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The Duck and Drake (Leeds)

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Address: 43 Kirkgate / Leeds LS2 7DR/ West Yorkshire / Tel: 0113 245 5432

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2011 09:00
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      see review x

      Where its based

      43 Kirkgate
      West Yorkshire
      LS2 7DR
      tel. 0113 245 5432

      Walking into the pub

      On walking into the pub you have two rooms that you can chose from, you have the tap room that has a bar a quite a few seats and they have slot machines in there too. This is quite a busy area for some that do not want to be deafened out by the music in the concert room, the seating in there is pretty basic and cheap but it still feels quite comfortable to sit in although I have not spent much time in that room myself unless I have used the bar.

      Then through the other door you have the concert room, which in comparison to a lot of pubs is quite small. This is the main room I go in, the room has a bar and very little seating area, you have a few seats round the sides and the complete middle of the floor is standing room only, there is also a small dance floor, but it is very small and could only fit about 5-6 people on it.

      The main problem I find with this room is that it does get very warm and stuffy, the pub gets very packed out especially when they have a good band playing, and you can find it pretty hard to move about and you can get knocked quite a fair bit, which can be pretty annoying at times.

      You usually get a really good bunch of people in there though, they have their regulars that you will see in there every time you visit. I don't go that much myself now as I can not do with the small sizing of the pub, so only tend to go when there is a really good band playing that I like.

      The staff

      The landlord of the pub is called Ian and he is a really good bloke, I have known him now for over 2 years and you can always have a laugh and a good natter with him, he will generally be found though having a pint with his mates in the concert room watching the band.

      The rest of the staff do seem really nice and friendly although they do not have much time to have a chat as they are always flat out behind the bar. The pub is always busy so they don't have time for anything else but to serve the customers.

      The prices

      The prices seem pretty reasonable for a pub that is based in town and they charge just £2.90 for a pint of cider, other prices I am not sure about as that is all I buy when I go in there. Although sometimes service times can be a while as they do get very busy.


      They have live bands here every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the listings for the bands playing can be found at http://www.duckndrake.co.uk/listings.html. Admittedly not all the bands that play there are my sort of thing and I do only go if I know a good band is on, but they have Blues bands, and rock bands, so they do have a mixture so I am sure you would find one gig you would at least try out.


      The toilets are not the cleanest toilets I have ever seen, but they are always well stocked up with toilet roll and are generally well kept. They have only 2 toilets in the ladies which I do find not really enough for how busy the pub gets, and yet the men have 2 toilets one outside toilet and one that is in the concert room. There is not normally too big a queue though in the ladies if you time it right loll.

      Suitable for wheelchairs

      Not at all, you have a step to get into the pub which yes you could get a wheelchair up that, but the rooms are just too small to move a wheelchair around, and also there is no disabled toilets, so i would not recommend this for a wheelchair user.

      Why you may like it

      * Nice friendly atmosphere
      * Good bands
      * Cheap beer

      Why you may not like it

      * Small concert room
      * Gets too warm
      * Not brilliant toilets for ladies
      * Too loud for some

      My overall opinion

      The pub is a good little pub, with very friendly people in and good bands. I do like this pub but its not somewhere that I could go every week as it just gets too busy and not all the bands that play there are very good. Although the pub maybe a little quieter when there is not a very good band on.

      The atmosphere is always good in here, people having a laugh and a dance. I just feel that a bigger pub would be a lot more ideal especially with how busy it gets, but I would say its one of the best pubs to visit in town on a Sunday.

      This pub like any pub has its downfalls, but I still think it is worth a visit, but it may not be to every ones liking. But its cheap have good bands on occasionally and the staff are really friendly so what else do you need in a pub apart from more room lo


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