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The Devonshire Arms (Coventry)

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4 Reviews

Address: Sewall Highway / Coventry / CV2 3NX / West Midlands / England

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    4 Reviews
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      16.11.2011 06:17



      poor service poor product

      A once popular venue for a good night out spoilt by :
      dire beer
      unfreindly / untrained staff
      mis- managed
      and above all screaming kids left to run riot around the pub !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How much longer can the pub survive under the present circumstances attendance during the week has fallen to record low's because of kids running riot in the lounge.
      Surely the manageress must stop this (assuming she is to be found on the premises) or does she drink elsewhere !!!!!!!
      the staff are reluctant to say anything to the parents
      any complaints are treated with scorn
      food orders are being returned as often as the beer for the sub standard quality
      i fear this will be another pub ear marked for closure with falling sales and regular violence on a weekend.

      i for one will not return until the kids are kept out or at the very least kept in there seats .


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      05.10.2009 02:08
      Very helpful
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      Poor old Devon, what have they done? Ruined the character by painting it.

      Although I live 2 mins walk away from the 'Devon', I must admit I seldom visit. I must say though that since it has become a Sizzler establishment, it looks like it's lost a lot of it's charm. The food inside isn't great but for the price you can't argue but the biggest disappointment for me has to be after they had the place refurbished. Why oh why did they paint the outside of the building white? Look at how beautiful it looks in the picture and it really suited it's surroundings. They have taken out all of the character by painting the brickwork white. Really ruined a nice pub.

      I guess that's the problem with big chains, they do what they like without consulting what locals are thinking. On the other hand, would it still be open as an independent public house?

      I for one will continue to walk up Sewall Highway to the Coventry Oak, which for me, is far superior.

      Scrap the paint job sizzler!


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        10.02.2009 13:21



        great place for a great night out

        i go to the Devonshire Arms every wednesday with some friends for the quiz night. the food is excellant ( i have the same meal every week i like it that much).

        The staff are really friendly and you can have a chat and a laugh with them.
        I don't drink as i'm the driver and a pint of coke is very reasonable priced.

        The quiz is a brilliant laugh. they have a picture round and lots of others, we get there for 8 and i don't get home till gone midnight. some weeks it's not on as not enough teams, so we just enjoy the evening and have a giggle. the prize is a case of lager, wouldn't mind if they gave different prizes but not bad considering it's free.

        oh nearly forgot they also have a game of bingo after the quiz. you win the pot. it's a great night out and would recommend the place to anyone

        They do other stuff on other nights but i love wednesday nights!!


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          26.08.2008 14:40
          Very helpful



          It's ok for a drink, just not an entire evening in!

          I do like a night out in the pub. I've written a few reviews on here of late on pubs but believe me I'm not a huge drinker... honest I'm not! In fact the last time I visited this pub I had a glass of coke! I'm not always so innocent but it does depend who I go out with but quite often I go out with good friends of mine and we just natter the night away and we don't need booze to have a laugh. So I do like pubs that have a nice female friendly environment, a nice selection of drinks including wine and decent food on offer and the Devon actually ticks all the right boxes in that respect.

          The Devonshire Arms....
          Sewall Highway,
          Cv2 3nx
          Telephone (024)76233914

          It's about 2 and half miles away from Coventry City Centre, a bus route is situated outside pub and will take you to the main bus station in Coventry which is central alternatively a cab will cos you around £8.00.

          The Look Of The Pub...

          Well its situated on a main road. It's a large detached brick built pub. Lots of small windows that keep the pub light and double doors to enter. Please note that although the pub looks the same outside the benches have now gone from out the front. Parking is to the side and the back of the pub and there's plenty of it. The area is immaculate and not covered in litter and fag ends and gives a nice first impression though it does look a little tired but hey this can be a busy pub, particulary at the weekends.

          2 minutes away (if that, it's just across the road) there is a really great Chinese take away, Indian, chip shop, garage, and off license so you wont starve on the way home and all of these amenities are recommended from me. As a family we always use this Chinese (we order takeaways from here) and I had some chips from the chippy the other night and they were amazing lol

          So as you walk into the pub the bar area is to the side. This tends to be the locals room in the main and is very basic with a bar and a tv in there. Walk straight through the double doors and your in the lounge. Nicely carpeted with lot of dark tables, chairs, pictures on the walls and the area is light and open. It's modern but isn't trendy or pretentious in any way shape or form.

          The bar is well stocked though I've never seen any offers on any drinks, personally. The bar is clean, the staff are smart and always really friendly. This isn't a cocktail bar, it's an ordinary pub so they have plenty of ales, beers and a couple of featured ales etc and they do stock a decent variety of alcopops.

          I've personally never heard any music played in the pub but I'm sure there is a jukebox and there is a cigarette machine though there isn't a pool table and tv it really is a place to relax. There is a fruit machine and you can get wireless Internet access here if you need it.

          The clientele are a mix of all ages. Weekends tends to be quite young in the lounge and then in the bar it's full of older regulars. In the week it tends to be alot of families in the main eating etc. The odd older couples and small groups of youngsters all mix together well. Never ever have I seen any trouble over the years here though they do have bouncers on the doors at weekends.

          This place does serve food and it's pub grub. I used to eat here alot with my family but and up until a year ago it was excellent and then we totally went off it. Prices went up, portions got smaller and the service was awful. Food would not turn up, food was cold and orders just got mixed up all the time. However the food does look nice again now so maybe they've sorted the problems out. They were very understaffed when we ate there the last time to the point the chef had got her mum to come in and help!

          Lots of meal deals as well such as steak and trimmings followed by strawberries and ice cream for £5.99 and these offers are always on boards outside the pub and of course on the menu (subject to change). It's simple to order food. You order and pay for it at the bar and of course over £5.00 the bar excepts all major credit cards as well.

          There isn't a lot on the menu but a few main dishes, steak sizzler, scampi and stuff like that. Small amount of starters and desserts. Your looking at bout a fiver a main meal and £3.00 for kids meals of which again there is a small selection of. Teas and coffees are also available.

          Of course the most important thing for us smokers is, is there a garden and yes there is one. Out the back there are a few rickerty tables and in the centre of that there is some heaters under a brolly where everyone congregates. Now when they work amazing really nice and warm and pleasure to sit outside. The area is kept clean (apart from anyone bothering to collect the glasses) but there is one major drawback. When there's loads of people sat outside yes they let you push the button for instant heat but then I've noticed when there isn't many people out there they switch them off, obviously to save money! Means me and my friend leave instantly! This is a huge drawback for me that they're more interested in saving money by tuning heaters off than making sure we stay.

          Toilets are plain white and clean. Men's and women's of course and that's about it. This pub won't rock your world but if you want a quiet midweek drink and a cheap bite to eat with plenty of safe parking then this place is ok. Weekends from what I've heard has music on in the form a of a dj etc and is meant to be ok. Recommended? Well yes and no. It certainly isn't a place to avoid lets put it that way though do watch the drink prices. They are not that cheap, two glasses of diet coke (halves) are now over £3.00!


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