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The Mulberry Hotel, (Leeds)

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Address: 152 Hunslet Road / Leeds LS10 1JY

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    1 Review
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      20.12.2011 15:07
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      see review x

      Where its based

      152 Hunslet Road,
      West Yorkshire
      LS10 1JY

      On walking into the pub

      This is only a small pub, that I have only visited once, I will go into that detail soon as to why I have never returned. When you walk through the door you have the start of the seating area, that fills the pub up, you could probably only fit around 40 people in at once if that, just to the left is the bar area, which does go the full length of the pub, which as said is not really that big.

      Towards the back of the pub are both sets of toilets, there is no pool table or anything in this pub and I do not think there would even be room. The pub has its walls covered in number plates and is all done out in a 50's style look, I do think it looks quite nice but maybe a little bit over the top, as I do not mind just going into a normally decorated pub.

      The entertainment

      As said I have only visited this pub once and at the time I visited they had a disco on, that would play all the chart music, I have also heard that they do have live music on now and again although I have never seen that.

      The staff

      Well for a small pub I was shocked to see three members of staff on, although the pub was quite busy anyway, but you could not fit that many people at the bar anyway. The staff did seem nice and polite, and I did serve me pretty quick. And they was always polite throughout serving me.


      It cost me £2.90 for a pint of cider and £2.80 for a pint of lager, a reasonable price but I would rather pay more and go elsewhere.


      These did seem pretty clean when I did take a visit but like the pub they was only small also, they were clean though and well stocked up with toilet roll and hand soap.

      Suitable for disabled
      No there is only a small step to get into the pub but the pub is just that small you would find it hard to move around in, and there is no disabled toilets.

      My overall opinion

      Well I have only been in once and I would never go back, in all honesty I can say I have never been disgusted with a pub in all my life. The fact it was more like a youth club, with kids in there that looked as young as 14 really put me off staying in there at all.

      I was also a smoker at the time, but I still disagreed with the pub actually allowing people to smoke inside. The law is the law and I think it should be stuck to, especially by pubs. So for them two reasons alone I have only gave this pub two stars, as these are two things that I feel should not really be happening in pubs, I would be mortified if my children were going into a pub at 14.

      Don't get me wrong the entertainment side is good but the whole atmosphere is awful, I was sat there drinking my pint just waiting for the pub to get raided by the police, I just could not relax and as soon as I had finished my pint I left.

      This is not somewhere I would recommend unless they sorted out these two problems because if they did it would be a decent pub.

      Why you may like it

      Clean toilets
      Decent music

      Why you may not like it

      Like a youth club
      Allow smoking in the pub


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