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The Highwayman (Oswestry)

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3 Reviews

Address: Shrewsbury Road / Oswestry / SY11 2RT / United Kingdom / Tel: 01691 652 632

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    3 Reviews
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      25.11.2012 12:21



      Will never eat here again, hungry horse is cheaper with a bigger plateful

      We arrived around 6pm on a saturday evening and wanted to sit only in a certain place. The waitress arrived to bring our cutlery and we pointed out that the table was dirty, she apologised and went to get a cleaning cloth.

      We ordered the seafood paella and beef in red wine, both of which were more expensive than on the website menu and they both fell short of our expectations in terms of quantity....There was only one prawn and 2 mussells with a few spoonfuls of rice and very little salad....The beef in red wine was barely enough for a childs portion and we both felt afterwards that we wanted more as we both still hungry.

      Afterwards, the waitress came to clear our table and she asked if the meal was ok. I explained the problem and all she said was oh I am so sorry and left us....Never again will we eat here..very expensive and barely enough to fill a child


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      12.11.2010 23:45
      Very helpful



      A great little place!

      I do like to eat out! It doesn't have to be a special night out having a meal; I quite enjoy eating out as in 'popping into a cafe, for a quick bite to eat, during a bit of shopping or something like that. One of my favourite places to 'have a bite to eat' is The Highwayman!

      For those of you who don't know, The Highwayman is a pub in Oswestry, Shropshire. The pub is owned by Marston's Inns and Taverns. The pub is open every day between around 12 and 10:30pm.

      The pub has a very relaxed and cosy atmosphere and there are different sections where you can sit. There around four different sections in total. I really like this pub because of it's atmosphere. I love going there to meet friends for a quiet drink or a meal. It's also great for kids as it is very kid-friendly.

      I think that the menu is great because there are so many options. I am a vegetarian, and on top of that I am a fussy eater, although I always find something to eat here. There are lots of different meals to suit all kinds of tastes. Every Wednesday is 'curry night' and every Sunday, they do a 'cavery'.

      ~* Menu Sample*~

      * Fish and Chips *
      * Chicken and Mushroom Pasta *
      *Jacket Potatoes*
      * Steaks *
      * Cajun Chicken*

      Some of my favourite meals here include a 'brocoli and cauliflower pastry pie', which is served with chips and peas, or sometimes if I am only after something 'small', I'll have a jacket potato with cheese. Sometimes if I don't want anything fancy, I have a chip buttie!

      Children can have the usual meals like 'Chips and fish fingers', 'Burgers' and 'Pizza' or more 'fancy things like 'spaghetti bolognese', even a chicken dinner. There is even a 'make your own tortilla wraps' if they want. The kids meals are also great value for money , ranging from as little as £1.10 for a bowl of soup as a starter, to £2.99 for a main course and just £1.25 for desert!

      The meals are fantastic value for money! For example, Mondays to Fridays they do a special offer where you can get one of their light bites and a desert for just £4.25, which I think is excellent value for money. The first time I tried this offer, I had imagined that the portions would be really small, but they are a decent size! I think that these are meals are especially ideal for older people, or children who don't fancy the usual kids 'chips and chicken nuggets' type meals. You can also get some of the main meals as light bites which I think is great.

      The meals are always very tasty and always to a very high standard.I have had a meal there many of times over the years, and everytime they have been fantasic! You never have to wait long for your meal ; even at busy times, and it's usually quite busy. One thing that I do like is that, even if there are a lot of people there and it is busy, it's never noisy , it still has it's calm and relaxed attitude. This is place is very popular, and it is so obvious why!

      I especially like their desers menu!! I always find choosing a desert difficult as there are so many delicious choices. Some of my favourites include :

      ~* Hot Chocolate Chip Brownie Cake (£2.95) *~
      ~*Apple Pie (£2.95) *~
      ~*Mega Chocolate Sundae (It's massive!!!) £5.25 -Great for sharing!! *~

      The service here is always good ; usually young students. They are always provide a good service ; quick, polite and nothing is too much trouble, which is good. They always make you feel welcome!

