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The Rose & Crown Public House (Coventry)

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2 Reviews

Address: 262 Walsgrave Road / Coventry / West Midlands / Telephone: 024 76455193

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    2 Reviews
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      29.10.2009 22:51
      Very helpful



      A nice traditional pub that can get very busy. With a fresher look it can only go forwards.

      The Rose & Crown is part of the John Barras pub chain which also owns the not too far away Coventry Oak. It is situated at the bottom of 'Ball Hill' so is mighty convenient if you've been dragged round the shops. It's quite a busy establishment, especially at night and can get very busy when events such as England games are shown on the TV. There are a few widescreen TV's available and both Sky Sports and ESPN are shown. On site car parking is available although the car park is small in comparison to the business the pub generates.

      Inside the decor is dated but at least this gives it the feel of a pub and not a new look 'restauranty' pubs that seems to be the norm nowadays. Like the previous review says, some of the chairs can be a bit uncomfortable and they may need to have a look at some new furniture. The lighting level is low and it can sometimes feel a bit dark. it's always pretty warm too which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. The pub will be closed Mon Nov 2nd and re-opening on Friday the 6th Nov as they are about to have a £45,000 facelift. Maybe this will sort out some of the decor and furniture problems. I do hope it keeps it's traditional feel though.

      Food wise, they also offer a superb deal that runs 12-4pm Monday to Friday. You can get either:

      Fish & Chips
      Arrabbiata Pasta
      Half Roast Chicken
      6oz Rump Steak
      Cheese and Bacon Burger

      With either

      Treacle Sponge (VERY sweet) or
      Ice Cream Sundae

      And either...

      14oz Pepsi or Lemonade

      For just £5. Pretty good deal if you ask me. 2 Course meal plus a drink for a fiver. The food is pretty good too.

      Another offer which seems to be more common these days is the Burger and a Pint for 4.99. However, the Rose & Crown also give the option of having a Pie instead of a burger. This offer is available at all times.

      They do not allow hats to be wore in the evening and tracksuits cannot be worn Fri or Sat night. Under 18's permitted until 9pm.

      On Thursday & Sunday they host a quiz night while Wednesday is Poker Night (proper poker tables).

      Xmas bookings are available for groups with a minimum of 8 people. It's in a buffet format priced at 5.99 or 7.99. The latter obviously has more choice.

      Decent selection of beers and ales on sale. They currently have a guest seasonal ale called Heatwave which is only £1.50 a pint. Fosters costs 1.99 and a Kronenburg will set you back £2.80ish. Doubles start at 2.75.

      It will be interesting to see whether it gets a complete new look. I feel that no matter what it looks like, it will continue to go good trade.

      Ladbrokes is also just across the road if you fancy a flutter!


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        15.04.2008 21:44
        Very helpful



        If you don't like rowdy avodi sports events, weekend nights and quiz night!

        Near where I live we are hard pushed to find a decent pub we can stagger home from. Unfortunetely even though the area I live in isn't particulary rough or anything our local pubs are. Now my step dad is a lively little soul. He loves company and has bad taste in tv which drives my Mum potty so if parents stay in arguments insue and mum goes off to bed!

        I live at home and I don't go out that much. I'm not a big drinker. I'm an only child (not a child I'm 33!) but occasionally I do go out with the parents. Like on a friday I may go to a club with them where all my friends go, on a Sunday go to a pub in town and they treat me to my dinner afterwards and sometimes on a Saturday we will go to our most local pub, again where my friends hang out. (Life is so cheap for me lol).

        My Mum is a crap cook and my stepdad is excellent but he works all week. So if he's tired he goes on stike at the weekends and we either have takeaways all weekend or he'll get the car out and take us to a pub for a meal and this is one we do go to quite often and as we love footy in my house it's great to go view that at and have a cheap bite to eat.

        Now this pub I've been going to for the past 6-7 years. It's not particulary local so I need a cab or car to get there. I first went with my Mum and a few of her friends and liked it so then ended up going there for meals, football matches, dates and girly get togethers and stuff as I do feel relatively safe in there and never seen any trouble.

        So Firstly I'll Tell You Where It Is...

        The Rose & Crown Public House
        Walsgrave Road,
        West Midlands
        CV2 4BN
        Tel. 0247 6455193

        Situated close to the M6, only 2 minutes drive from the City Centre or a 15 minute walk.

