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The Old House (Sheffield)

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2 Reviews

Address: 113-117 Devonshire Street / Devonshire Quarter / Sheffield / S3 7SB / England / Tel: 0114 276 6002

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    2 Reviews
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      30.01.2011 19:03
      Very helpful



      A great place to go if you like rum and/or cocktails

      After attending my graduation in Sheffield, I was reminded of what a great time I had there and thought I should write some reviews of the bars I used to frequent. I wrote this review from memory, so apologies if it's not quite as detailed as it should be!

      The Old House is a bar on Division Street, which runs parallel to West Street. West Street is the busier of the two - the Supertram runs down it, the cheaper bars such as Wetherspoon's and Varsity are there, and this street is usually full of students and screeching women on hen nights. Being a staid postgraduate, I, along with my friends, spent most of my pub-time on Division Street, West Street's slightly quieter, more sophisticated but sadly more expensive counterpart.

      The Old House is an attractive, slightly old-fashioned looking bar. It specialises in rum and sells a number of rum cocktails (and other cocktails too) as well as other drinks such as wine and spirits. One particular cocktail, the Toblerone, is amazing - sweet, creamy and rich just like the real thing!

      Although the bar sells lovely drinks, it does tend to get very busy and there isn't enough space for everyone who would like to go. For this reason we tended to go here for one or two drinks and then head elsewhere to have a sit down and a chat!

      I *think* the bar serves food, but if so I have never eaten here - it's always been too busy!

      The Old House is an interesting bar that is well worth a visit particularly if you like cocktails and/or rum. However, it's too crowded to be a really comfortable place to be and for that reason I can only give it three stars.


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      15.01.2010 20:49
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      Fab night out, if you can remember it...

      The Old House is located in Sheffield City Centre in the trendy Division Street/Devonshire Green area of town. It used to be The Halcyon Bar but changed over a few years back. It's not really the most blindingly obvious bar on the street so you might need to keep an eye out for it. It's one of my favourite bars so is certainly worth a visit.

      The interior has a quite continental feel with exposed brickwork, wooden tables and chairs, large rugs and polished wooden floors. The bar isn't huge and tends to be heaving at weekends so don't expect to always be able to get a seat.

      The type of people you'll generally find in there are students, professionals and people with a slightly alternative edge. Perfect if you don't like the binge drinking, hen/stag crowd found typically on West Street.

      I tend to go in there to have a few cocktails in the early evening or to drown myself in Jager-bombs before heading to a club.

      The place is generally thought of to be a 'pub' but I would say it leans slightly towards the bar end of the scale, only without the generic chain feel you get in places like All-Bar One and HaHa! for example. During the day it feels slightly more like a cafe as they also serve food.


      I personally love Old House for cocktails but their range of beer is pretty extensive. They have a great selection of European beers like Staropramen and Frambozen on tap and 63 different bottle beers so I'm sure there's something to tickle most peoples fancy.

      Beer is priced more toward the 'Swanky Bar' end of the scale with a pint costing between £2.90 and £3.60.

      The cocktail menu is extensive and absolutely delicious. You can get various Martini's for £4.75 - Fiery Orchid is lovely and refreshing- and Mojitos are priced at £5.25. The Vanilla Spiced Mojito is made with Sailor Jerrys Rum and is my absolute favourite but packs a punch so don't drink too many.

      There are lots of rum based cocktails as it's one of the pub's favourite spirits as well as in house creations.

      Apparently the Apple and Rhubard Margarita (£6) is amazing but I can't face it after having a bad experince with tequila on my 19th birthday....

      All the drinks are made with great care and the bar staff are happy to recommend drinks if you're dithering/unsure about what to order. They're also happy to mix up something of your own creation if you ask theym nicely enough.

      Drinks offers are available from time to time but these vary so best to ask the bar staff when you go in.


      The food menu is quite small but offers wide variety depending on how hungry you are. Sandwich's and small snack's are priced between £2.95 (Houmous and Pitta) and £4.95 (Hot Beef Sandwich). Main meals are priced between £5.50 (Smoked Bacon and Haddock Chowder) and £7.95 (Haunch of Venison).

      I've eaten there a couple of times and the food is of great quality and for what you get on the plate is great value for money. I think it's excellent for a quick bite during the day, good if you like something a little different. The braised pork belly and black pudding is gorgeous.


      The Old House always draws a crowd. Great drinks and awesome music always go down well in my opinion. The style of music is slightly alternative, lots of Kings of Leon, Blondie, Dead Kennedys, etc. I would generally class it as more of an indie/rock vibe.

      You never really have the problem of massive idiots being in Old House or people vomitting in the toilets, even on a busy Saturday night. It's very laid back and more grown up than other bars and I usually find the people to be extremely friendly, including the staff.


      The Old House is a great addition to to Sheffield and offers a different kind of night out. I don't have a bad word to say about it and have had some truly great times in there with friends. If you're visiting Sheffield for the weekend I would say it's one you definately don't want to miss!


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