      I really like the Highway man, for a number of reasons! It's friendly , has a relaxed and cosy atmosphere , is cheap and just generally a great place!! What I like also, is the fact that you can 'pop in at anytime', whether it be lunchtime, after a day of shopping, or for an evening meal! It really is a perfect place!

      I would definately recommend the Highway man!!

      Thanks for reading!
      November 12th 2010
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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      06.12.2009 23:10
      Very helpful



      No frills family pub that is quite cheap.

      The Highwayman has recently reopened after a short break for a refit. The refit being occasioned by the opening of a new rival ,The Oswalds Cross, just down the road.

      The Highwayman is long established as a family friendly pub on the Shrewsbury Rd that caters to people who live on the many housing estates that are close by.

      To be honest I have felt for some time that the place needed a make over as it looked and felt a bit tired. There have been several significant changes to the layout which should enhance the place to visitors.

      Firstly the dining area has been increased. The scruffy bar area, to the left as you walk in, has now been tidied up and looks like it belongs to the rest of the place. In this area there is also a TV so that you needn't miss any programmes when you make that special effort to leave the house.

      To the right of the entrance a new area has been built which contains around 50 covers. This area is a bit like a room within the pub and it is where we retreated to when we were scared off by about 6 screaming babies in the main room.

      The rest of the place has been given the usual painting, carpeting and lighting upgrade you would expect from a refit.

      It looks ,and smells, like new.

      On the downside I just have two gripes. Firstly it looks like the old furniture has been stuffed back in which is a shame. Secondly I would have thought the brewery would have taken this chance to get rid of the carpets altogether. The words "family friendly" and "Carpet" should not really be in the same sentence and having seen the amount of debris on the carpet on a Saturday tea time I don't think it will be long till it starts showing its age.


      Cards on table time here. We go to the Highwayman for one reason only. Our kids love it and eat everything on their plate. Any parents reading this will recognise that you cant put a price on that.

      On this visit I had a "burger stack" Mrs Soames had a "Mixed Grill" and the young Soames enjoyed a "chicken burger" and a "plain burger" respectively. Experience has taught us to order an extra portion of chips for the kids as the normal meal portions do not last long. (even with the extra chips they still swiped several chips off our plates).

      To be fair to the pub they are trying to entice the kids off rubbish by offering a make your own fajitas option. Our kids sneered at that and headed straight to Burgerland.

      Mrs Soames enjoyed her mixed grill and the burger stack was all that I expected. One minor quibble here. If I wanted barbecue sauce to go with my burger it would cost me an extra 30p.I thought that was a bit tight considering that ketchup and brown are given away gratis.

      None of us had any room for the puddings but I couldn't help but notice that a portly gent on the next table was tucking into what looked like a small mountain of chocolate, cream and ice cream. He was still going for it as we were leaving. He is probably still there if truth be told.

      As a Banks/Marstons pub I was a bit disappointed with the brews on offer. I started with a Ringwood guest ale which was nothing special and then tried a Marstons Smooth which slipped down very easily. Pedigree was on offer with a decent range of Banks but I felt that they could have gone a bit further in their offer. Marstons has such a splendid range of Ales in its portfolio that as a competitive edge type thingy they should be able to offer a killer range of ales. Put it this way, its crazy that their ale offer is so far behind any Wetherspoons.
      Anyway I digress.

      The pub looked and felt clean, the toilets were fine and even the menus were not sticky.

      We arrived early evening and it was just over half full. I estimate 200/250 covers. The place soon started to fill up with punters, mainly families and there was quite a buzz about the place. We had to wait about 20 minutes for our meals which is just about acceptable and the service was friendly and pretty well organised.

      On the whole a decent spot to take the kids or grand parents.

      The menu is pretty basic and the pricing reflects that with no meal being priced at more than £9.

      You are unlikely to see young couples on a special date or older couples celebrating an anniversary but as a budget priced place to take the brats it fit's the bill.


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