        The pub is situated on a main road and opposite the pub there is a Newsagents, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Blockbusters, A Chippy, an Off License, and an Indian Resteraunt (and a few other shops) and these places are like one minutes walk away from the pub so handy if you need some cigerettes or food on the way home and the chippy is open late is cheap and really yummy!

        Around the corner (bout 5 minutes walk away there is bowling alley) and there are other pubs in the area and as I've stated its only a couple of minutes away from town if driven or driving and it costs £4.00 in cab to the town centre (approx).

        The Look Of The Pub....

        The pub is dark brown brick and detached. Lots of white windows, conservatory on the side, letting light into the pub and a smoking area to the back and benches at the side and a couple at the front. The pub looks exactly like it appears on this review photograph. It's not an ugly building but really nothing special or pretty about it really. It appears clean and tidy on approach i.e windows are clean and the place isn't littered with fag ends or rubbish everywhere. It's not old fashioned in a quaint way just old fashioned lol

        The decor is sort of inkeeping to a degree with the fact that the building is 200 years old. It's very big inside with sort of two rooms knocked into one and it's has one main room thats shaped like an L with an L shaped bar which is quite big.

        Now in here you have a mix of dark wooden chairs and tables, and benches. My biggest compaint is the benchs which some are so uncomfortable with no cushions on them and some of the tables are a bit on the wonky side! They are high backed benches and so tough on the back and they must polish them cos I almost slide of so be warned the chairs are best! However some benches do have built in cushions so you need to grab them if you can! The decor on the walls is a butternut cream and there are framed pictures on there though don't ask me what they are of and there are various posters up with special drink offers on them as well. There are curtains on every window which are a sort of burgundy colour which match the cushions on the benches and match the curtains, lights and carpets. Down another area (far end of the pub) there is a pool table and a dart board, fag machine, jukebox, and a few games machines dotted about and a tv sort of sectioned off (but not) from the tables. It's like a little seperate area. All in all it needs a bit of a revamp. It all looks a bit tired and it hasn't been done up since I've been going in there and I think since the smoking ban especially it needs cleaning up a bit!

        Wheelchairs are fine this pub great. The doors are wide, no steps anywhere, and a seperate disabled toilet. There's lots of room to get about. Also this pub is child friendly and I'm not sure what times you can have your children in but I've seen kids in there alot eating, though there is nothing for them to do.

        The conservatory on the side is as warm as the pub (which is never cold). Again it has lots of tables and chairs in there and is bright and airy but you can enter the pub this way (there are 3 doors I think) so if its busy and people are coming and going you can feel like your in a train station and the door opening and closing does get you a bit cold! This is modern building and quite odd on the side of this old fashioned looking building lol

        The toilets you can get to two ways which is great. The walkway is a corridor behind the bar and theres 2 doors one either side of the pub. I've never been in the mens of course but the womens are perfectly clean and aceptable and I think theres 3 cubicles in each though dont quote me on that! They are checked quite often and are functional rather than attractive.

        Overall the pub layout is great. Alot of thought has gone into it. There are lots of exits and if you need the loo on a busy footy match you don't have to fight your way from one end of the pub to the other to get to the smoking area or toilets as the corridor is a great short cut! Just mind your head in certain sections of the pub as the beamed ceilings vary in height and it's terrible if you've been drinking and are tall!

        Th Amosphere....

        Depends on when you go!

        On a Monday night it's Dart and Pool night. It's rowdy and male dominated and quite busy, expect bad language!

        On a Thursday night it's quiz night and again its packed out this time mainly with couples and large groups again mainly couples. These nights the pub is very busy so if your looking for a quiet drink and a bite to eat you probably won't get it. Food yes, peace no! Daytimes have a steady trade and it's a popular place to eat out for families and workers alike. They have music on but not in your face loud bang, bang music just easy listening in the background and there is a jukebox with a massive selection of tunes to choose from. Tea times again are busy, again mainly with families and couples. Weekend nights are barmy! As it's close to town very popular with young trade wanting a few 'cheaper' drinks and it's hectic as hell with barely standing room! Loads of students and not many people eating (though you can) and music is very loud! If there's a big match on do get there early if you want a seat! There are 4 tvs and a plasma (plasma big games only) and if you don't get there early enough no seats are available which is a pain if you plan on eating!


