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The Old House At Home (Kidderminster)

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Address: 26 Birmingham Road / Blakedown / Kidderminster / Worcestershire / DY10 3JE

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2008 13:17
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      I will definitely com here again next time I'm in Kidderminster.

      A week or two ago I made the long trip to Kidderminster from Suffolk with my daughter and three granddaughters, we left in the morning and by lunchtime were inside Kidderminster itself. I told my daughter to pull over at the next pub she saw and I'd treat us all to some lunch as it had been such a long ride that we all needed a sit down and something to eat.

      The next pub happened to be The Old House At Home which is a lovely looking place on the Birmingham Road. When we had parked the car we walked around to the entrance of the pub and stepped inside. The first thing I noticed was a lovely open fire which was blazing away because it was a cold and wet day in the Midlands, it made the pub feel nice and cozy even though it was only 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

      There were not many people in, and those that were supping were older men who obviously knew this pub like the back of their hands and had their own seats and everything! One of the men we got chatting to said The Old House At Home gets busier as the day goes on and at night has a good atmosphere when the music is on and everyone is having a fun time.

      There are two seperate menus depending on the time of day you are eating, we used the Lunchtime Menu which I thought was perfect for the time of day. You can choose from a range of burger meals, baguettes or more sundry items such as a bowl of chips or a sausage sandwich.

      We all had a burger meal, with the exception of my 13 month old granddaughter who had a jacket potato with cheese and beans. I had a Ranch Burger which was a beef burger, bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce all tucked into a deliciously fresh burger bun and topped with some fresh crispy salad. This was served with a good size portion of fresh homemade chips, a salad and a selection of sauces for the chips. I really enjoyed my meal and thought it was all cooked beautifully and was very tasty indeed. It filled me up all day and when we finally got to our destination I couldn't even manage one of the lovely looking cakes that had been put out for us.

      My daughter and two older granddaughters had double cheese burgers and chips which looked very nice. I liked the meals in here because even though we had all chosen high fat meals they were not swimming in grease and tasted fresh and very high quality indeed. My baby granddaughters jacket potato was brought to our table cut into pieces because the lady who had taken our order (I think she was the landlady) knew it was for the baby and she had made sure the butter and bean juice had soaked into the potato properly.

      The price of the food was average for this kind of country feeling pub, our five meals cost around £20 which I think was good compared to the price we would have paid in Burger King for similar meals of a lesser quality.

      We all enjoyed our food and it made us feel better after our long journey. I had a quick look at the Evening Menu and the food in there looked delicious. I could have had a roast dinner, pie and chips/mash, fresh fish and lots of other options. If the portion sizes were anything like our lunchtime meals then you would go away feeling like you would not need to eat for another week!

      We only drank Coke because my daughter and I were taking it in turns driving but the bar was well stocked with alcoholic drinks and there was a good selection of soft drinks too for children and drivers.

      I enjoyed the hour I spent in The Old House At Home because the atmosphere was good, they did not expect my granddaughters to sit like statues through the meal ( the baby was actually encouraged to run around the pub) and the food was hearty, delicious and reasonably priced. This is one pub I've programmed into the Sat Nav for next time.

      If you want to go and have a meal here, the address is 26 Birmingham Rd, Blakedown, Kidderminster, DY10 3JE or you can phone the pub on 01562 700507


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