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The Drum Inn (Torquay)

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Contact: Cockington Village, Torquay, TQ2 6XA / Tel: 01803 690264

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    1 Review
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      19.12.2010 23:29
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      A classic country pub in a beautiful village in Devon


      The Drum Inn is situated in a village called Cockington in Torquay in Devon. It is very close to the beautiful walk around Torquay's Harbour. The Drum Inn is about a 20-25 minute walk from the Corbyn Head beach in Torquay (which is along the main stretch of Torquay Harbour.


      The Drum Inn is your traditional country pub which has been going since 1936 which replaced a brewery. It has the look of a traditional large thatched cottage so even the outside has a warm, cosy feel to it.

      Cockington started out as a fishing and farming village. The village is near enough around 3000 years old. It shows a lot of history and many old buildings. The village consists of many thatched houses, a church since the 11th century where majority of my family has gotten married in just because of the beautiful surroundings of Cockington. It is also a place where you still see horse and carriage rides today which are primarily used for weddings. There is a huge Cockington green behind the Drum Inn which is besides the church. It is where I walk the dogs and it has a Cricket pavilion and grounds in the dip of the park. It is quite a small cricket grounds which I know gets taken the mickey out of when people come to play there. Many events occur on Cockington green including the Cockington proms which occurs each year in July. More about this event can be found at http://www.cockingtonproms.co.uk/. My family goes to this event each year and we take a blanket and picnic. There is also Cockington Court situated just two minutes from the Drum Inn. This shows the remains of a medieval court. Cockington is the area Agatha Christie visited often and based one of her novels on a family that lived there. So it is a village full of character and history. I love walking the dogs through Cockington, there is also a stream that runs alongside the side of the road as you come into Cockington with other lovely walks alongside it and some gorgeous cafes for cream-tea.

      I felt that in this review that the history behind Cockington needed to be addressed since I would not have thought that people visit the Drum Inn especially if they do not know the area but they would visit Cockington for its grounds and history. They will then inevitably end up in the Drum Inn after a lovely walk of the area. Then once you know about the Drum Inn I am sure you will return.


      I go to the Drum Inn often during the day after walking the dogs through Cockington green for a quick drink. There are a few outdoor tables perfect for the dogs to lie down next to me. There is also water bowls outside for the dogs so they do not pass out... this is a necessity since our Golden Retriever is now ten years old and he is starting to get arthritis in his back legs so after this long walk he is dying for a drink. The only problem with the outdoor area is in the summer when there are lots of midges which bite you, so unless it is an early lunch or drink you are having in the day then I would stay away from the outdoor area in the summer evenings.

      I also go to the Drum Inn occasionally at night for a drink. It is a very relaxed pub/restaurant and it is where I have met a guy on a date before. It is the perfect place for meeting someone new because it is such a buzzing but warm, cosy environment. Often in the winter in the evening the fires are on inside the pub which is really lovely, there is also something so welcoming about it almost as if you are sitting in somebody's front room. The decor is quite old but the autumnal colours are so warming.

      As you walk into the pub there are black boards in front of you with special drinks that are on. Like I expect mulled wine will soon be on there. There is then a long stretch of bar and a seating area for the bar. On both sides of the bar are seating areas. One side looks like it should be more for drinking and the other side more for eating, but you can eat wherever in the pub. In the late evening you can have a drink anywhere where tables are free. So it is easy to find a nice quiet spot somewhere with not many people surrounding it. The lady's toilets are on one side of bar and the men's on the other side.

      The pub produces a good menu of food with a lot choice. But I do not tend to go to the pub for food very often just drinks.


      There are typically three menus consisting of a lunch menu, evening menu and a kids menu.

      An example of the meals on the lunch menu include:

      - Rib-eye steak with caramelised onions served in a ciabetta roll
      - Roast chicken and bacon sandwich
      - Fried falafel wrap with the trimmings

      Example starters including soup of the day and chicken salad.
      Example main courses including Shepherd's Pie and Sausage and Mash.
      Example puddings include profiteroles.

      On the lunch menu one course costs £6.00, two courses costs £8.00 and three courses costs £10.00. So the lunch menu is extremely reasonable and are served until 5pm.

      An example of the meals on the evening menu:Starters ranging from £2.95 - £4.95:
      - Prawn cocktail
      - Foie Gras Parfait
      - Sesame Chicken fillets

      Mains ranging from £6.95 - £16.95
      - Lancashire Hot pot
      - Slow- cooked lamb
      - Chicken and leek pie
      - Scampi and chips
      - A selection of steaks and seafood

      The one downside to the main course is that there is not a lot of choice for vegetarians. Desserts ranging from £3.95 - to £5.45:
      - Apple and blackcurrant crumble
      - Treacle tart
      - Spiced poached pears

      Although I have only given a few examples of each course it can be seen that they are traditional pub meals which is the kind of food I love. I have had the Shepherd's pie which was gorgeous followed by the poached pears which are always a winner in my books. However, like I said it is typical pub food, it is not going to wow you but it will certainly fill you up and is good comfort food. Everyone will find several meals on the menu that they will love, that is apart from the vegetarians like the said where there is not a huge choice.

      The Kid's menu actually surprised me somewhat; it does not consist of the usual chicken nuggets and chips or sausage and chips. It is quite advanced for young children but the portions are still quite small. An example of the meals include: crispy mushrooms, chips and peas, scampi and chips, rump steak, fishcake salad and sole goujons. The kids meals are all around £4.50 for the main course.

      Food served all day, Monday to Saturday all day to 10pm and Sunday all day to 9.30pm.


      There are three main car parks in the area surrounding the Drum Inn. The Drum Inn is situated on a hill. At the top of the hill about a five minute walk away is one car park. Then at the bottom of the hill about two minutes away is another car park. The third car park is about a five minute walk behind the Drum Inn. So you will never be stuck of parking, there are also a few car parking spaces on the Drum Inn's property free of charge but they are usually full.

      One point I must point out is that accessibility for wheel chair users is limited. There are about six steps that go up to the door of the Drum Inn and as I said it is situated on a hill which also makes it more difficult for wheel chair users.


      I would recommend to book for a meal indoors just to make sure you get a nice area to sit in. I would also recommend booking for larger tables since there are only a few of these. Bookings can now be made online which I was quite surprised about for a country pub.



      This website is fantastic for directions to the pub as well as activites and special offers that are being held.

      The postcode for the GPS is TQ2 6XA


      It is the perfect country pub for a family meal or a few evening drinks or like me a drink after walking the dogs sitting outside. I am looking forward to the evening I get to go down there and enjoy my first glass of mulled wine for the winter.


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