        Always have specials on, particulary doubles. Your best to get the offers if possible cos the drinks arn't that cheap particulary soft drinks and a J2O as an example is £2.80. Selected doubles are £2.29, a bottle of wine is £6.75 a pint is amost £3.00. Also available is tea, coffee, hot choclolate, cappucino and expresso coffee. I think the drinks here are a bit on the pricy side but feel this is because the food is so reasonable. Plenty of guests beers and a huge selection of drinks though not many choices in the alco pops but they do sell them too.

        The Food....

        Again depends on when you go. This place will never win a michellin star! It really does depend on who the chef is. The menu is very extensive. Lots of starters in particular, a fair few main meals including vegetarian options and a few desserts.The sort of food your looking at for the starters is Nachos, potato skins (loaded), chicken wings, prawn cocktails that sort of thing. The mains are stuff like a selection of steaks, burgers, potatoes, salads, sandwiches, lasanga, chilli, chicken tikka, scampi, all day breakfast and a couple of pasta dishes. Also a large selection of side dishes such as garlic bread, mushrooms, onion rings. Then the desserts are proffiteroles, ice cream, cheese cake and the likes with a couple of sharing desserts.

        I've never had a bad meal here. I've never tried to order something and they've ran out or anything, which is unusual cos it can get ever so busy! The food boards behind the bar do change quite often and the prices are as cheap as the menu prices, they tend to be more fancy dishes like lamb shanks, thai fish cakes and things like that and theres alot of them. There is something that most people would fancy but because of all the choices it is hard to decide on what to eat! The wait, even on busy times has never been more than 20 minutes and that's even when I'm in large party of people. You all get served at the same time, food is never cold and you are served at your table with knives and forks and condiments. Good selection of condiments come to, with plenty of different sauces to choose from!

        The only problem I have sometimes is the presentation of my food. It can look thrown on a plate and there are sometimes portion issues like not being given enough food and another times getting heaps. On the whole it is pleasant food and at the price you can't complain though if your out to impress someone then this wont do it for you! The prices are excellent which does make up for the above facts! Most main meals are 2 for £8.00 on most days (some days this doesnt apply such a bank holidays and on a sunday you can have 1 course £5.35. 2 courses (starter or dessert & main) £6.45. 3 courses £7.95, though personally I don't like the look of this at all as it all looks like a frozen ready meal dinner with a couple of warmed up Aunt Bessies Yorkshire puddings. Most starters are about £3.25, mains about £4.50, desserts £3.00. Food is served midday till 8.30pm every day. (Please note the above prices for Sunday lunch is subject to change and applies to Sunday Roast Dinner only).

        The Staff...

        Never have more than 3 on which is silly as this can be a heaving pub! Besides the football matches they show they also show racing events (they have sky and show all sports and pay per view matches) this just seems barmy to me and I have waited to be served for up to 20 minutes stood like a lemon! The staff are pleasnt enough though, they do ask if your meal was ok etc but they are not overly friendly. They look clean and smart but the bar is very much run on very young people and cos there are never enough staff on the place can look a mess. They need more staff just generally cleaning tables and collecting glasses and stuff like that in my opinion.

        Smoking Area And Patio....

        Always very busy! Couple of tall tables wth ashtrays on couple of high back chairs (not enough)and lots of lamps that give a decent amount of heat and they are always working. Usually a really friendly atmophere out here part from late at night with everyone drunk!

        Car Parking....

        30/40 spaces and disabled parking available to the back of the pub.


        This is an ok pub, but nothing extrodinary. They say that this is a female friendly environment with lots of cctv cameras around to give women a more secure feeling and that is somewhat true part from weekend nights and if there's events on, it can be a bit intimidating. They don't have any trouble (as far as I know, and I've never seen any). The pub does needs some modernisation and a little more thought needs to go into the food but overall it's nice enough but as I said earlier don't bring someone here thinking your going to impress them cos you won't.

        If your a bit older in years stick to coming any time in the week but avoid weekends and sports events you'll be fine! This pub is full of regulars and again it's friendly enough but not at weekends lol I like it occasionally and if I want a cheap bite to eat and to know it will be ok this is where I go! I've never seen live entertainment and I dont think they do it which is a pity. It isn't a pulling pub and it isn't a community pub in many ways cos of where it's situated as I said depends on when you go and each time you do go there will be a different vibe!


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