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The Holyhead Public House (Coventry)

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2 Reviews

Address: Holyhead Road / Coventry / West Midlands / CV5 8JN / England

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    2 Reviews
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      04.09.2011 22:34



      Why does it take so long to get served in the Holyhead ? Because the staff do as they please. This use to be a nice place to go but its starting to go downhill. No discipline No authority Maybe its just the way society is going !


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      26.05.2008 21:31
      Very helpful



      A lovely looking pub particulary nice for a glass of vino with a mate

      Years ago I never lived at home. I was a party animal of the highest order and me and my friends of a weekend used to frequent the Holyhead Pub, because you'd buy a pink plastic cup (ladies only) at the door for £2.00. You had to hold on to said cup and you could keep getting it filled up with certain wines and spirits till 1am! Brilliant but when it stopped we all had no reason to go back to a trashed pub with sticky carpets and that's when our relationship ended with the place.

      So when a friend a few months back suggested we go there for a civilised drink I was shocked. I wouldn't say my mate is posh, but she is stylish and she wouldn't be caught dead in a right old dive. So I was a bit baffled by her choice of pubs to be honest....

      The Pub Details....

      The Holyhead Public House
      Holyhead Road
      West Midlands
      CV5 8JN
      Telephone.... 024 7660 0941

      Firstly the pub is situated in Coundon of Coventry and so is not city central though it is about 3 miles away in a cab and about £6.00 to get into town, however there is a bus route that stops right outside the pub. Local is MacDonald's and Morrison's and a couple of pubs near by but it's not really a pub crawl kind of location. If you go to the Holyhead unless going into town there is no where really to go in the area.

      The pub itself is a stand alone brick built building situated on the main road (so no missing it). The front has a large garden with lots of rickety old bench's (this needs sorting out in my opinion) and a few brollies and a place to stand with heaters (though they never work) for smokers. The place is kept relatively clean and tidy apart from fag ends.

      There is off road free parking to the side and back of the pub and two entrances one at the front and one at the back of the pub, both are big swing out doors so no problem for wheelchairs.

      Inside the pub it's really very modern. Bright, crisp, clean the whole place is very roomy and airy. It's a busy pub so loads of seating in various styles, from sofas to over sized chairs to square boxes to sit your bum on. There are nooks and crannies to sit down in, in a modern way and fireplaces, logs built in to the walls and bookshelves give the place a real contemporary feel. The bar is huge and well stocked with real ales, alcopops to wine offers but the place isn't cheap on the drinks. I don't drink alcohol here because I come in the day with my friends and 2 halves of Pepsi are £2.90.

      Toilet wise there are of course Male and Female toilets. Plenty of them, clean and bright and white. Nothing special but the area has enough toilets in them and so not massive queuing and of course there are sinks and mirrors (women's). There is a disabled toilet as well but I've never been in it of course.

      The staff are dressed in black, smart but not particularly friendly. You do have to realise though that even though this isn't a central pub it's a very popular on and doesn't have a local feel about it, it isn't a community pub. Lots of businessmen come here, families and couples and you have a real mix but not many regulars.

      One of the reasons people do come here is for the food. This really is pub priced food at restaurant quality and it really looks fabulous. The pub does, starters, main meals and puddings. Your looking at about a fiver for starters and main meals and around £7.00-£9.00 a main meal. All the food looks good in portion sizes and is beautiful presented on over sized large plates or big white bowls. This food isn't conventional pub grub. Your looking at stir fries, fish dishes and quite unusual food. They do a range of rolls, ciabattas and really the menu is varied. No vegan dishes but there are vegetarian ones and there's plenty on the menu.

      Now I've never seen children in the pub and they are not specially catered for here in any way shape or form. There isn't a section of kids meal deals on the menu and I've never seen children set foot in the pub though I have seen them outside in the daytime this is a place where children are expected to behave themselves. There is no garden for them and this really is a pub for the adults.

      The clientele are a real mixed bunch. Daytime's are a mixed ages, early evenings there are a lot of families and young couples, eating in the main, weekday nights are busy but again a mix and particularly groups of guys and girls behaving then weekend nights are manic as a lot of young people like to start their drinking here and move on to town later. Sunday night is quiz night and although I haven't been I've heard it's a good laugh and you really to go in a crowd!

      Dress wise it's smart in the evenings. It can be a little bit chavvy and weekends is full of dressed up people but really if your going then you don't want to over dress but not go scruffy either! Basically if you go on the pull ladies this is a good place to start!

      Overall there is a feeling of safety here. Weekends there are doormen and never once have I seen any problems, it's controlled. The ambiance is created by the people as there is no music on here and it's very focused on trying to get you to have a meal (daytime's till 8pm) and a civilised bottle of wine and you can see the chef works hard to achieve that.

      A very nice place to eat and very clean indeed!

      I have no confrimation of opening times but I have a feeling the pub opens at about half 10 in the morning till 12am every night but if visiting I advise to check some details I have given in this review.


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      High quality traditional pub fare.

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