large bowl and consisted of about 4 largish leaves from a little gem lettuce, some tomato, grated cabbage & grated carrot. I was surprised to see no onion in the salad and only about half a tomato which had been cut into smaller pieces. There was a good amount of chicken and bacon but there was no salad dressing on the salad which was rather disappointing. I picked up one of the crispy croutons to try. The crouton was soft and wasn't crunchy at all, to me it tasted rather stale. I ended up picking the rest of the croutons out & leaving them as they tasted foul. My boyfriend agreed that they were horrible and said that he wouldn't have eaten them either. I couldn't be bothered to ask the staff for some salad dressing so I grabbed a sachet of salad cream from the plate of sauces and squeezed this over the salad.

      Both my boyfriend's and his mum's plates were really cold which was surprising considering they had ordered hot food so they expected the plates to at least be slightly warm which would help to keep the food warmer for longer. My boyfriend said his burger was nice but the chips were unbelievably greasy. In fact they were so greasy that none of us wanted to eat them. They looked greasy and were a slightly odd looking colour which must have been from all the grease. They looked as thought they had been in a deep fat fryer a good few times. My boyfriends mum said her fish was lovely and the potatoes were nice, how-ever she was a little surprised that they didn't come with a little butter. During our meal there was no check back from any of the staff to ask if our food was ok. We all felt a little let down by our meals and also at the service that we had received whilst we were here which was a shame. After finishing out meals we sat at the table for another good 10 minutes before paying the tab at the bar and after we had paid our dirty plates still hadn't been cleared off the table. It's clear to see that the service in here isn't exactly brilliant.

      The Staff
      = = = = =
      The member of staff whom served us at the bar was polite and well dressed and served us our drinks quickly and also helped with any enquiries when enquiring about some of the food choices on the menu. Whilst here we also interacted with another member of staff whom I presume was management as she looked much smarter than the lady behind the bar and she was the one who was bringing out the food to the table. She was actually quite rude and seemed to answer back when we enquired about our food. I thought it was really unprofessional the way she actually spoke to us as she walked past instead of stopping at the table to come to actually talk to us instead to our faces. I was actually quite appalled by this. I was surprised that we didn't get any check back when eating our meals and we didn't ask if we wanted any additional sauces either. This is definitely one of the worse pubs I have been to in terms of customer service.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = = =
      The overall look and feel of the pub was really nice and it had a relaxing, calm atmosphere. There are plenty of seating areas in the pub with a range of different sized tables. They often have different meal deals during the week such as Curry Nights, Fish Nights and other nights there as well. During some days of the week they also have quiz nights which you pay a small fee to join. Although the items on the menu sound delicious and aren't bad value for money we were disappointed with our meals and surprised at the poor quality and presentation of the food. Although the meals are reasonable we expected them to look and taste better than they did and for them not be missing items such as something simple like salad dressing. As well as not being very impressed with the food, we weren't impressed with the service here as well. The staff wasn't very polite and clearly weren't giving 100% customer service. I was appalled by the member of staff who spoke rudely to us, especially as she looked like management (she may not have been). I was disappointed by the food and service here and due to those two factors then I probably wouldn't go here again to eat. I would go here for a drink but not for food. This isn't a pub which I recommend as I think there are better pubs locally to this one which have much better service.

      Other Information
      = = = = = = = = = =
      The Crab & Dragon, 220 Frimley Road, Camberley, GU15 2QJ
      Tel: 01276 24875

      (review also on ciao)


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